Tips to Maintain and Protect Your Commercial Carpet

Floors are usually the largest areas in any commercial building. Unfortunately, commercial carpets are vulnerable to accumulating a lot of dirt within a short duration due to the considerable amount of foot traffic they are exposed to. Your employees and customers can easily notice dirty carpets. Keeping commercial carpeting clean may appear to be a difficult task, but it is worth it. Commercial Cleaning Sunshine Coast professionals help to clean carpets can help to keep your office free from allergens, and this will reduce respiratory infections. It will also help you to portray a positive impression to your employees, clients, and visitors. You can maintain and protect your commercial carpet in the following ways.

Set Up a Regular Carpet Cleaning Routine

If commercial carpeting is not cleaned regularly, it will hide stains and dirt. Although the carpet may not look dirty on the outside, it may harbor different kinds of germs and bacteria beneath. Such dirt can end up causing wear and tear to the carpet. To clean the carpet thoroughly, you should work with a company that provides professional carpet cleaning Sunshine Coast services. Regular deep cleaning can eliminate hidden grime and ensure a clean appearance. It can also help extend the lifespan of the carpet. Therefore, you will avoid costly replacement or repairs.

Use Protective Mats

Using protective mats is an excellent way to protect commercial carpeting and keep it clean. You can place protective mats by the doorway, especially during the winter season to prevent salt and snow from getting to the carpet. Floor mats will also protect the surface from wear and abrasion. The other protective mats that you can use are the scraper mats. These mats will protect your carpeting from dirt since anyone entering your office will use them to scrape their shoes before making their way inside. You can also use extraction mats, which will absorb any dirt or moisture that remains when one rubs his or her shoes on the scraper mat.

Put Up a Sign Requesting People to Wipe their Feet

Although this may sound like common sense, it is always good to remind the people entering your office to wipe their feet. Such a sign will also emphasize the need to keep the office clean.

Use Chair and Desk Mats

Although these mats are usually used to prevent heavy furniture marks and tracks from damaging the carpet fibers, they can also help protect your carpeting from getting stains. You can place these mats under the desks that your employees frequently eat or drink at.

Encourage Appropriate Spot Cleaning

Use the bottling method to remove the most common stains from carpets such as a soda or coffee spill. Blot up the liquid with a dry, clean cloth. After that, use a cleaning solution recommended for the specific carpet to get rid of the rest of the stain. Professional carpet cleaners sunshine coast can assist you to remove stains from your carpets. They know the most suitable products and equipment for removing different stains while taking care not to damage the carpet.

Professional Carpet Cleaning to Help Sell Your House

If you’re planning to sell your home for one reason or another, professional carpet cleaning service can be of great help in closing the deal fast. It does not matter whether you are up-sizing or downsizing. What is important is getting the best sale price for your house.

You know how annoying advertising the house you are selling is and on top of that remains on the market for long. Little tricks can help you get the deal fast. Renovating crucial places like kitchen or bathroom, converting a garage, and replacing old flooring are ways you can use to add value to your property. But if you don’t have enough money to spend on renovation, simple tricks like carpet cleaning can do the job. You can as well add value to your home and make it look attractive to the potential buyers.

Carpet cleaning services are the easiest and cheapest way to make a difference to your house. Professional carpet cleaners know precisely what the customers are looking for in a home. After living in a house for a long time, it develops a smell which you may not notice. But when the buyers pass through your door, it is the first thing that they pick up, and if it is stuffy, it will certainly put them off.

If your carpet has noticeable stains, or you can detect the unpleasant smell, or maybe haven’t cleaned them for a while, then it means you will spend time and extra cash to have them cleaned before you put your home on the market.

When your carpet smells fresh, pleasant, and squeaky clean, it creates a perfect first impression to the potential customer. Perhaps if the carpet is in excellent condition, they would not feel the need to replace the carpet right away. Therefore, if you are looking for professional carpet cleaners look no further than our reputable carpet cleaning services with top quality equipment and qualified technicians.

Few things that get ignored in the office cleaning

Working on a clean and tidy office environment is the desire of every person. But when we think about office cleaning, the only thing that comes to our mind is desk cleaning. Some people believe that there are no other areas to clean apart from the office desk. Offices also have essential areas that need thorough cleaning just like spaces in our home. Missing to clean certain areas can influence the tidiness of the overall environment.

Here are minor things that usually get ignored when it comes to office cleaning.

Checking Trash Bins

Most of the time, we ignore some things that we see even if they’re not in the right place. How many times have you observed trash bins overflowing with discarded items but minded your business? Perhaps it may be not once. It’s necessary to dispose of them regularly to avoid collection of dust and germs. Most often when the cleaners are through with the cleaning, they forget to clear the trash bins.

Cleaning the Basin ad Taps

When you are done cleaning the office desk, it is not yet over. You will still need to clean restroom basins, kitchen sinks, etc. consequently, you should not forget cleaning the lights as well as window panes.

Cleaning the Floor Mats

Cleaning of floor mats may not be that easy especially those bearing several footsteps in a day. Dust makes them hoarder of germs if they are not clean for a while. Most cleaners would only concentrate on the floors but forget about the need for cleaning floor mats as well. Therefore, disinfecting the floor mats too is necessary for a clean working environment.

Therefore, hiring professional cleaning services for your office spaces is necessary since several footsteps lead to the spread of dirt and germs. Sunshine Eco Commercial Cleaners provides office cleaning solution giving you a dirt-free workspace for your employees.

What are the Perks of Office Cleaning Services?

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Cleanliness is the key feature in the workplace. It is important to have a tidy workplace in the offices for the better productivity and performance of the employees. It also has a major role in the well-being of the employees. Cleaning the entire office involves cleaning of walls, ceilings, desks, furniture and more. So it is wise to choose office cleaning Sydney over the maid services.

The professional office cleaners Sydney will follow eco-friendly cleaning methods for cleaning your carpets, curtains, to remove dirt and strains. They will be equipped with the tools and products that are needed for office cleaning.

Well-being of Workforce:

Cleaning services in office will help to reduce the spreading of germs and illness. Regular cleaning and sanitation of the washrooms help to tackle the germs and infections. Dust and pollutants that are in ventilation and corner areas should be cleared now and then.

Increase in Efficiency:

Employee’s efficiency will not be improved if the office environment is a mess. The unorganised files and other office materials near the cabin will make people not to stay there. They feel to take a break often which will decrease the productivity of the company. The clean and tidy cabin or workplace will give them a pleasant fell to work with a greater level of concentration which leads to the increased efficiency.

Attracts Customer:

The clients judge your excellence by the appearance and professional environment in your office. A dirty and unorganised office will give them a wrong opinion and there may be a chance of doubting your capabilities. Whereas a clean and well-organised office will give them a positive impression which helps your business to grow.

Avoids major problems:

Regular Cleaning of the workplace will help you in identifying and fixing issues before they turn out to a major problem. Issues like the crack in window mirror or the rust formation in windows or doors can be identified early and you can prevent it from turning into a major issue.

If you are looking for office cleaning services, you can count on Sunshine Eco-Cleaning service. We provide quality and eco-friendly office cleaning services Sydney. We use the latest stain removal techniques which will help you to have a clean and tidy workplace. Call us on 044 966 4277 and discuss your cleaning requirements today.

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What are Things to be Covered in the Bond Cleaning Services Sunshine Coast?

If you are renting in someone’s place, it is essential to leave the place clean and tidy as per the rental agreement. If you fail to do so, you may not get your full bond amount. You should make sure that all the damages are fixed before you move out of the place. You can opt for bond cleaning sunshine coast services from our professional bond cleaners. The cleaning service company should provide quality and highly satisfactory cleaning services to our customers.

The Bond cleaning service should include cleaning all the areas in the house. Let’s look into the aspects that are covered during the bond cleaning services sunshine coast:

Living Room cleaning service:

Cleaning the living room is the major challenge to the tenants. Living room cleaning involves shelves, table, cupboards, TV stand, carpet, sofa set and so on.

Kitchen cleaning service:

Cleaning of all appliances, utensils in the kitchen to ensure no strains left behind the shelves or cupboards. It is also important to clean all the trays of the refrigerators, oven, dishwasher and other appliance thoroughly without any dirt or grime.

Washroom cleaning service:

It is necessary to check and ensure that all the tapes and drain works well without any leakage before the end of the lease. The necessary fixes should be done and ensure the water drains quickly. The tiles, bathtub, the shower should be cleaned with special sprays to make it look brighter and shinier.

And other areas of cleaning services:

The places like staircases, gardens should also be cleaned and kept tidy as per the bond. The windows should be cleaned both inside and outside and all the furniture should be cleaned and kept tidy. The bond cleaning service needs an experienced and professional cleaner for better cleaning service.

Why choose us?

We, at Sunshine Eco-Cleaning Service, provide quality and affordable bond cleaning services from our professional bond cleaners sunshine coast to the tenants who request an end of lease cleaning. We use the latest stain removal techniques which will help you to leave the place clean and tidy. Call us on 044 966 4277 and discuss your cleaning requirements today.

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6 Factors To Consider When Looking For A House Cleaning Company

Keeping your home clean and tidy is a never-ending chore that takes up much of your time. This is why you are supposed to look for the best house cleaning services that will help ensuring the utmost cleanliness of your home. If you have decided to look for a house cleaning sunshine coast company, make sure that you consider the following factors before getting into an agreement with one of them.

1. Experience:

The first quality to look for when choosing a house cleaning company is its experience. You want to hire a company that understands what they are doing. So, when you start your research, spare time to find out the experience of the company and how long they have been in the business.

2. Promptness:

Another factor that should be given consideration is the promptness. No one prefers following up a service provider with a hundred calls. Also, if you have scheduled a specific time, the company should honour it and complete the job within the stipulated timeframe.

3. Professionalism:

To find out the professionalism of a house cleaning services, you can talk to their previous customers. The professionalism represents how well they perform the job. Remember that the cleaning is one of the toughest jobs and should not be entrusted to those with a careless attitude.

4. Licensed, Insured And Bonded:

It is always safe to work with a company that employs insured and bonded house cleaners sunshine coast. In the event of any mishaps such as breakage, theft or accident, the company will take responsibility. If you fail to choose the company that is bonded or insured, you will be responsible for the same.

5. Equipment:

Who will be providing the cleaning solution and equipment? This is another important factor that should be checked with the house cleaning sunshine coast company. Some companies will bring their own cleaning equipment, while others expect the homeowners to supply the same. Finding out about this beforehand helps you avoid last minute confusion. s

6. Price:

The price is the last but the most important thing among other factors to consider. Choosing a company that fits your budget is imperative. Some companies will charge you per square area, while others charge for the entire job. Determine which one seems to be cost-effective for you so that you can save on unnecessary expenses.

Tired of looking for the best house cleaners in Adelaide, Brisbane or Sydney? Not to worry! Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services provides professional house cleaning services at affordable prices. For details, call 1300 356 397 and speak to us now!

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A Comprehensive Office Cleaning Checklist

Just as you want to maintain a clean house, you should also maintain a clean office. But, how do you ensure maximum cleanliness and sanitation of your office? Well, we can help! At Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services, we maintain a complete checklist that we stick to while handling your office cleaning sunshine coast needs.

Our Office Cleaning Check-List:

Your Worktable:

Your computer, keyboard and mouse often harbour festering germs. Likewise, your drawer and telephones also become breeding grounds for germs, and require regular cleaning. Our office cleaners use antibacterial solution to remove germs that have gathered all through the day.

Reception Area:

Having your reception area cleaned is a key to making a good impression on your clients. We dust, vacuum and mop the floors, and wipe down the seating area and the front desk every day. In addition, we also get the doors cleaned using the best cleaning solution.

Bathroom and Toilet Areas: 

Cleaning the bathroom and toilet areas is extremely crucial to reduce the risk of spreading germs and maintain the wellbeing of your employees. Our office cleaners will clean toilets, basins and bathroom floors thoroughly, and wipe down door handles and any surfaces with sanitiser. We also empty the bins and ensure there is enough soap and paper towels in the toilet.


As a professional office cleaning company, we undestand how important keeping the kitchen cleaned and sanitised is. Our commercial cleaners pay special attention to cleaning and disinfecting work surfaces, sinks and floors. In addition, we also clean the microwave oven and fridge as they would become a breeding ground for unwanted germs.

Whether you have a small office or a corporate business, you could benefit from our office cleaners sunshine coast services. From floor and upholstery cleaning to bathroom and kitchen cleaning, we will customise a cleaning program to meet your specific needs. Our office cleaners will work as per your convenient schedule, on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or emergency basis.

Still wondering how can we help you with your office cleaning needs? Call 1300 356 397 and talk to our experts now. With years of experience in the cleaning business, we know the best ways to create a hygienic environment for your employees.


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Learn how to spruce up your business with Commercial Cleaning

Moving into a new business place is something that many people look forward. You will likely have some few things to take care of at the new place before you settle. The worst thing is that you could even need thorough cleaning and scrubbing for several days to restore the place’s initial look.

Whether it’s dusty windows or ceilings, dirty skirting boards, or cupboards, you’ll need to work on it before you and your staff can move in for their comfort. You can hire professional commercial cleaning sunshine coast experts for all your commercial cleaning needs. Below are some insightful tips that can help you clean your new business space.

1. Use the top-to-down working technique

With this method, ensure that you start with the uppermost part of the room which could be the ceiling moving down to the walls then the floor. Doing the opposite of this would mean you undo your hard effort. For instance, cleaning and painting the walls before the ceiling board would only make the wall dirty again.

2. Use a vacuum cleaner for dusting

With a vacuum cleaner, you are sure to clear dust from all places including hidden corners before you commence with your work. This will save a lot of time, and hidden places will be covered unlike when you use a duster.

3. Invest in the correct equipment

The room’s surfaces could be having diverse problems ranging from scratches and stains to dents and broken tiles. To ensure you are contented with your work Whatever the case is, be sure to buy the correct kit for the job. You can also hire professional commercial cleaners sunshine coast to ensure your space becomes tidier and perfect.

4. Pay attention to everything

When revamping your area, make sure you are not in haste which might make you miss on minor things. Critically assess every spot of the place to ensure it is fit for your employees. Small spaces that could easily be forgotten include sinks, the bathroom, and cupboard tops which could be very dusty. The windows and the doors should also have a perfect finish.

Are you thinking about cleaning your office space? Call 1300 356 397 and partner with Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services for all your commercial cleaning needs.

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Why Your Area Rugs and Carpets Require Different Cleaning Methods and Techniques

When it comes to rug and carpet cleaning, many homeowners get it wrong! They clean both floor covers in the same manner. How do you clean your carpet and rugs? Do you use the same cleaning method for both covers? Or do you simply let professional carpet cleaners sunshine coast handle them?

Rugs and carpets should be cleaned differently because both surface covers are different in terms of construction. Cleaning both, using the same methods or techniques can result in damage to the former or the latter.

1. Construction

Rugs and carpets are made differently. The former are meant to be mobile, whereas the latter are designed to stay put. These two types of floor covers have their own construction process. Thus, each require their own, unique cleaning style and care.

2. Fringe

Rugs have fringe(the border edge that features loose, hanging tassels for decorative purposes), whereas carpets do not. This edge is so fragile that it can be easily damaged with a simple vacuum cleaning process. Therefore, rugs require special treatment so as not to destroy the fringe.

3. Dirt and Soil Removal

Rugs are also constructed with a more dense pile compared to carpets. Their individual fibers are closer together than are those on traditional carpets. As a result, soil and dirt tends to get stuck near the base of the material where a vacuum cleaner cannot easily reach. The best way to effecively remove trapped dirt and soil from your rugs is to call a professional services. There are plenty of carpet cleaning services that also specialize in rug care.

4. Color Bleeding

Unlike most standard carpets, which feature single colors and fairly simple patterns, the majority of ordinary area rugs feature multiple colors and complex patterns. That means if color bleeding occurs during cleaning, a rug can sustain more damage compared to a carpet.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, area rugs and carpets each require different cleaning methods and techniques. Without knowledge of some of these methods, it is easy to destroy your floor cover while attempting to care for it. To be on the safe side, it is better to call a carpet cleaning sunshine coast you trust. Many reliable carpet cleaning services out there also speciailize in area rugs beside carpets.

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3 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Services Provider

When you are thinking about hiring a commercial cleaning service for your business, there are several different factors that you need to review and evaluate before you make your decision to hire. Because not all office cleaning services are not the same or offer the same products and services, it is essential that you know exactly what they will do for you prior to making an offer or to accept their contract. So, today when you are meeting with a new business cleaning company, you should be familiar with what they do, as far as the following activities.

1. What are the Services Provided?

As stated not all commercial cleaning companies are the same. So, you will need to know what services that they provide in advance prior to making an offer to hire. For instance, some office cleaners may do everything to clean the office with the exception of windows. Hence, if you are looking for a company that will send professional commercial cleaners Brisbane to do a top to bottom job, you cannot fail to ask if the windows are a part of the job.

2. Timing of their Services

It is also important to know when the services provided can be performed. For instance, if you want someone to come to the office on a regular basis, you need to know if they have a staff that can supply what is needed. Normally, if it is a small business, the need for these services may not be as frequent, based on what needs to be done on a daily basis.

3. Cost

It is also important to shop around. Because each business will provide different rates and quality, you need to know which factors will determine how much you can afford to pay the office cleaning staff that has been hired to complete your job.

Would you like to know more stories about our commercial cleaning Brisbane services? Simply buzz us on 1300 356 397 . We would be more than happy to explain our cleaning process.

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