Why is Carpet Steam Cleaning Necessary?

Do you want to make your living room refreshing and appealing to your guests? Purchasing a rug with interesting patterns can ensure you give your room an affordable makeover. For instance, choosing wool carpet will ensure you get the best comfort when relaxing in your home after a long day at work.

Professional carpet cleaning Sunshine CoastHowever, unlike hardwood floors, you need to clean your carpet thoroughly to remove dust and dirt. If you have children and pets in your home, keeping your carpet clean can be challenging. Spills and stains are common issues if you have kids around. On the other hand, pets will shed their hair on your carpet and even urinate on it. If you fail to carry out thorough Carpet Cleaning sunshine coast, a bad odour will emanate during hot days.

Dust and grime are other things you should look out for if you have invested in an expensive carpet. They will nestle deep in your carpet and cause damage to its fibres. As time goes by, you’ll notice that your carpet will thin and wear out.

Dirty carpets present several health hazards, that’s aside from bringing into question your abilities as a home keeper. Regular visits to your dermatologist or chest physician may be as a result of your carpet. Carpets can be unclean, even if not visibly dirty. They can end up making asthma symptoms worse by hosting allergens. Individuals with asthma conditions will wheeze as a result.

Unclean carpets are the perfect breeding areas for dust mites, which can make you experience skin allergies. In addition, they can cause eczema, skin rashes, allergic rhinitis, dermatitis, cracked heels, and nasal polypus.

You may think that being cautious while carrying food and drinks around your house, removing shoes before you step on the carpet and vacuuming will enable you to avoid hiring a professional Carpet Cleaning service.

Preventing spills by being careful when handling drinks will make your carpet look new and vacuuming will remove dust. However, only an expert Carpet Cleaning service in will remove dust mites and wet dust. They will make sure that your carpet looks stunning and safe for you and your family.

Your carpet’s lifespan depends on the methods you use to clean it. Professional carpet cleaners Sunshine Coast use the Steam Cleaning method and eco-friendly products to ensure they take care of your carpet.

At Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services, we provide you with honest and trained personnel to ensure your carpet is thoroughly cleaned, enabling it to look gorgeous.

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How Often Should Business Windows Be Cleaned?

Window Cleaning Sydney

Here at Sunshine Eco Cleaning, we’re accustomed to answering questions, whether they’re little ones about commercial cleaning products or bigger ones like how to hire high-quality window cleaners sydney. As our top priority is you – the customer – we strive to give the best advice.

When it comes to commercial windows (cafes, bars, shops, offices etc.), there is conflicting advice on how regularly businesses need cleaning. As types of use and rates of wear differ dramatically from one premises to the next, the answer depends on their routines.

This quick guide to commercial window cleaning will help you decide how many visits to schedule.


Often, the biggest factor is location. If your business is close to highways and busy streets, you’ll need window cleaners brisbane more regularly. When close to the fumes created by traffic, glass gets dirty fast. You’ll notice grime builds up much quicker in these areas.


While the presence of trees negates the impact of traffic fumes, to some extent, it doesn’t mean cleaner windows. In fact, if there are trees close to the building (close enough to touch or overhang), they’ll probably drip sap. This can be annoying, but it is easy to clean. Just get in touch with reliable window cleaners in your area.


Most people assume rainy environments reduce the need for window cleaning sunshine coast. While it’s true some business windows look less dusty and present fewer blemishes, water itself leaves stains. After a rainstorm, you’ll often find stains caused by dried out mineral deposits. So, don’t assume the weather will do the job for you.

General Guidelines for Window Cleaning

    • Busy Office – Bimonthly
    • Less Busy Office (no customers) – Monthly
    • Busy Retail Stores – Monthly
    • Low Traffic Stores – Bimonthly
    • Restaurants – Twice Weekly
  • Healthcare Facilities – Monthly

Professional window cleaning is recommended for businesses because brands depend on looking good. To convince customers you’ve got the goods on the inside, you’ve got to look the part outside. So, trust Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services to help your business show its best face to the world. Call us at 1300 356 397 for booking our window cleaners.

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Separate the Best from the Rest – Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning BrisbaneAre you searching for the best Commercial Cleaning service in Melbourne? Many services promise the best cleaning jobs but end up delivering little. You need to know what to consider to help you make the right choice. Read on to know vital points to consider when looking for the best Office Cleaning sunshine coast for your business premises.

Ask For References

The first thing you need to ask any Commercial Cleaning service in Melbourne is verifiable references from previous clients. Don’t feel afraid or uncomfortable when asking for these references. They will enable you to know if the company provides quality services. Moreover, they will let you know if they have honest team members, especially if you’re going to give them the keys to clean your offices after business hours.

Inquire About Their Experience

You should know how long the company has been offering commercial cleaning services. If they have been around for long, you can have peace of mind that they have the necessary experience. On the other hand, if they are new, you should know if their team members have previous experience in cleaning. For instance, they may have worked somewhere else for five years, and have now started their company.

Another thing you should realize is that someone with minimal experience in office cleaning can offer you a better job to prove himself or herself than someone who has been offering these jobs for years. Professional commercial cleaning sunshine coast may get complacent over time, meaning you may not get the best cleaning job.

Fast Response When Emergencies Arise

In the event, water pipes burst or you experience overflowing toilets at your workplace, you want commercial cleaning services that respond fast. Any commercial cleaning service in Melbourne that considers an emergency cleaning job as something to be done in the next 24-48 hours should not be considered for hire.

With the above points in mind, you should trust your instincts when hiring a commercial cleaning company. In most instances, it enables you to make the right choice. If you’re looking for an experienced and trustworthy office cleaning service, you should speak to Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services today. Our professional cleaners will ensure your offices look appealing to your customers and employees, meaning better returns.

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Top Reasons Steam Carpet Cleaning Is Much More Popular

Professional carpet cleaning Sunshine CoastAre you searching for the best Carpet Cleaning service? Carpets are a regular feature in many homes and offices and popular since they make your home refreshing and welcoming. As a result, they are an integral component of any home furnishing. A clean looking carpet improves the appearance of any home or office and reduces the chances of illnesses and allergens.

Depending on the type of your carpet and the extent of dust and dirt in it, many professional Carpet Cleaners Sunshine Coast will offer you several techniques to clean it. These methods include dry cleaning, carpet shampooing and steam cleaning. Nowadays, the best option for many services that deal with cleaning carpets is steam cleaning. Read on to know why professional carpet cleaners prefer it.

What Is Steam Carpet Cleaning?

Steam carpet cleaning is also known as wet cleaning or hot water extraction method. In this process, expert Carpet Cleaning Services Sunshine Coast will heat water to near its boiling temperatures and apply it on your carpet.

The hot water will enter your carpet all the way to its bottom layers and remove stains. The carpet is then vacuumed to remove the water solution and remaining particles. Steam cleaning is one effective deep cleaning method that carpet cleaners should use to take care of your carpet.

Carpet CleanersBenefits of Steam Carpet Cleaning:

  • It’s the only method that ensures Carpet Cleaners deep clean your carpet’s fibres. That means your fabric will be free of stains and dust.
  • It ensures dust or dust, which may have settled deep in your carpet is removed.
  • The hot water used in steam cleaning kills bacteria, parasites, allergens, germs, viruses and destroys dust mites and fungus.
  • Carpet manufacturers and cleaning professionals recommend it.
  • This method can remove odour resulting from pet urine easily and fast, while an ordinary vacuum can’t.
  • It’s 100% eco-friendly since it doesn’t involve the use of harsh chemicals.

At Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services, we provide you with steam carpet cleaning Sunshine Coast, enabling you to enjoy the above benefits. For the best offer, make sure you Call us today to enable us to use this effective and eco-friendly method to clean your delicate carpet.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Carpet Cleaners Adelaide

Carpets are delicate and cost significant amounts of money to buy. When cleaning them, you may think that it’s an easy job which you can use a shampooer and save money. Unfortunately, you may end up damaging your carpet. You need to make sure you look for professional Carpet Cleaning Services to remove dust, dirt and allergens from your carpet. This article looks at common do-it-yourself (DIY) Carpet Cleaning Mistakes.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

You need to look for the best cleaning service to take care of your carpet. If you want to save money, you should alternate between DIY, which is cheap and professional carpet cleaning that will cost you more. Carpet cleaning is a time-consuming activity and involves lots of hard work, and it’s the reason why many people damage their carpets. Let’s look at three DIY carpet cleaning mistakes that end up damaging your delicate carpet.

  • Unable to protect wet carpets from furniture
  • Using excess shampoo
  • Over-Wetting

When using DIY approaches, it’s common for carpet owners to carry do these mistakes. It’s the reason why you need to look for professional carpet cleaners. If you fail to remove excess shampoo and water, a foamy residue may build up, making to impossible for you to clean your carpet.

Over Wetting

Over-wetting occurs when you use excess water, which seeps to the carpet’s base. Too much water can discolour your carpet, shrink it and tear it. If the backing and pad get wet, you will find it hard to dry them, leading to mould and mildew problems.

Unable to Protect Wet Carpets from Furniture

You may have wood furniture in your home. If you fail to remove then when carrying out carpet cleaning by yourself, the furniture may release dyes, which stain your carpet after long-term contact with the carpet’s wet surface. Moreover, furniture with metal feet can rust and stain your wet carpet.

Using a Carpet Deodoriser, the Wrong Way

You should realize that a carpet deodorizer will not remove stains and dirt from your carpet. Furthermore, the average vacuum won’t be able to get rid of the deodorizing powder. It will only make the powder build-up worse and result in a dirtier carpet.

You want to avoid the above mistakes. The best option for you should be to hire the best Carpet Cleaning Services. At Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services, we’re the best Carpet Cleaners adelaide with an excellent reputation among our customers. If you’re searching for quality Carpet Cleaning services, Contact us today and we’ll provide you with trustworthy carpet cleaners who will do your job with perfection.

Special Tips for Carpet Cleaning This Christmas

Carpet Cleaning Service Sydney

As the Christmas holiday is approaching, a lot of people are planning to invite friends and family to their homes. However, before you start sending invitations, you need to check the state of your carpet flooring because it can either break or make your home. Whether you are doing it yourself or hiring professional carpet cleaning services brisbane, there are some tips which can really help you do it right. They include:

1. Regular vacuuming

If you have a small family, you can vacuum once a week to remove the dirt and the soil that embed and destroy the carpet fibres. However, if you have got a large family, your carpet flooring has heavy traffic and vacuuming twice or thrice a week is recommended. In fact, you can hire commercial carpet cleaning services adelaide to do it for you because they have the equipment, manpower, and experience needed.

2. Deal with spills quickly

This is important whether you will hire a professional company or DIY. In case there are spillages on your carpet, you should remove it ASAP to prevent the stain from sinking into the carpet. Remember, you are required to blot and not rubbing to avoid spreading the spills on your carpet.

3. Use a good stain remover

There are numerous stain removers which you can use at home when you have spills or stains. Baking powder, vinegar, and general-purpose stain removers are very common and effective when removing stains or spills on your sofa or carpet. If you have a stain on your carpet, you can try removing it yourself instead of waiting for an expert to do it. However, if you are unable to remove it, hiring professional carpet cleaners brisbane is the best option.

4. Buy quality mats

Buying outdoor quality mats is very important because it reduces wear and tears on your carpet. In addition, it reduces soiling the carpet because the mat traps dust and grease on your shoes thus protecting your carpet flooring.

5. Consider hiring professional cleaners regularly

Carpet Cleaning BrisbaneThere are numerous benefits associated with professional carpet cleaning brisbane. Saving you time and money, keeping your family healthy by removing all the dirt and allergens and improving the appearance and the lifespan of your carpet are just a few benefits we can mention. You should hire professional carpet cleaners at least twice a year to carry out thorough cleaning.

Our Carpet Cleaning experts are ready to serve your carpets in residential & commercial areas. Call us 1300 356 397.

3 Summer Carpet Cleaning Tips Sunshine Coast, Australia

The summer is one of the best times of the year, especially for those of you who like various types of outdoor activities. For some homeowners, however, the summer may be a challenging experience when the family tracks in all of the dirt and mud that they can get into. In either event, it is important that everyone remembers that there are some things that they can do to take care of any unnecessary problems or concerns that they may have.

Having said that, here are a few carpet cleaning tips that can be used during this season.

  1. Schedule Regular Commercial Cleaning Services

First of all, before the summer gets underway, it is important that you are proactive about what needs to be done. Typically, when this is the case, you can plan to keep things clean by using professional carpet cleaning services on a regularly scheduled basis. Thankfully, when these carpet cleaning services are called in, homeowners in Australia can benefit greatly from the work that is done. For instance, when there is a regular schedule for this type of job, the carpet can be cleaned thoroughly of any dirt, dust or grime that the family drags in. These services are also great for making sure the carpet continues to look and feel brand new.

  1. Strategically Place Mats in High Traffic Areas

In addition to scheduling the regular commercial cleaning sunshine coast, you can minimize the dirt and debris in your carpets too. One of the best ways to keep these problems contained is to place mats in your high traffic areas. For example, mats should be placed on the outside of the front door and the back door.

  1. Hire Professionals

As we have professionals in the business, you should look into hiring a team of carpet cleaners sunshine coast at Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services to assist you with your needs. Particularly, if you want to ensure the job is done right in a small time frame.

Tips for Getting the Professional Office Cleaners

Maintaining cleanliness is important in an individual’s life. When a person is spending most of his or her time at the office, office cleaning would be equally important. As they never judge a book by its cover; however, in the case of cleanliness, a clean area would depict that people living in that environment are fond of cleanliness. However, the dirty area would show poor hygiene and carelessness.

Maintain a Cleaning Strategy

Some offices operate 24/7 and it would be difficult to maintain cleanliness in the rush hours. Therefore, it would be important to devise a strategy in order to keep the area clean.

Clean Dust Bins on Regular Basis

It would be important to clean the dustbins on regular basis. Even if the office is hiring Office cleaning services Sunshine Coast, it would be wise to keep an eye on the dustbin and get rid of unwanted trash on regular basis.

Clean Floors and Carpets

Use the relevant methods to clean the floors and carpets. Carpets would require a vacuum and it would be important to clean it regularly especially if it has a lighter shade.

Clean the Bathrooms

The bathrooms in the office area should be clean and spotless. In fact, a bathroom can tell a lot about the place. If the bathrooms are clean it means that the place is taking care of the hygiene.

Clean the Kitchen

Employees might eat together in the kitchen, but no one would like to clean it. It would be wise to devise some strategies, design some polices and let everyone take the turns for cleaning the kitchen. Encourage employees to maintain cleanliness in the workplace.

There are many companies for commercial cleaning Sunshine Coast, which can assist in cleaning the workplace if employees do not participate in the process of cleaning. Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services is just a call away book your appointment today!

How to Tell If Your Carpet Needs Cleaning ?

Because carpets are available in all kinds of different beautiful textures colours and designs, people all over Australia can enjoy the added ambiance that they add to a home or business decor. Even though carpeting is better for some owners than hardwood floors, there are times when people want to pull up their own carpet and get rid of it completely. One of the more notable times is when the carpet appears to need cleaning.

While clean carpets are highly desired, there is at least one major drawback to home and business owners starting these types of projects, specifically without finding some way of determining when they need to be done. In fact, this is when the statement, “how to tell if your carpet needs cleaning”. Having said that, here are 3 reasons that they need to be cleaned.

  1. Foul Smells

If you walk into your home and you have a foul smell that you cannot get rid of, you may want to start considering calling a carpet cleaning sunshine coast. Foul smells may come from the carpet being dirty and wet or from a pet that the employee brings to the office. Either way, a foul smell in the carpet is one common reason why commercial cleaning sunshine coast need to be called.

  1. Looks Dull and Dirty

Walking into a room with clean fresh carpet is a good feeling for most homeowners and their family. However, when the same carpet begins to look dull and dirty, it is a turn off for just about anyone. In some cases, there is nothing that you can do clean up your home thoroughly without considering a professional carpet cleaning service to this type of job.

  1. Allergies

Mold, mildew, and dirt trapped in carpeting can cause other problems too. Typically, when people have allergies in the home, the dirty carpet can be a health risk that needs to be taken care of.

How to make your workplace more hygienic this flu season

Hygiene observation should be part of our lifestyle in whatever we do at any given place. With the flu season knocking by, it is even more important to ensure proper is adhered to in your workplace of work. Proper hygiene will help reduce the rate of employees catching the flu, or it’s further spreading to other employees. Absenteeism in the workplace can make organization systems and services to grind to a halt. Here are some practical measures that when observed can help reduce the spreading of germs thus reducing sickness.

Keeping the kitchen clean

Being the place where all the staff meals are being prepared, the kitchen is always feared to be the most delicate place when it comes to contamination. Proper cleaning of the kitchen should be ensured since germs reside in dirty places. Proper hygiene in the kitchen will not only refer to the cleanliness of the floor but even the person handling food for the staff. Proper cleaning of the hands before handling any food substance is mandatory. The food should also be washed if they are fruits or properly cooked. Any foodstuff in the kitchen should not be left uncovered since germs are very tiny and they always reside on air. It is necessary to exercise caution, leaving food unattended to even for a few minutes is enough to allow germs to get in. our Commercial cleaning services Sunshine Coast guide you all the possible cleaning tips to keep your kitchen clean.

Wiping down keyboards

Antibacterial wipes can be used to clean the keyboards as frequently as the user can. This is because the hands are the best germs can carriers and once you use those hand to type on the keyboard, then a colleague also touches the same keyboard, the contact is enough to spread the germs. It may be difficult to restrict each staff member to use only their working areas since they will always be moving in need of help, consultation or even confirmation. You can reduce the spread of germs by each employee ensuring they wipe their keyboards before handling them.

Keeping the restrooms spotless clean

An organizations restroom is shared by almost all the employees. The chances of contaminating germs from this place are therefore very high. It is, therefore, necessary to keep it spotless clean always especially on the doorknobs and taps. Antibacterial soaps should always be available for cleaning hands once you are done. Sanitary bins should also be emptied regularly and ensure toilet papers are never out of stock.

For an organization to run efficiently, all the employees should always be of good health. Proper hygiene only requires an individual to observe the above practices. If you make these practices to be a routine and part of your lifestyle then you won’t feel any strain. It is also important that if an employee falls sick, they stay at home until they get proper medication and recover fully before resuming work. This will help in preventing the spread of the disease. Being a flu season, it would be important if all employees take full responsibility at the workplace. call our Office Cleaning Sunshine Coast experts to keep the restroom spotless clean.