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Need a reliable carpet cleaner across Clayfield? If so, Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services is the name to trust. We’re devoted to providing a reliable, guaranteed, and 100% exceptional carpet cleaning services across Clayfield and its surrounding suburbs. From high-level dust and soil removal to deodorising the carpets, we have all your carpet cleaning needs covered. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and dedication towards our job helps us to move ahead and makes us the best choice for carpet cleaning. All we have is a wonderful team of carpet cleaners who are certified and qualified to do the job at the best. We also use eco-friendly cleaning supplies for cleaning the carpets and ensure they’re gentle on your pets and children.

Superior Carpet Cleaning Services - All Kinds of Carpet Steam Cleaning

With years of experience in the cleaning industry, we’re rated highly by thousands of customers for our reliable and trustworthy carpet cleaning services.

100% Guaranteed Cleanliness

We understand that carpets are a major investment, to protect your investment and to make your home space welcoming and healthy, it’s crucial to double-check the look and condition of your carpets. Of course, regular vacuuming seems to help; hiring our carpet cleaners can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your carpets. It would be great to keep them in shape all the time. When people visit your home or office, cleanliness is what expected of you, and if your carpets are clean and refreshing, you will receive an extra dose of appreciation from your neighbours and business partners. Whether it’s a house or office or any other industry, we’re the best choice for commercial carpet cleaning across Clayfield.


Before we start cleaning the carpets, we provide a pre-vacuuming session to get rid of dry and wet soil, dust, and debris from the carpet. So, the carpet will be ready and easier for the next level of cleaning.

Stain Removal

Nothing gets on to your nerves than seeing your carpets with food and dirt stains. At Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services, we use specialised techniques and advanced cleaning supplies and tools to remove the stains carefully from the carpet and you will be surprised to see where they had vanished.

Deodorising & Steam Cleaning

If your carpets are producing bad odours due to pet urine and other smell, our fast and safe micro bacterial removal and sanitisation methods can help neutralise these and restore fragrance and freshness to your carpets and furnishings.

Over To You

If you’re after a high-quality carpet cleaning services, give Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services a call on 1300 356 397.

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