Curb The Spread Of Flu At Work – Here’s How?

Curb The Spread Of Flu At Work - Here's How?

As we’re thriving in this pandemic, numerous things come into consideration. Moreover, commercial cleaning is one of them. Having an effective office cleaning can make a difference when it comes to preventing the spread of flu. To prevent the flu at work, sanitising your computer keyboard to a deep clean of carpets and floors will go a long way. You can simply hire a professional commercial cleaning brisbane company for all your commercial cleaning needs! Let’s get started.

Arm Yourself With Sanitisers

Stock a decent number of hand sanitisers and disinfectant wipes and circulate around the entire office. Also, encourage the employees to use these supplies to reduce their risk of the flu. This is especially important in an open office setting where employees share computers. The keyboard, mouse, and work area should be wiped down every time before and after usage.

Disinfect The Hi-Touch Points

You should also clean and disinfect the surface areas in the office that are commonly and frequently touched, including the doorknobs, light switches, remotes, tablets, bathroom sinks and taps.  These are the most touched areas in the office. The more often a surface or object is touched, the higher the risk for carrying viruses like the flu.

Set Reminders

Hand washing is particularly important during this flu season. However, sometimes, your employees need a reminder as well. Setting reminders every hour to wash their hands can curb the spread of infections.

Say No To Group Meetings & Get-Togethers

Getting everyone close and handling events or functions at this period is an easy way to spread the flu. Therefore, a good idea to cut back until the flu season passes, or think of other creative ways to boost your teamwork.

Hire Deep Cleaning Service

The best way to keep your office clean and safe from flu is by hiring a professional office cleaning brisbane company. Yes, A clean office environment can protect you from disease-causing germs, and curb their spread. Proper Carpet cleaning can also help stop the spread of food-borne illnesses that may end up in your office kitchen and bathrooms.

Over To You

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