Does Your Water-Damaged Carpet Need Replacement?

Does Your Water-Damaged Carpet Need Replacement?

Water damage is indeed a terrible experience for a homeowner. Small flooding from a burst pipe or running-off bathtub can cause damages to the framework of a home and eventually lead to mould growth. If you fail to act quickly, you might also suffer from mildew smell even after floodwater recedes. In case of carpet flooring, consider replacement if it has been wet for more than 72 hours. This is because mould takes less than 72 hours to form, and can be quite difficult to clean them after this time period. However, a professional carpet cleaning in brisbane company can recover water-damaged carpets using advanced cleaning methods.

When Can You Save Your Water-Damaged Carpet?

  • Water Damage Caused By Clean Water:

When water damage is caused by clean water from a broken pipe or rainwater, there is a possibility to salvage your carpet. This is because clean water contains little to no contaminants to come into contact with your carpets. To save your carpet, you should call the carpet cleaners brisbane experts within 24 to 48 hours who will clean, sanitise and restore it to its former glory.

  • Water Damage Caused By Contaminated Or Gray Water:

Water damage caused by contaminated water or gray water can lead to illness if you come in contact with the carpet. Gray water includes water from washing, toilet water with no fecal matter and bath water. If your carpet is treated through professional cleaning within 24 to 48 hours of the damage, the carpet can be rescued, but the padding should be replaced.

When Should You Replace Your Carpet?

Water damage caused by black water is irreversible as this type of water contains harmful pathogens, bacteria and toxins. Black water is usually sourced from natural disasters from sewage, toilet backflows and hurricanes. As carpets sustain too much damage from black water, replacing the carpet is a better idea to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being.

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