Have Your Updated Your COVID-19 Commercial Cleaning Checklist? – If Not, Do Now!

Have Your Updated Your COVID-19 Commercial Cleaning Checklist? - If Not, Do Now!

Planning to hire a commercial cleaning service? If so, it’s time to upgrade your office cleaning checklist with the response to COVID-19. Companies and businesses are making their way towards hiring customised COVID-19 office cleaning services in brisbane. It’s crucial to think about the safety of your employees at this time. A clean and sanitised office not only helps to increase your productivity but also heightens your brand reputation. So, here are some elements which you can take into consideration.

  • Businesses are finding ways to curb the spread of COVID-19, and it can be better achieved when the environment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.
  • Daily office cleaning tasks involves a checklist for your reception, bathrooms or restrooms, and kitchen or pantry areas. It includes basic vacuum cleaning, mopping, and dusting. COVID-19 commercial cleaning checklist has much more to do. It includes all the regular office cleaning areas and along with that, it has neglected areas like doorknobs, windows, desks, and chairs covered.
  • Trained and experienced commercial cleaners in brisbane will ensure the best cleaning for your entire office and sanitise the high-touch points.
  • Ensure to keep the office regularly clean and get rid of the trash bags daily.
  • To maintain the health and wellness of the office, insist on the cleaners to clean and disinfect all the high-traffic areas.
  • You must increase the frequency of commercial cleaning to curb the spread and if any of the employees are having illness or flu, ensure they stay at home.
  • Sanitise all the phones, tablets, PC’s and other accessories that are shared by employees.
  • Keep insisting the employees wash their hands and place hand sanitisers and disinfect wipes.

Bottom Line

Finally, if you follow these COVID-19 commercial cleaning schedules, you can maintain the hygiene of your office space and the health of your colleagues. So, if you require a COVID-19 commercial cleaning services in brisbane, give Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services a call on 1300 356 397.