How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Office Furniture And Upholstery?

How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Office Furniture And Upholstery?

Office floors and furniture can trap dirt and dust very quickly. With so many workers spending much time in their cubicles, it is no wonder that upholstery, desks and floors in commercial areas can easily turn out to be a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses and allergens. That’s why cleaning your office flooring and furniture on a regular basis is crucial to maintain a productive, healthy environment. However, how often should you be cleaning your office flooring and upholsteries? Let’s find out! You can also simply hire a professional office cleaning in brisbane company for all your office cleaning needs!

How Often To Deep Clean Furniture And Upholstery? 

When it comes to deep cleaning your office upholstery, you should have them professionally cleaned at least once a year. Just like carpets, the fibres in the upholsteries serve as the perfect environment to harbour dirt, dust, allergens, oils, sweat, dead skin cells, etc. To completely eliminate the dust and allergens from your upholstery, you should deep-clean it annually. In high-traffic areas such as waiting rooms or lobbies, it is important to deep clean them every three or four months.

How Often To Deep Clean Office Floors?

The type of flooring your office has and the amount of foot traffic it receives should be taken into account to determine how often your commercial floors need deep cleaning. However, the general rule is that all commercial floors should be deep cleaned at least twice a year to remove set-in dander, dirt, allergens and bacteria.

  • High Traffic Areas – These areas include office entrance ways, kitchens and bathroom. As these spaces are more prone to build-up of dirt, they need deep cleaning every month.
  • Moderate traffic areas – These areas include meeting rooms, lobbies and hallways, and they need to be cleaned every few months.
  • Carpeted Areas – If you have installed carpet flooring in your office, you can opt for professional carpet cleaning service every six months.

Who Can Help?

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