Most commonly Missed Areas A Pro Cleaner Never Misses – Check Out

Office cleanliness is becoming more & more important these days. There is no doubt that keeping a clean office is crucial for you, your employees and for people who visit your facility often. But here’s the problem, some cleaners or janitors may miss some areas in your office. However, when you hire office cleaning services in Sunshine Coast, they proactively create a customised cleaning plan that fits your commercial cleaning requirements and ensures to do the best cleaning job for you. The best part is that they clean from top to bottom and your office will be cleaner, fresher and more sparkling than ever.  So, we have listed to you here what a pro cleaner never misses.

 Professional Vacuuming Tight Spaces

Vacuuming only the visible areas of the carpets is not good cleaning. A pro carpet cleaner will vacuum the carpet edges, unplug any furniture or machinery, and clean every inch of the space up and below using a vacuum hose and ensure to steer clear of any dirt, debris, cobweb, grime and crumbs. This way you can get your carpets cleaned to perfection.

Window Blinds

If your office has window blinds it is prone to attracting dust and grime. When it’s not cleaned or dusted regularly, you could see caked up layers of dust and grime, which could get your indoors congested and make people sick. So, a pro commercial cleaner will dust, remove dirt and grime, and refresh them like the AC vents to make people breathe fresh.

Office Kitchen Cabinets

Wiping down your office kitchen countertops or the tables is not enough for a superior clean. Keeping the refrigerator and food storage cabinets clean, and removing the frozen, expired foods from the cabinet are also helpful.  A pro commercial cleaner will clean, sanitise and remove the smell from the kitchen.

Office Furniture

When it comes to office cleaning, office furniture often gets overlooked.  Vacuuming the furniture is not enough to keep them clean. Hiring commercial cleaners can help clean, dust and use fabric deodorizers to refresh your upholstery and furniture & ensure it is clean & fresh.

If you’re looking for pro office cleaners to clean up your office, hire commercial cleaners from Sunshine Eco Cleaning. For office cleaning appointments, call 1300 356 397 today.