Cleaning Tips: Moving Out During This Lock down? Here’s Something You Should Take Note Of

Moving Out During This Lockdown? Here’s Something You Should Take Note Of

Moving out can be a tiresome process. Moreover, if you’re planning to move out during this lock down period, there are numerous things to consider. Unlike dealing with the mess, packing, shifting and more so, you’ll have other important things like cleaning i.e. end of lease cleaning . This would be a huge headache. However, you have lots of bond cleaning services to support your cause. Whether you’re doing the cleaning all by yourself or hiring a bond cleaning services in sunshine coast to clean your property, ensure to follow certain practices to move out safely to your new home and get your security deposit without any deductions. 

Discuss The Checklist

Before you plan to hire bond cleaners, make a list of areas to be cleaned and track all the overlooked areas and include them. You can discuss with the end of lease cleaning team and ensure they follow your checklist. If you have a carpets make sure its done by carpet cleaning professionals.


Whether it’s your first time or n’th moving out, before packing the items, make sure they are dusted and wiped with a disinfectant. Then, you can wrap them in the appropriate boxes. This way, while unpacking you don’t have to worry about contamination, and can arrange things faster in your new home.

Keep The Place Ready

Once, you have sorted with packing; prepare each room ready for cleaning. Like dusting, vacuuming and clearing out the messes will make the bond clean much easier. If you’re hiring bond cleaners, ensure they are properly dressed in gloves and masks. Professional bond cleaners in brisbane will abide by the COVID-19 risk practices and would certainly come prepared with safety measures, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Ensure The Pets & Children Are Safe

When professional bond cleaners enter your home, make your pets and children stay safe in one room while the cleaners do their job. Also, switch to different rooms once they finish the cleaning. Keep sanitisers at every sink to make the job easy for cleaners to wash their hands.

Inspect The Cleaning

Once the bond cleaners finish their job and move to the next, inspect the level of cleanliness and ensure they are properly sanitised.

Over To You

If you’re planning to move out at this lock down, and looking for a reliable bond cleaning services in sunshine coast company, hire our bond cleaners from Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services. For appointments, call 1300 356 397.