Prep Up Your Carpet before Your Carpet Cleaner Arrives

Is your carpet calling for help? If so, it’s best to call upon professional carpet cleaners Sunshine Coast to treat your carpets. No matter how much you dust, vacuum and polish your carpets, sometimes it’s best to call in carpet cleaners for a thorough & professional carpet cleaning. Over time your carpet endures tricky challenges like dust mites, bedbugs, pet fur, pet dander, and dust buildup can break your carpet’s look. So, hiring a professional carpet cleaning service can transform your carpet’s appeal.  While, you can leave the heavy cleaning work to the team, a little prep up before the team can make your carpet cleaning a great success.

Check with Your Cleaning Company

When hiring a carpet cleaning company, be sure to check with your carpet cleaning company the list of things you need to do before they arrive. Get their checklist of items to be done and do little things like furniture moving & ask how the placement of items in the room will affect the cleaning process.

Vacuum Clean

Though carpet cleaners handle all the cleaning steps, it would be best to vacuum your carpet and keep them ready for cleaning. It will help loosen up the fibres, clear out the debris and save more time.

Avoid Damage

When a carpet commercial cleaner comes to clean your carpet, it’s safe to tuck in all the fragile items to avoid any damage. You can move the furniture, fragile items, and mirrors to a safe place to avoid any damage during the cleaning process.

Dust from Top to Bottom

Before the team arrives, be sure to remove dust and cobwebs from the ceiling, tops of walls, lighting, or ceiling fans & you don’t want dust or cobwebs to ruin your carpet after a professional clean.

These cleanups can make your carpet cleaning schedule easier & saves your time. If you need help with professional carpet cleaning, call Sunshine Eco Cleaning on 1300 356 397 today.