Say Goodbye To Carpet Odours With These Effective Methods

A clean & refreshing home is all we love. A big turn-off for any house or office set up is bad or filthy odours. Odours cannot be masked by spraying air fresheners.  However, some linger for hours, days, weeks and years such as dirty carpets, dust smell, cigarette smoke and pet urine smell.  To maintain an odour-free home, one must invest in regular house cleaning and carpet cleaning services.  In today’s blog, let’s look at some effective methods to keep your carpets smelling good again.

Deep Cleaning the Fabrics

When bad smells are caught in carpets, curtains, and furniture upholstery, they seem to be present in the house longer than usual. Deep cleaning the carpets, curtains, cushions & furniture upholstery will remove the dirt, grime and odours.

Steam Cleaning the Carpets

Dirty carpets are another reason for the stuffy and smelly atmosphere. Some even smell like raw fish or dirty socks & it may become unbearable over time. Steam cleaning ensures to clean the carpets are at their best to remove the dirt, grime, and debris and refresh the fabric thoroughly. Steam cleaning is effective for carpets and curtains & all sorts of thick fabrics.

Fabric Deodorizers

Nowadays, fabric deodorizers are a happening pickup product to make your carpet, curtain, and cushion smell refreshing and pleasant. You can pick the fragrance you need and inject them into the carpet padding after the steam cleaning is done. The fragrance tends to last longer on clean fabrics. Some deodorizers can be applied directly onto the carpets using a spray bottle that makes the carpet smell fresh & sweet. Fabric deodorizers are a good pick for any draperies you have at home. To ensure you don’t stain your carpets, patch test the fabric.

If you want your house, carpets and office facilities to smell good & refreshing, hire carpet cleaners Brisbane  from Sunshine Eco Cleaning on 1300 356 397 today.