Three Places In Your Office Require Deep Clean Right Now – Find Out

Three Places In Your Office Require Deep Clean Right Now – Find Out

Cleaning, disinfect, sanitise are the words that have become a recital these days in every sector especially in offices due to this COVID-19 pandemic. Though you hire office cleaning services in sunshine coast to keep your office spic and span, there may be something that you might miss during the cleaning and we’re exactly going to tell you that.

Hard To Reach Areas

Normally, you would not even think to clean the places that are present in your office and are hard to reach. This might include the top surface of your air-con machines, vents, and ledges. With a professional office cleaning services, you can clean the cobwebs, dust, and sometimes even wipe off the dust smudges from the uppermost part of your walls. If you have tall cupboards or cabinets, insure to give them a gentle dusting and clean them with a microfiber cloth. By cleaning these forgotten places where harmful particles tend to join, you can prevent the dust from spreading all over. With professional office & carpet cleaning, you can sanitise and clean the deep corners of your office that are hotspots for germs.

Baseboards, Vents & Light Fixtures

Dust gets accumulated in places that you forget to dust or wipe. So, start dusting or wipe off the surfaces like walls, baseboards, AC vents, window blinds, and even light fixtures. Also, ensure to wipe all these surfaces with a mild cleaning solution to remove the stubborn dust particles easily. You can work from the top to down, so that dust can fall to the floor that can be easily vacuumed. By doing so, you can curb the trigger for allergies and sneezes.

Under The Furniture & Appliances

Have you ever cleaned the dust that lies under your office furniture? If the area is left unchecked for long, you could imagine the extent of dust and allergens that’s been accumulated. If you’re having a carpeted floor, you can use a high-powered vacuum cleaner to clean the dust and allergen particles. For floors without carpets, you can vacuum and mop thoroughly to polish the floor.

Bottom Line

Are you missing out of these areas in your office cleaning schedule? If so it’s time to add them on your list. If you’re planning to hire commercial cleaning services in sunshine coast, hire commercial cleaners sunshine coast from Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services. For bookings, call 1300 356 397.