Carpet Cleaners Sunshine CoastSunshine Eco Cleaning Services is the premier carpet cleaning company with decades of experience in all manner of carpet cleaning services. We are so confident of the quality of our services that we guarantee in your carpet clean. Our carpet cleaners are always at your doorstep to offer you with all kind of carpet cleaning services in sunshine coast. We are determined to provide exceptional carpet and upholstery cleaning services to the entire Sunshine Coast including major suburbs Kawana Waters, Buderim, Coolum, Nambour, Maroochydore & Caloundra. Our carpet cleaners always guarantee to provide exceptional results that are quick, affordable and to an exceedingly high standard.

Carpets aren’t just the only thing we specialize in, we also provide professional steam cleaning for tile and grout, rugs, mattresses and much more. We are the name to trust when in search of competent, honest and hardworking cleaning professionals in the field of carpet cleaning.

Our carpet cleaning services include dirt and dust removal, steam cleaning, stain removal, deodorizing & drying for your home, office or industrial needs.

Affordable Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast- Prices & Packages

No. of Rooms Carpet Cleaning Price
1 to 2 Rooms $75
3 Rooms $75
4 Rooms $95
5 $115
5+ +$15 per room

Why is carpet cleaning important for healthy home?

Ever wondered what stays inside your carpet? It looks clean but it is, in reality, a bundle of dirt and dust. There are hidden gems that can cause severe diseases. If you have pets and kids then it becomes more important to keep your home clean. Normally, it is advised to hire a carpet cleaner once a year. However, if you have big ones, you must do it twice. You must get your carpet cleaning services done because:

  • The bugs and germs can make your carpet home and stay for a longer period there. If they enter the body by any means, it can lead to lung infection, diarrhea etc. So, for everyone’s well-being, it is important that you can schedule professional and trained carpet cleaners with Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services.
  • When you clean the carpet with shampoo and apply a protective layer, you also increase the life of the carpet. Small money put in today will save you from the big investments in future. The carpet cleaning will enhance the aesthetic value of the room.
  • Any stains, mud or spots can be easily removed by our professional carpet cleaners. We have the right tools to do the job. Ask Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services today how we can help you with cheap carpet cleaning Sunshine Coast.
  • Proper cleaning takes away all the foul smell leaving only fresh air to breathe. Call today for the best commercial carpet cleaning in Sunshine Coast
  • Good air uplifts the mood as well and brings positivity in life. We can help you to live a good life by offering our best carpet cleaning.

For healthy homes and productive offices, you must always have clean carpets. Getting it done by professional carpet cleaners is the best way. Contact Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services to know more about cheap carpet cleaning services.

carpet cleaning sunshine coast

How our professional carpet cleaning in Sunshine Coast is different from other carpet cleaning companies?

Our professional carpet cleaners do the pre-vacuumed for you. Our all crews use a powerful industrial vacuum cleaner to suck inner dirt from the carpet layers. Deep-seated dirt is brought to the carpet’s surface because the high-speed rotary beater brush does help to remove it. Your carpet is also treated for stains using non-toxic spray products. Name all the stains that you can think of – from lipstick stain, tea, coffee, rust, red wine, paint, even chewing gum can take it off by professional carpet cleaners.

  • Our Experts move basic furniture without any extra charge
  • You have an option of dry or steam cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning products are free from toxic elements and safe on babies and pets.
  • You can go home with your carpet after just two hours (using a dry cleaning)
  • Deodorizing and mould treatments are free of charge
  • We provide all upholstery  cleaning Services

Why Choose Us?

  • Powerful Deep Cleaning

We clean deeper and keep carpets, rugs or upholstery cleaner for longer. Dirt, grime, and allergens are no match for Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services unique cleaning technology.

  • Safe & Non-Toxic

Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services is 100% pet and family friendly. We use only safe, green-certified cleaning solutions which use millions of tiny carbonated bubbles instead of harsh chemicals or detergents.

  • Faster Drying Times

Did you know too much water can promote mould, mildew and bacteria growth in carpets? Our process uses far less water which is not only healthier but dries in 1-2 hours instead of 1-2 days.

  • Services You Can Trust

Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services technicians arrive at your door in a marked vehicle, wearing a clean uniform, and with a friendly face. Each technician is highly trained and certified to deliver a wow look.

We have some special offers running for carpet and upholstery cleaning in Sunshine Coast. Call and ask the staff about special offerings especially for you.

How do we clean the carpet?

Carpet cleaning is done in two ways: steam and dry cleaning. We mainly use the steam carpet cleaning method. With the help of strong steam cleaning, stains are broken down. They are cleaned easily with shampoo and other special liquid to get rid of all germs and bugs.

After shampoo, we also deodorize the carpet. This will give you fresh air to breathe. Carpets absorb all kinds of smell, pests, kids, food, wine and what not. At times, no smell is a good smell!!

With the help of quality products and superior techniques, carpet cleaners Sunshine Coast, Queensland can remove the stubborn stains in just a few minutes. Tea, coffee, wine or any old stain can be removed 100% without damaging the carpet.

Above all, all materials and techniques used are environment-friendly. There is no negative effect on pets or kids.

With Sunshine Eco Cleaning services, you can rest assured that there will be zero damage to your carpet. We use biodegradable and Eco-friendly solutions. The machines used by our carpet cleaning experts in Sunshine Coast are the latest and the most powerful in the market. Using the best tools and solutions along with our eye-to-detail and expertise, you will get the best at minimum time and cost.

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What do we offer along with our carpet cleaning services at Sunshine Coast?

When you hire Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services, you not only get one-time cleaning, you also get many more hidden benefits which others don’t give.

  • After Service Guarantee: We want the customers to be 100% satisfied. So, for any work we do we give completely free after service if you have any dissatisfaction with the services.
  • Extra Services: You need not do any preparation. Our staff is trained in moving all furniture and putting back in place.
  • Reliable and Timely: We value yours and our time. The experts will always be on time for the booking. They are always fully equipped to undertake all kinds of cleaning tasks. This has made us one of the best and most sought carpet cleanings in Sunshine Coast, Australia.
  • Multiple payment options: You have multiple payment options to pick from. Make a bank transfer, pay in cash or use your debit/credit card. Also, you pay only after the work is done. We will give you a quote at the beginning. The price remains the same after work as well. We won’t surprise you with ad-hoc or hidden charges at the end.
  • Safety: All employees at Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services are checked for police records. You are safe in presence of our employees. They are friendly and gentle towards pets and kids.
  • Free Deodorising: With each carpet cleaning, you get the complimentary deodorizing solution. With this, we want to ensure that you not only feel clean but breathe clean too.
  • Environment-Friendly Products: You can be happy that with carpet cleaning you are not going to harm the environment anymore. All products are safe for you and your surroundings.
  • Easy Bookings: To book your carpet cleaning, all you need is to pick your phone and give us a call. It is that simple. From there, our team will handle all your queries promptly and effectively.

Do it your self vs professional carpet cleaning

It is the era of internet where you have access to hundreds of Do-It-Yourself projects. Everyone claims that all work can be done by anyone and no professional expertise is required.

But wait before you do that with your CARPET!!

Are you aware that you loose on your carpet warranty if you do not get the carpet cleaned professionally once a year? This is because no matter how you clean or vacuums the carpet. We are doing this for over 12 years now. Our team cleans on an average five carpets each day. They know which areas need more attention. So, don’t try and lose your warranty on the expensive carpet.

Agree with us, that cleaning the carpet is tiring. You work hard five days a week. Why bother with cleaning on weekends. Leave it to us and you can enjoy your weekends doing what is important to you. And still get the clean home and office. Sounds good yeah!!

Another reason why you should not try this yourself is that you can mess it up. If solutions and tools not used properly can do permanent damage to the carpet. So, while trying to save few bucks you can actually end up investing a lot more.

The last and most important reason for avoiding carpet cleaning is COST. Yes, when you rent equipment and stuff for carpet cleaning you are actually paying out a lot more than hiring us. So, think wise and call us for all carpet cleaning needs.

Carpet Cleaning Pricing

Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services provides you with the lowest Sunshine Coast carpet cleaning prices. For one or two rooms, it starts with as low as $65. For more than five rooms, it is as low as $115+$15 for each room after five. You can just give a call, and ask the experts for final quotes depending on the service you need. If you find any other provider cheaper than us, we pay you the difference.

At Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services, we strive to give you the best services at the lowest price. In today’s world, when the price of everything is touching the sky, you must be wondering why are we so cheap. There is a secret behind this. And we are happy to share this with you.

Firstly, we are a family run business and doing this for more than 12 years. This saves us from any unnecessary expenses and overheads. We work on economies of scale. With a large client base, we are able to generate enough funds even by keeping the profit margins low. Our supplies are sourced from the manufacturers directly. As we pay nothing to the middleman, it makes things cost effective for us. And we simply pass this on to you. Now, you must be sure that though you are paying lot less you still get the premium carpet cleaning services.

Carpet cleaning Caloundra
Complete Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast

When we say carpet cleaning, it is not only steam cleaning. It is rather a step by step process that starts with taking out any dirt to drying the carpet for immediate use.

When you hire Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services to clean your carpet, you will get:

  • Dirt and dust removal
  • Steam cleaning
  • Stain removal
  • Deodorising
  • Drying

So, after the cleaning, there is no waiting time. You can use the carpet immediately after cleaning.

Home & Bond Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast

It is very much advisable to get the carpets cleaned twice a year, Spring and Fall. Home is the place where kids play on the carpet and pets run around. The carpet bears so much, dirt, dust, food, drinks and what not. So, keeping it clean is a good idea. It will increase the life of the carpet, retain its guarantee and give you healthy living.

But doing it yourself won’t be that effective. You will need experts with the right tools and knowledge to do this. We can give a clean and fresh home at a very little cost. And for our regular customers, we give extra benefits as well.

End of lease or bond cleaning is very crucial. Your bond money depends on how you give the property back. Unclean and stained carpets can cost you a lot. And while you are still packing and moving your belongings, cleaning is surely not your topmost priority. So, just leave it to us. We guarantee you will get your money back. Remember us for all your house cleaning needs including carpet & window cleaning.

Office Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast

The office usually has more footprints and the best way of cleaning carpets is hiring a company for carpet steam cleaning in Sunshine Coast. So, it is prone to get more dirt and germs. Carpets are home to various bugs. If not kept clean, it can cause infections. Office cleaning is very important to ensure:

  • The healthy work environment for everyone
  • Clean air
  • More productivity and less absenteeism

You must not worry about disturbance to your business. Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services provide 24X7 carpet cleaning services in all Sunshine Coast Regions. So, you can book us for the time when your office is closed. And even if there is no such time, then we will ensure minimum disturbance and noise. All this is for you to get clean workplace at minimum cost. We deodorize the carpets as well. So any food or drinks smell will go away.

Call our hotline number now and book the appointment today.

Emergency Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast

DCarpet Cleaning Services Sunshine Coasto you have an unexpected guest? Or maybe in the rush of moving out, you simply forgot about carpet cleaning, no matter what the reason is, you can still get your carpet cleaned on the same day. Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services understand the urgency and we are happy to assist you. We can get the work done in less than four hours. There is no extra cost for urgent services. You will get the same quality and perfection at the standard rates.

So, leave any regrets and just call us. We will be very happy to help you in making your office and home a cleaner place.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Contract Sunshine Coast

As we said earlier, we have special offers for regular customers. If you like our services, then check for the annual contract to do your office and business carpet cleaning. You can get the carpet cleaned twice a year for home and each quarter for office. The rates will be much lower than one-time cleaning.

Also, we will keep a record of your cleaning. Our agents will contact you whenever your cleaning is due to book a suitable appointment.

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