5 Best Carpet Cleaning Secrets From Pros

Carpets are a preferred flooring option when it comes to protecting hardwood floors. Besides protection, they are installed because of their warmth and softness. However, to maintain its appeal and freshness, regular upkeep and carpet cleaning are required. Professional deep cleaning and frequent vacuuming are all that ’s needed to keep your carpets smile with a shine. And if you’re DIY cleaner and want pro-tips to keep your carpets look good for years, we have a secret. Carpets often become the victims of spills, pet stains, odours and splashes, and other messy stains. To learn how carpet cleaning brisbane professionals deal with these, read the proven-tips from pros.

Blot It Dry

When a stain occurs, do not rub them immediately. Pour some cleaning solution and gently dab the stains to loosen up. Then blot it dry using a clean cloth. Blotting helps to remove the stains perfectly without messing around. But what you should do is, blot from the out to the inward, so that you can easily remove the stains from the carpet.

Club Soda

Wine & beer stains are inevitable and leaves a stain on the carpet. And, club soda works wonders on the carpet and removes the stain without leaving any residue. Pour some club soda on a clean cloth and blot it dry or else you can try white vinegar and water mix to vanish the stains.

Shaving Cream

Did you know? Simple ordinary shaving cream can remove just about every stain. Apply the cream onto the stain directly and let it dry for about 30 minutes. Then finish it off by pouring a mix of water and vinegar and blot it dry with a clean cloth.

Ice Cubes

Annoyed of gum stains? Well, the solution is in your freezer itself. Take some ice cubes and press the gum for about 2-3 minutes. This will harden the gum and later you can cut the gum by using scissors without affecting the carpet strands. So, the spot will be undetectable with no sticky mess.

Iron Box

Candle wax drips on your carpet? Well, put a white cloth on the wax stain and place an iron box in ‘no steam’ mode. Then switch it on and allow the wax to melt and then use a butter knife to scrape off the wax from the carpet.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Bloodstains don’t happen all the time. However, if you are suffering a blade cut or paper cut and happen to shed some blood onto the carpet, doesn’t mean that it ’s is permanently stained. You can use hydrogen peroxide to remove the bloodstains without leaving any stain marks.

Bottom Line

The best way to keep the carpeting look fresh to vacuum them regularly and if you want a professional deep cleaning service, you can hire carpet cleaners brisbane from Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services. For appointments, call 1300 356 397.