Cleanliness at the workplace is very vital. A clean and neat environment motivates employees to work harder, therefore, increasing productivity; clean surfaces creates a serene atmosphere that is key to productivity whereas a cluttered environment creates chaos which reduced one’s ability to focus and process information.

It is, therefore, necessary to seek professional help from commercial cleaning adelaide services. They are trained and equipped well enough to deal with different types of stains. However, before hiring these services, there are five crucial factors you need to consider. They include:

They Should be Trustworthy

Do a background check on the company’s reputation. Can they be trusted? The company should emphasize on values and integrity. You do not want to hire a company that will have you worried about the safety and security of the office equipment.


The company and its staff should display professionalism at all time. The office cleaning adelaide company should fully be equipped and be able to clean all the surfaces with no supervision required.


The company should be flexible enough to work with your time. Most offices prefer cleaning to take place after working hours when everyone has left the office. This helps to prevent accidents caused as a result of slippery floors. It also allows the office surfaces time to dry before the employees get back; this makes the surfaces remain clean for longer.

Ask for References

Inquire about which other companies the cleaning services have worked for. Contact these companies directly and get their reviews regarding the cleaning company. Did the other companies enjoy the services they offered? Would they recommend the cleaning company? This question will help you determine if you should hire the company or not.

Liability Insurance

Accidents in the office are not common, but when they do happen, they can be costly. That is why you need to find out if the office cleaners adelaide company has covered its’ staff against accidents in the office. Your office should not be held responsible for the unfortunate event that an accident occurs. Also, make sure that the company is licensed to operate because only licensed companies have insurance.