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Office Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Window Cleaning Magill

cleaning services magillYour busy schedule doesn’t leave time to do tiresome chores like dusting, mopping and cleaning. This is why Sunshine Eco Cleaning offers the highest-quality cleaning services to commercial and residential clients in Magill and nearby suburbs. Our crew members are trained in all cleaning services (commercial cleaning, apartment cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, hospitality cleaning, restaurant cleaning & industrial cleaning) ensuring that your property will be left sparkling at an affordable cost.

What Do We do?

Apartment Cleaning Magill:

A clean & well-organised home can reduce your stress and enhance the quality of life. Our apartment cleaners provide a full suite of apartment cleaning services for your convenience. From cleaning windows and vacuuming furniture to spring and end-of-lease cleaning, we manage everything and make your life easy.

  • One time clean-up
  • Move-ins/ move outs
  • Spring clean up
  • Maintenance contracts
  • End of lease cleaning

Office & Commercial Cleaning Magill

Whether you are a small business or a large group of companies, we can provide commercial cleaning solutions with a quick turnaround time. Our office cleaners cater for the demanding of our clients and offer bespoke services that are affordable and eco-friendly. We are highly versatile in what we do and work for businesses of any size. Our commercial & office cleaning services include

  • General cleaning service
  • Vacuum carpets & floor mats
  • Clean & disinfect restrooms
  • Ceiling & floors
  • Work areas
  • Exterior, entrance & reception area
  • Daily & weekly routine clean up
  • Maintenance contract

Window Cleaning Magill:

Whether you want the windows to be cleaned at home or in your office, you can rely on our window cleaners for professional service. When you choose us for window cleaning, you will not have to deal with stained windows personally. We use appropriate cleaning techniques to remove water stains and mineral deposits quickly and safely.

Carpet Cleaning Magill:

Carpet cleaning is extremely crucial to keep them fresh as well as to improve the quality of air inside the house or office. We use harmless cleaning products that not just leave your carpet spotless but also ensure the safety of the occupants. Our carpet cleaners have the ability to restore the natural texture and appearance of your rugs and also help with extending their lifetime.

No matter how messy your home or office is, we can manage everything and provide the best cleaning services. For appointments or a free estimate, call us now at 1300 356 397.

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