How Long Does It Take for Carpet to Dry After Cleaning?

Damp carpets smell weird even after being thoroughly cleaned. Carpet Cleaners can also compromise on the quality of wooden floors. On average, carpets take anywhere between two to six hours to dry. But the time required for a carpet to dry is not written in stone. There are a few factors that dictate how fast your carpet will dry after cleaning.

The Carpet

What makes up the carpet determines the time the carpet takes to dry. As an example, woollen carpets take a relatively long time to dry compared to carpets made of synthetic fibres. Another factor concerning the carpet is its size. Large and thick carpets might be comfy, but they take considerably longer to dry relative to tiny carpets.

The Weather

An obvious factor is a weather, with the high temperatures experienced during sunny days accelerating the drying process of your carpet. And it’s not just the temperature that you should look out for, with the humidity levels also being a determinant of how fast your carpet will dry.

The Building

Your home also dictates how long your carpet will be wet. Carpets in homes with limited ventilation take longer to dry than those in homes that are well ventilated. A pro-tip that should help hasten the drying is activating your home’s AC system so that air has low moisture levels.

The Use of an Experienced Cleaner

Granted, you can prefer doing the Carpet Cleaning Services Sunshine Coast with us. After all, it’s not rocket science. But the downside with this is that you could end up unnecessarily soaking your carpet and have your carpet take longer than expected to dry. A professional carpet cleaners adelaide should know what cleaning method works best for your carpet.

This is why you should contact us for professional carpet cleaning services. Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services carpet cleaners are experienced in carpet cleaning and will come up with the carpet cleaning method best suited for your carpet.