Commercial Carpets – How Often should it be Cleaned?

Carpets can easily hide lots of dirt without showing on the outside, and due to this, you will have to clean your office carpets regularly. In general, it’s recommended that you hire an commercial cleaning brisbane company at least once every six months. That will assist you in avoiding an accumulation of dirt, dust or mildew that might lead to health complications. Besides, if you leave your carpet to pile up lots of dirt, it might develop some permanent dents that might deteriorate it fast even after getting cleaned.

Factors that determine how regularly you should clean your office carpet

The type of service needed

There are carpet cleaning brisbane that provide several services for your office carpet. As a result, the kind of service you require will determine how frequently you will need to clean your carpet. The major services offered are vacuuming, thorough cleaning and shampooing. These services provide you with different results since they utilize different methodologies altogether.

The kind of carpet you have

The style and color of your office carpet will also determine how regularly you should clean your carpet. Typically, light carpets tend to hide more dirt than heavy and thick carpets, which means they’ll need more regular cleaning than one time every year.

Number of clients

An office that has lots of customers that regularly walk on the carpet will require a commercial cleaning service at least once each month to maintain a clean working environment and the condition of the carpet. However, excessive cleaning might gradually wear your carpet, so if the carpet can look great for a longer period, then you should only stick to once a year cleaning.


Regularly cleaning your office cleaning brisbane carpets will significantly benefit your organization in a big way. The general appearance of the office carpet will be visible, and in the same way, it’ll maintain its quality and condition. The cleaning will also enhance the morale of your employees and give out a great public image. More clients will flock the office since it’s clean and offers a fresh environment. Therefore, having a professional cleaning service to clean your office carpet regularly will significantly reduce diseases and improve the level of your productivity by keeping your workers in good health.