Importance Of Cleaning High-Touch Areas In Your Office

When hiring office cleaning sunshine coast services, they clean every area of the office and ensure a 100% cleanliness. However, some times, some high-touch areas get missed during the cleaning and have already become the hotspot of germs and bacteria. Anyone who visits your office or your employees gets into contact with needs your attention and these areas get contaminated easily. So, while preparing the office cleaning checklist, you must include these areas to ensure a germ-free office. These high-traffic areas are prone to bacteria and viruses that can be easily spread to you and your office employees in a short time and must be sanitised regularly.

High-traffic areas in the office are almost inevitable. However, these areas in the office should be cleaned and sanitised thoroughly.


This is one of the most touched areas in your office where people who come in and go out frequently use door handles to open and close. Sweat, fingerprints, dirt, get settled on the door daily, and when hands come in contact with the door, infections are possible. Whether it’s for a dark coloured door or light coloured door, doors should regularly be sanitised and there is not much cleaning that is required.

Mouse & Keyboard

Sometimes, a lack of knowledge about where germs occur could be the reason for infections. That being said, your computer hardware components like mouse and keyboard are a great contaminator of germs. So, use a keyboard cleaner or a sanitiser to clean them gently after you shut them down. This way you can kill the microbial contaminants from them and prevent you from allergies.

Telephone & Mobile Phones

Are you aware of how contaminated your landline phones are? Yes. Nearly 94.5% of the phones are contaminated with bacteria and can easily get through you. It is why you must use a sanitised microfiber cloth to wipe them off every time you use them. This way, you can prevent the spread of microbial organisms and can stay away from infections and allergies.

Bottom Line

If you want your employees to be healthy, these infection control procedures like hand hygiene, environmental disinfection, and disinfection on high-touch points are highly essential.

Over To You

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