Learn these Simple and Easy Carpet Cleaning Hacks – Explore Now!

Maintaining a clean carpet is not always easy. Accidents may happen in the way of food spills, wine and coffee spills, pet stains, and of course frequent foot traffic, cause the carpet to look shabby and dull. At times, you need to be quick and have some handy solutions to save your carpet. Also, attending instantly to these spills would save from carpet from deep and hard stains. Want to know what can be used to make your carpet cleaning brisbane services better, explore now.

Use Wet Cloth

Always use a wet cloth soaked in a mild or foam-based cleaner on the stain. It will loosen up the stains, and absorb the moisture, apply some pressure to soak up the stain rather smudging or spreading it all over. Smudging or rubbing only helps in deepening the stains, which will further affect the carpet fibres and make the stains hard to remove. Always, remember, not to smudge but absorb the stains.

White Vinegar and Lemon Mix

Pet urine on your carpet can be annoying. It leaves bad odours fill the space in no time if you had kept it dry. You need to perform a prompt action by keeping a paper towel or tissue and pour a spoonful of white vinegar with lemon onto the affected area, let it sit for some minutes. Lemon and vinegar will chase away the odour and remove any stain.

Detergent and Warm Water

In some cases, you may have to deal with bloodstains. You can get rid of the stains in no time by using hot water and detergent mix. Pour the solution on the stain, and use a paper cloth to absorb the stains. Lemon and vinegar are natural stain removing agents; it removes any tough stains and has been used in many cleaning solutions.

However, if you expect a thorough and spotless clean look, hiring a professional carpet cleaning sunshine coast service would be helpful.