Professional Carpet Cleaning and its Importance

A carpet whether at home or in the office transforms your space instantly into a more luxurious and sophisticated one. Unfortunately, despite the beauty it affords your office, the lengths you have to go to, to make sure that your carpet is always clean, can make you reconsider your decision to invest in one. You will have to deal with odours and stains, which could be stubborn and render your once glamorous accessory into an unsightly mess. The Australia Standard for carpet cleaning recommends professional Carpet cleaning Sunshine Coast annually. Some of the most common methods professionals use are:

Steam cleaning

Most carpet manufacturers recommend steam cleaning hence many professional cleaners use it. Steam cleaning is a process involving:

• Vacuuming the carpet to eliminate as much dirt as possible.

• Spraying a chemical solution and letting it stay on the carpet to help with the tough stains.

• Using a high-pressure jet hose to spray water into the carpet

• Using a vacuum to remove the water from the carpet

Steam cleaning is an effective method in ridding the carpet of tough stains and extending its lifespan.

Dry cleaning

This method is not as intensive as the steam cleaning hence its other name, surface cleaning. It is more of a maintenance process that targets stains and uses less water.

Bonnet cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is a type of dry cleaning which is very common since it does not command the use of heavy equipment such as those used in steam cleaning. It involves:

• Vacuuming to remove excess dirt

• Application of cleaning agent to the cleaning pad or bonnet.

• Rubbing the cleaning pad on the carpet to transfer dirt from the carpet into the pad

• Vacuuming the carpet

With these methods, a business can choose the one they prefer. Regardless of the method selected, ensuring that a professional carpet cleaners Sydney  does the work is essential to avoid ruining your carpets. Therefore, engage Sunshine Eco Cleaning Service for all your carpet cleaning services. We use environment-friendly cleaning detergents and are flexible enough to work at your convenience. Contact us today on 1300 356 397 to book your appointment.

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