Remove Ice Cream Stains from your Carpet

From time to time, some ice or other related stains will usually drop on your carpets. These stains may significantly alter the appearances of your carpets for the worse. That is why you want to know how to get rid of them. You still face the problems in cleaning your carpets with Ice cream stains, then hire the experienced carpet cleaners Adelaide company for all your carpet cleaning needs!


Tools and Materials Required

  • Clean white cloth
  • Liquid hand dishwashing detergent
  • Warm water
  • Cold water
  • Ammonia

Step-by-Step Procedures

Step I: Prepare the carpet cleaning solution

Kick off the exercise by preparing the cleaning solution. Mix one tablespoon of the liquid handwashing detergent with some two cups of warm water. Stir thoroughly to mix completely.

Step II: Apply the cleaner onto a fabric

Apply this carpet cleaner onto the clean white cloth. Proceed to sponge the stain with the liquid handwashing detergent solution. Maintain contact with the stain for some time to allow for maximum impact and exposure.

Step III: Blot the cloth thoroughly

Blot the cloth until all the liquid is completely absorbed. Then, repeat the two procedures above until all the stains disappear or are no longer absorbable into the cloth.

Step V: Remove the residual stains

Chances are that at this stage, some stains will still be left behind. These are called residual stains. Get rid of them too. This time around, use the ammonia rather than the liquid handwashing detergent. Mix one tablespoon of the ammonia with some two cups of warm water to prepare the detergent.

Step VI: Blot until the liquid is absorbed

Yet again, you are to blot the stain until all of it is absorbed by the cloth. Finish off by rinsing the affected area with some cold water. Thereafter, place the carpet out in the open to dry it.

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