Why Your Area Rugs and Carpets Require Different Cleaning Methods and Techniques

When it comes to rug and carpet cleaning, many homeowners get it wrong! They clean both floor covers in the same manner. How do you clean your carpet and rugs? Do you use the same cleaning method for both covers? Or do you simply let professional carpet cleaners sunshine coast handle them?

Rugs and carpets should be cleaned differently because both surface covers are different in terms of construction. Cleaning both, using the same methods or techniques can result in damage to the former or the latter.

1. Construction

Rugs and carpets are made differently. The former are meant to be mobile, whereas the latter are designed to stay put. These two types of floor covers have their own construction process. Thus, each require their own, unique cleaning style and care.

2. Fringe

Rugs have fringe(the border edge that features loose, hanging tassels for decorative purposes), whereas carpets do not. This edge is so fragile that it can be easily damaged with a simple vacuum cleaning process. Therefore, rugs require special treatment so as not to destroy the fringe.

3. Dirt and Soil Removal

Rugs are also constructed with a more dense pile compared to carpets. Their individual fibers are closer together than are those on traditional carpets. As a result, soil and dirt tends to get stuck near the base of the material where a vacuum cleaner cannot easily reach. The best way to effecively remove trapped dirt and soil from your rugs is to call a professional services. There are plenty of carpet cleaning services that also specialize in rug care.

4. Color Bleeding

Unlike most standard carpets, which feature single colors and fairly simple patterns, the majority of ordinary area rugs feature multiple colors and complex patterns. That means if color bleeding occurs during cleaning, a rug can sustain more damage compared to a carpet.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, area rugs and carpets each require different cleaning methods and techniques. Without knowledge of some of these methods, it is easy to destroy your floor cover while attempting to care for it. To be on the safe side, it is better to call a carpet cleaning sunshine coast you trust. Many reliable carpet cleaning services out there also speciailize in area rugs beside carpets.

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