How Often Should Commercial Carpets Be Cleaned?

Carpets are essential accessories even in the commercial sector. They add beauty and elegance to an office. Installing a carpet in an office isn’t usually the most difficult task. The hardest part comes in ensuring the commercial carpet is always clean. Most commercial establishments have a busy schedule. It is therefore normal for people to forget about having their carpets cleaned.

Nonetheless, commercial carpets are more prone to becoming stained and dirty because of the regular movements done in an office setting. This leads to the question: How often should commercial carpets be cleaned? At Sunshine Eco Cleaning, we are a leading carpet cleaning company and are more than glad to professionally get rid of stains, and dirt from your carpets.

How Often Do You Require Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services?

Over the years that we have been conducting commercial carpet cleaning sunshine coast, we have discovered that carpets require professional commercial cleaning every year. This, however, only applies to residential areas. For commercial establishments, carpets need to be professionally cleaned after every six months.

The reason behind this is because the commercial sectors are high traffic areas. Meaning that these offices are visited by a lot of people. And, this contributes to the accumulation of dust and dirt in the carpets.

To know how frequent, you need commercial carpet cleaning, you should ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do you get a lot of visitors?

2. Does your carpet have bright colours?

3. Are shoes worn indoors?

4. Is the carpet located in high-traffic areas?

5. Do some of the employees have allergies? From the above questions, if most of your answers are yes, then you need to have your commercial carpet cleaned as frequently as possible. At Sunshine Eco Cleaning, we can conduct professional carpet cleaning for your company or business. Reach out to us so that we can schedule when to clean your carpet. Also, make a habit of vacuuming the carpets regularly to ensure it remains clean.