Team or Zone – Which is Better for Commercial Cleaning in Brisbane?

New technologies and innovative solutions grow each year, forcing many businesses to learn to become efficient. Commercial cleaning companies have continually become watchful of not only how they offer their cleaning services, but also how they perform the task.

Today, the industry is high tech: Commercial cleaners Brisbane no longer use traditional mops and buckets, but new technological devices. Another significant change is the shift from Zone cleaning to Team cleaning. How do the office cleaning methods differ, and which is better for your business?

Team Cleaning Vs. Zone Cleaning

With zone cleaning, every janitor is responsible for cleaning works, ranging from office cleaning to the restrooms, in a specific area, usually an entire floor. Thus, they’ll be equipped with every necessary equipment and cleaning product to perform the task.

The downside of zone cleaning is that most office cleaners tend to perform tasks at their own pace. Mostly those who clean their realms faster are asked to assist those still working. That raises conflict. Additionally, differences in cleaning methods make it difficult to maintain a consistent level of productivity standard.

Team Cleaning: Why it is Better for Business

In team cleaning, a team of employees, working as a unit, clean a specific space with each one responsible for a task: vacuuming, light-duty jobs, projects work, among others. As a result, a job is completed on time and meets a high standard.

With such specialism, each staff is responsible for a certain task; they master the job while their sense of accountability shoots. That eliminates the need for additional equipment and labour making it easy to maintain the existing ones.