Tips for Getting the Best from Your Office Cleaners

We desire a clean and neat office for us to be fully productive at work. Below are a few tips on how to get the best from your office cleaning services Sunshine Coast.

1. Create a schedule

Ensure that all the cleaners know what you expect from the entire cleaning task. Make a list of all the places and things you want to be cleaned and how often you want it done. Make copies of the list and give them to the office cleaning company or the cleaner in charge.

2. Ask your employee to clear their desks

It’s much easier for office cleaners to do their job when no files are lying around in the office. When files are locked away, it ensures that important documents do not fall into unauthorized hands.

3. Begin recycling

Not only will always this save the environment but keep your office tidy. Have bins for specific items such as plastics, paper and sensitive documents for shredding. This will save you money when commercial cleaning Sydney companies deal with the already sorted waste material.

4. Avoid piling up dirty kitchen utensils

Do not wait until the cleaner comes to do the dishes. Clean your coffee mug or plate after use. The cleaner’s job will mostly be cleaning the entire kitchen instead of the utensils.

5. Read and understand your contract

Ensure that what you and your commercial cleaning services company discuss is put down in writing.

6. Choose the right time for cleaning to take place

It is much better when cleaning is done when no one is in the office. Put away all sensitive documents before cleaning begins.

7. Be realistic

Deep cleaning cannot take place every week no matter how much you want the place to be spotless. Come up with a regular cleaning schedule where different rooms are cleaned at different times.

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