Tips to Maintain and Protect Your Commercial Carpet

Floors are usually the largest areas in any commercial building. Unfortunately, commercial carpets are vulnerable to accumulating a lot of dirt within a short duration due to the considerable amount of foot traffic they are exposed to. Your employees and customers can easily notice dirty carpets. Keeping commercial carpeting clean may appear to be a difficult task, but it is worth it. Commercial Cleaning Sunshine Coast professionals help to clean carpets can help to keep your office free from allergens, and this will reduce respiratory infections. It will also help you to portray a positive impression to your employees, clients, and visitors. You can maintain and protect your commercial carpet in the following ways.

Set Up a Regular Carpet Cleaning Routine

If commercial carpeting is not cleaned regularly, it will hide stains and dirt. Although the carpet may not look dirty on the outside, it may harbor different kinds of germs and bacteria beneath. Such dirt can end up causing wear and tear to the carpet. To clean the carpet thoroughly, you should work with a company that provides professional carpet cleaning Sunshine Coast services. Regular deep cleaning can eliminate hidden grime and ensure a clean appearance. It can also help extend the lifespan of the carpet. Therefore, you will avoid costly replacement or repairs.

Use Protective Mats

Using protective mats is an excellent way to protect commercial carpeting and keep it clean. You can place protective mats by the doorway, especially during the winter season to prevent salt and snow from getting to the carpet. Floor mats will also protect the surface from wear and abrasion. The other protective mats that you can use are the scraper mats. These mats will protect your carpeting from dirt since anyone entering your office will use them to scrape their shoes before making their way inside. You can also use extraction mats, which will absorb any dirt or moisture that remains when one rubs his or her shoes on the scraper mat.

Put Up a Sign Requesting People to Wipe their Feet

Although this may sound like common sense, it is always good to remind the people entering your office to wipe their feet. Such a sign will also emphasize the need to keep the office clean.

Use Chair and Desk Mats

Although these mats are usually used to prevent heavy furniture marks and tracks from damaging the carpet fibers, they can also help protect your carpeting from getting stains. You can place these mats under the desks that your employees frequently eat or drink at.

Encourage Appropriate Spot Cleaning

Use the bottling method to remove the most common stains from carpets such as a soda or coffee spill. Blot up the liquid with a dry, clean cloth. After that, use a cleaning solution recommended for the specific carpet to get rid of the rest of the stain. Professional carpet cleaners sunshine coast can assist you to remove stains from your carpets. They know the most suitable products and equipment for removing different stains while taking care not to damage the carpet.