Tips To Remove Powder Make Up From Your Carpet

Carpet is a beautiful embellishment that adds elegance to your home. Unfortunately, it is prone to food and beverage spills. Things like coffee, wine, pet urine, cakes, muffin crumbs, powered makeup take a toll on your carpet and cause it to look shabby and dull. Even when you are super cautious, these kinds of spills are inevitable. Here in this blog, we are going to tell you how to remove the powdered makeup spill from your carpet. Simply, you can hire a professional carpet cleaning brisbane company for all your carpet cleaning needs!

Dropping your cheek blush powder or your eye shadow will reach your carpet in seconds and could damage your carpet. Though these accidents are unexpected, you need to attend to these stains as soon as possible to clear them. If you did not succeed, then take the help of professional carpet cleaners brisbane to help you out. Below are some of the tricks you can use while you are engaged in carpet cleaning:

  • Just like other spills, if your make up powder stays too long on your carpet, it will be harder to remove. Therefore, taking prompt action will help you clear the stain easily. When you take much time to attend to these makeup stains, these powder will get deep into your carpet fibers and make it look shabby and harder to remove.
  • Vacuum the carpet to eliminate all the powder through gentle suction. Through vacuuming, you can clear all the powder, but to remove carpet stains, you can wring out a cloth or sponge that is sunk in mild soapy water and gently and ensure you do not over-saturate your carpet.
  • If you have makeup remover, spill some drops on the stain and gently wipe them off with a wet cloth, ensure you do not damage the fibers or spread the stains. You need to check this to ensure it does not discolour the carpet.

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