Top 5 Carpet Stains and How to Remove Them

You probably take precautions to prevent carpet stains that can compromise its attractive appearance. However, an accident can occur in an instant and blood, wine or other substances can spill on the carpet. You can remove carpet stains in many ways, but it is vital to learn the tried-and-true carpet cleaning techniques of removing the stains that can present you with a larger challenge if you do not treat them with proper care. You can simply hire the best carpet cleaning Adelaide company for all your carpet cleaning needs! The following are tips for removing the top 5 carpet stains.

Pet stains

To remove a pet stain, begin by cleaning up the initial mess. Wear gloves and pick up any debris, and then throw it away. If the carpet is wet, blot the affected area to soak up the moisture without rubbing or smearing. Blot the affected area several times until the carpet feels almost dry when you touch it and the stain is removed. If the stain has dried on the fibers of the carpet already, treat it by moistening it. After that, apply a cleaning product formulated specifically for removing pet stains. Urine stains are difficult to remove. You should soak up such stains using a cotton cloth as soon as you notice them. Apply pressure into the stain to absorb most of the urine from the carpet. After that, make a mixture of water and vinegar at a ratio of 1:1 and apply it on the urine stain. Scrub the stain gently to remove it. Use a clean cloth to blot the solution by pressing firmly into the stain. Vacuum the area once the carpet dries.

Coffee stains

Removing coffee stains promptly is critical. You should use an absorbent cloth to blot up much of the coffee stain. Avoid rubbing the stain. The next step is testing the carpet by applying the cleaner or solution in an inconspicuous area. You can use two cups of water and two teaspoons of dish-washing liquid to make the cleaning solution. Use a clean cloth to dab the solution onto the stain and then spray clear water on it. Blot the stain and keep repeating the process until the stain lightens.

Red wine stains

You can use paper towels or a soft absorbent cloth to soak up the spillage. After removing most of the wine, make a solution that comprises 2/3 cup of water and 1/3 cup of white vinegar. Dab the solution carefully into the stain and use a clean cloth to blot it and soak up any excess wine. After that, blot the remaining stain with a mild dish-washing detergent. Spray some water on the area to rinse the detergent and then use a dry clean cloth to dry the carpet. You can also brush the carpet or blow dry air on it so it will not flatten when it dries.

Chewing gum stains

Chewing gum can be difficult to remove if it stays on the carpet for an extended period. You can remove it by putting some ice cubes into a plastic bag and placing it directly onto the chewing gum stain. The ice cubes will harden the chewing gum and make it easier to eliminate. You may also use a scraping tool to remove any excess gum.

Blood stains

Treating blood stains promptly is crucial. As you treat blood stains, use cold water rather than warm water because heat causes blood to coagulate. Cold water prevents blood from permeating in the fibers of the carpet. You can use salt to lift blood stains from carpeting because it breaks down the proteins in blood, making it easier to remove them. Mix water and salt to create a thick paste. Use the paste to cover the stain and let it dry for about an hour. Then use a clean cloth to blot the stain and eliminate the salt residue that may remain in the carpet. Vacuum the carpet after it has dried.

You may face problems removing these stains. In such a case, you can contact a company that offers carpet cleaning services like Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services to assist you in removing them. Expert carpet cleaners adelaide have undergone training in the science involved in eliminating stains and therefore know the best methods to use while protecting the carpets from damage at the same time.