Why Should You Sanitise Your Carpets?

Well, sometimes, carpets in your home may be the reason for your sickness. Not only carpets, your bed, linen, sofa can cause sickness too; these are prone to attract a lot of germs and bacteria under their delicate fibers. Even it appears to be clean, bacteria and allergens that lie underneath can cause sickness to your furry friends and children. They are invisible to your naked eyes but can do more harm than you ever thought. Disinfecting the carpets often will keep the germs at bay and enables a healthy home. By sanitising with effective disinfectants, you can kill 99% of the bacteria and viruses that hides under your carpets. And that’s why professional carpet cleaners brisbane recommend getting a carpet cleaning service once in three months to ensure they are clean, germ and bacteria-free.

So, why should you sanitise them?

There are various benefits associated with carpet sanitising. Here are some of them.

  • It preserves the carpet fibers

 The biggest advantages of carpet sanitising are, it not only kills the germs and bacteria, and it prevents them from ruining your carpet fibers. When your carpets are left alone for a long time without cleaning, it may accumulate a lot of dirt and weaken the carpet fibers. This may ruin the overall look of the carpets and hiring carpet sanitising services will be the best solution to keep them in good condition.

  • Limits Infections

Children are attacked by germs and bacteria that they accidentally get in touch with. It is crucial to clean and sanitise the areas often and carpets are no exception, if your kid is playing on a dirty carpet, they might touch their hands in the mouth, and end up getting severe infections. So, plan a carpet sanitising every week to kill germs and limit the infections.

  • Eliminates Bad smell

Sanitising help gets rid of bad odours that come from the carpet. Sometimes allergens and bacteria that stay in the carpet can produce a bad smell, which is hard to chase away. Other than carpet cleaning, sanitising your carpets helps get rid of the bad smell and make your carpets look and smell fresh.

So, How Do I Sanitise My Carpets?

Steam mops can be used to clean the carpet fibers, though it can’t help deep clean your carpets, the heat from the steam mop can kill the bacteria effectively. Steam mopping the carpets can keep your carpets bacteria-free.

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