Demystifying 5 Secrets of Professional Window Cleaners

With the rise of majestic buildings, you might be wondering who is behind their glistening windows. Most importantly, it is bewildering how they do it considering the risk they face in their suspended platforms. Well, don’t wonder anymore because here are 5 secrets of these professional window cleaners:

1. Wind is a dangerous companion

As with any job, window cleaning has its threats and wind is top of the list. Working on a windy day is beckoning danger especially when it is above 25 mph. However, even when it is mild at 15 mph, they will have to get off the scaffolding to spare their lives.

2. They fear going up

You would think that they chose this profession for the love of height, but you are mistaken. Every day is a constant embrace of their fears because there are so many things that can go wrong in this trade. Therefore, as they offer window cleaning services Adelaide, they must stay alert since a little slip or lose cable will have one hanging in the air.

3. They have seen the unthinkable

Window cleaners have the green light to peek through your windows otherwise how will they clean? However, some clients forget this enabling the cleaners to see even the unimaginable.

4. They enjoy the scenery

Imagine getting a view of the most beautiful sceneries from the top of a building. High-rise window cleaners have this as a perk which they get to enjoy every time they clean.

5. They use podcasts as a distraction

Since cell phones and radios are forbidden, window cleaners listen to podcasts instead, the reason being music can be a nuisance while working in homes.

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