How to make your workplace more hygienic this flu season

Hygiene observation should be part of our lifestyle in whatever we do at any given place. With the flu season knocking by, it is even more important to ensure proper is adhered to in your workplace of work. Proper hygiene will help reduce the rate of employees catching the flu, or it’s further spreading to other employees. Absenteeism in the workplace can make organization systems and services to grind to a halt. Here are some practical measures that when observed can help reduce the spreading of germs thus reducing sickness.

Keeping the kitchen clean

Being the place where all the staff meals are being prepared, the kitchen is always feared to be the most delicate place when it comes to contamination. Proper cleaning of the kitchen should be ensured since germs reside in dirty places. Proper hygiene in the kitchen will not only refer to the cleanliness of the floor but even the person handling food for the staff. Proper cleaning of the hands before handling any food substance is mandatory. The food should also be washed if they are fruits or properly cooked. Any foodstuff in the kitchen should not be left uncovered since germs are very tiny and they always reside on air. It is necessary to exercise caution, leaving food unattended to even for a few minutes is enough to allow germs to get in. our Commercial cleaning services Sunshine Coast guide you all the possible cleaning tips to keep your kitchen clean.

Wiping down keyboards

Antibacterial wipes can be used to clean the keyboards as frequently as the user can. This is because the hands are the best germs can carriers and once you use those hand to type on the keyboard, then a colleague also touches the same keyboard, the contact is enough to spread the germs. It may be difficult to restrict each staff member to use only their working areas since they will always be moving in need of help, consultation or even confirmation. You can reduce the spread of germs by each employee ensuring they wipe their keyboards before handling them.

Keeping the restrooms spotless clean

An organizations restroom is shared by almost all the employees. The chances of contaminating germs from this place are therefore very high. It is, therefore, necessary to keep it spotless clean always especially on the doorknobs and taps. Antibacterial soaps should always be available for cleaning hands once you are done. Sanitary bins should also be emptied regularly and ensure toilet papers are never out of stock.

For an organization to run efficiently, all the employees should always be of good health. Proper hygiene only requires an individual to observe the above practices. If you make these practices to be a routine and part of your lifestyle then you won’t feel any strain. It is also important that if an employee falls sick, they stay at home until they get proper medication and recover fully before resuming work. This will help in preventing the spread of the disease. Being a flu season, it would be important if all employees take full responsibility at the workplace. call our Office Cleaning Sunshine Coast experts to keep the restroom spotless clean.