Typical Corporate Cleaning Scenario

Have you ever sought high-quality and professional cleaning services to no avail? Then you need to know more about Corporate Cleaning in Melbourne, the largest sought-after business in the cleaning industry equipped with highly-qualified and seasoned commercial washers and cleaners. Usually, most of the customers seeking this service are high-profile and include institutions like schools, residential, offices, cultural facilities and construction sites.

Why Corporate Cleaning?

With all this talk of pollution, the environment has become increasingly dangerous for our health. For this reason, businesses engaged in commercial cleaning adelaide such as Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services incorporate eco-friendly practices in their work by using products that do not expose us to chemical pollutants.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly, Corporate Cleaning in Melbourne facilitates ethical practices by arranging weekly meetings for all stakeholders, for instance, the high rise window washers and supervisors. During the meetings, they educate on market regulations, address customer service issues and have training sessions on safety guidelines.

Planning of Corporate Cleaning in Melbourne

Planning involves three entities; the agency, corporate head office and cleaning company picked. The cleaning services company will submit the process and schedule to the agency which then forwards it to the corporate head office. Some of the details include the period they expect to take and the exact days they plan to do the cleaning, as well as any cleaning procedure they follow. They monitor the progress of work done through weekly schedules which are well- documented for evidence.

What are the resources involved?

Corporate Cleaning in Melbourne uses eco-friendly products and offers the services at very competitive fees to ensure that their customers can comfortably afford them. Since they use their equipment for cleaning, the customers do not have to go out of their way but instead can concentrate on their operations. Besides, the team is well-seasoned having worked in the industry for over ten years.

How do they clean different institutions?

Office cleaning adelaide is much different from hospital cleaning; therefore, they focus on satisfying the client. To ensure that every job goes well as planned, they allocate the work which an experienced foreman supervises. Employees also carry cell phones for immediate response in the case of any questions. By using modern equipment which undergoes a regular audit, the work is not only efficient, but they also reduce the number of injuries.


Each client gets to have a say on the service given through the customer feedback system. The satisfaction survey report gets to the marketing head who then forwards it to the office manager verbally and electronically while thanking him for a job well done.

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How to make your workplace more hygienic this flu season

Hygiene observation should be part of our lifestyle in whatever we do at any given place. With the flu season knocking by, it is even more important to ensure proper is adhered to in your workplace of work. Proper hygiene will help reduce the rate of employees catching the flu, or it’s further spreading to other employees. Absenteeism in the workplace can make organization systems and services to grind to a halt. Here are some practical measures that when observed can help reduce the spreading of germs thus reducing sickness.

Keeping the kitchen clean

Being the place where all the staff meals are being prepared, the kitchen is always feared to be the most delicate place when it comes to contamination. Proper cleaning of the kitchen should be ensured since germs reside in dirty places. Proper hygiene in the kitchen will not only refer to the cleanliness of the floor but even the person handling food for the staff. Proper cleaning of the hands before handling any food substance is mandatory. The food should also be washed if they are fruits or properly cooked. Any foodstuff in the kitchen should not be left uncovered since germs are very tiny and they always reside on air. It is necessary to exercise caution, leaving food unattended to even for a few minutes is enough to allow germs to get in. our Commercial cleaning services Sunshine Coast guide you all the possible cleaning tips to keep your kitchen clean.

Wiping down keyboards

Antibacterial wipes can be used to clean the keyboards as frequently as the user can. This is because the hands are the best germs can carriers and once you use those hand to type on the keyboard, then a colleague also touches the same keyboard, the contact is enough to spread the germs. It may be difficult to restrict each staff member to use only their working areas since they will always be moving in need of help, consultation or even confirmation. You can reduce the spread of germs by each employee ensuring they wipe their keyboards before handling them.

Keeping the restrooms spotless clean

An organizations restroom is shared by almost all the employees. The chances of contaminating germs from this place are therefore very high. It is, therefore, necessary to keep it spotless clean always especially on the doorknobs and taps. Antibacterial soaps should always be available for cleaning hands once you are done. Sanitary bins should also be emptied regularly and ensure toilet papers are never out of stock.

For an organization to run efficiently, all the employees should always be of good health. Proper hygiene only requires an individual to observe the above practices. If you make these practices to be a routine and part of your lifestyle then you won’t feel any strain. It is also important that if an employee falls sick, they stay at home until they get proper medication and recover fully before resuming work. This will help in preventing the spread of the disease. Being a flu season, it would be important if all employees take full responsibility at the workplace. call our Office Cleaning Sunshine Coast experts to keep the restroom spotless clean.

3 Details to Consider for Medical Office Cleaning Adelaide

If you have consulted the services of medical office cleaning Adelaide, then you understand that they are not similar to your typical office cleaning services. There is a lot that has to be taken into consideration when cleaning a medical office. Here is a look at the 3 details to consider when hiring medical office cleaners in Adelaide.

The Type of Products to Use

It is important to understand that the cleaning supplies used in normal offices are not the same as the ones used in medical facilities. So, your cleaning company should give you a list of the supplies they will use beforehand. They should also be able to tell you exactly where they plan on using the supplies, like what will be used to clean the windows should be different from what will clean the floor. You should also inquire whether a disinfectant will be used or if there will be a need for terminal cleaning, and if so, how often.

The Frequency of Cleaning Quality Inspection

There is more that must be done around a medical office than just cleaning. The best office cleaning services Adelaide will provide details about quality inspection and how often the inspections will be done. The company can go into details and even illustrate who will be performing the inspections.

After the quality inspections, the cleaning company should be able to make the necessary adjustments. If something was done wrong, the company should take responsibility and retrain the crew if need be, to be able to provide better services next time.

Formal Communication Lines

Communication is key when hiring office cleaners Adelaide. So, before you enlist any company, you need to know who and how you will be communicating in case there is an incident or concern. So, they should state whether an official communication will be made through phone calls, web forms or email.

If you would like to entrust the medical facility cleaning task to the ultra-professional company, we encourage you to contact Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services at 1300 356 397 today!