How to Properly Maintain a Window Sill? – Window Cleaning

Window sills are a forgotten part of the house frame. Most of us are guilty of neglecting this particularly important part of our household. We usually won’t pay attention until they need replacement, or someone points out how dirty they are. Just like you maintain your other structures, you need to take care of sills too. It is an easy task and saves you a lot of future expenses and trouble by hiring the Window Cleaning Sunshine Coast to clean your window sills.

If you can’t personally take care of your sills, you will need professional services like Sunshine Eco Window Cleaners Sunshine Coast to help you out and save your home in Sunshine Coast & Australia. The company uses citrus-based products for a natural and refreshing approach. Their products are non-allergenic and also biodegradable. So how does window cleaning help maintain a window sill?

  • During rainy seasons, cleaning the sill or track area with a vacuum and brush attachment ensures that the sill’s weep holes are free of accumulated junk and debris. This ensures that the drainage path is clear.
  • Frame cleaning: You need to vacuum dirt before you begin cleaning the frame using mild soap and water and a cloth. It helps identify possible rotting or damage and maintains the aesthetic beauty of your sill.
  • Prevents the growth of fungi: when you mix your cleaning mix with vinegar, it eliminates the possibility of growing fungus. Mould feeds on dust and other debris and by cleaning, you take away its source of food.

Taking care of your window sills provides you with the following benefits:

  • Protection from water intrusion: window sills are designed with a projection of 20 millimetres. They create a horizontal surface for the water drops to fall onto, from the glass surface before they find a way into the wall or window cracks. And I don’t need to explain how easily mould also prevents wood structures from rot.
  • Energy efficiency: the substantial barrier the sill creates coupled with some insulation material will also save you from huge energy bills. During the winter they keep cold air from seeping into your home and in so doing raise the cost of your heating bill. Similarly, during summer, cold air is held circulating well inside the house.
  • Aesthetic properties: window sills provide extra decorative and storage space for family photos, small potted plants, electric candles and candle holders and even family photos.

For the benefits mentioned above and so much more, consider hiring professional window cleaning services sunshine coast. Their services guarantee every nook in your window is cleaned and save you both time and money you could have spent replacing a damaged sill.

If you would like to leave window cleaning services to the experts, you can contact Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services at 1300 356 397. With a professional approach, we will make your window sills look new again.