Importance of Yearly Cleaning for Your Business

When the time comes to bid the year farewell, as much as there is excitement for welcoming a new year, a business may have to put it on hold as it decides on how best to carry out its annual business cleaning. You may have the most orderly company, and always doing some office cleaning every day and the routine monthly cleaning. However, at the end of every year, you require commercial cleaning. A thorough annual clean exercise ensures that you begin a new year in hygienic conditions because, despite daily cleaning, some unhygienic things still occur in your premises.

What happens throughout the year?

• The bathroom becomes a home to loads of bacteria, especially on the door handles. The office kitchen will accumulate lots of germs on the countertops and other surfaces.

• Your once sparkling tiles have a build-up of grime, and you no longer can make out the lines between tiles.

• Your vinyl flooring has over time lost its glossy finish due to the high traffic it has had to endure throughout the year.

• Your office computers have keyboards full of dust and crumbs.

• The ceiling has cobwebs, especially along the edges.

• Some stains have refused to come off the carpets and floor.

All these things not only make your business lose its professionalism, but also expose your customers and employees to health risks.

Annual Cleaning

Preparing for annual clean demands that you vacate your business for at least two days to ensure that everything dries up well and the chemical smells subside. It involves:

• Cleaning all fixtures and fittings

• Steam cleaning carpets, mats and upholstery.

• Vacuuming and steam-mopping hard floors

• Chemical cleaning areas prone to bacteria such as bathroom and kitchens.

• Dusting all surfaces and wiping the undersides of benches.

• Cleaning windows to leave them streak-free

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