Hiring Commercial Cleaners Sydney? – Things to Consider

Keeping your office clean is paramount since a clean office not only creates an excellent impression on your visitors but also helps maintain an enthusiastic and healthy team of workers which increase their productivity. Though cleaning can be done by your employees, hiring professional cleaning services allows your employees to focus on their primary roles and you will avoid the many hassles that come with office and workplace cleaning. That is why you need a reliable commercial cleaner to offer you cleaning services. However, choosing the best cleaner can be a daunting exercise because there are numerous commercial cleaners operating in Sydney. To make your work easier, this article is perfectly tailored to give you a practical guide on the factors to consider when choosing commercial cleaning services sydney.


It is advisable to choose a commercial cleaner who operates in close proximity to your business since this ensures that you access cleaning services with ease whenever you need them. If, for example, you need emergency cleaning all you will have to do is call the cleaner and you will have your office cleaned in minutes. Besides, hiring a local company is convenient for both of you in terms of transport cost and time.

Cost of the services

Hire commercial cleaners who offer the service at a cost that you can afford. Here, the most important task is to avoid hidden charges by letting the cleaners explain their criteria for charging every service you will receive. In most cases, you will find commercial cleaners sydney who charge hourly, weekly or even for individual services offered and you can choose a payment model that suits you best.

Excellent reputation

Choosing a cleaner who has a proven track record is paramount as it assures you of quality services.

Importance of Yearly Cleaning for Your Business

When the time comes to bid the year farewell, as much as there is excitement for welcoming a new year, a business may have to put it on hold as it decides on how best to carry out its annual business cleaning. You may have the most orderly company, and always doing some office cleaning every day and the routine monthly cleaning. However, at the end of every year, you require commercial cleaning. A thorough annual clean exercise ensures that you begin a new year in hygienic conditions because, despite daily cleaning, some unhygienic things still occur in your premises.

What happens throughout the year?

• The bathroom becomes a home to loads of bacteria, especially on the door handles. The office kitchen will accumulate lots of germs on the countertops and other surfaces.

• Your once sparkling tiles have a build-up of grime, and you no longer can make out the lines between tiles.

• Your vinyl flooring has over time lost its glossy finish due to the high traffic it has had to endure throughout the year.

• Your office computers have keyboards full of dust and crumbs.

• The ceiling has cobwebs, especially along the edges.

• Some stains have refused to come off the carpets and floor.

All these things not only make your business lose its professionalism, but also expose your customers and employees to health risks.

Annual Cleaning

Preparing for annual clean demands that you vacate your business for at least two days to ensure that everything dries up well and the chemical smells subside. It involves:

• Cleaning all fixtures and fittings

• Steam cleaning carpets, mats and upholstery.

• Vacuuming and steam-mopping hard floors

• Chemical cleaning areas prone to bacteria such as bathroom and kitchens.

• Dusting all surfaces and wiping the undersides of benches.

• Cleaning windows to leave them streak-free

So, do you operate your business in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide or Sunshine Coast? Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services will cater to your office cleaning at discounted prices. Call us at 1300 356 397 to get your free quote today.

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Perfect Plan for a Post-Holiday Clean Up

The holidays are behind us, and while you had rushed to stock your business with all those goods that keep customers walking in, it is time to get back to normal now that the shopping rush has stopped. You did your best trying to maintain sanity in a place that threatened to drive you crazy, but you cannot complain since you had to take advantage of the peak season to maximise your profits. However, the mess in your warehouse will not clean up after itself so you can start planning for it.

Is planning for a post-holiday clean up necessary?

They say if you do not plan for anything, you are planning to fail. Well, this applies in business too and since cleaning your warehouse, especially if it is large, will not be through in a day, it is best to have some guidelines to follow. Apart from warehouse size, the time taken to clean will also depend on the workforce available, the goods you store, how thorough you need to be since some warehouses need sanitisation, and the availability of equipment.

When you do not want to interrupt the regular operations by having your employees do the cleaning themselves, you can hire commercial cleaning sydney experts like Sunshine Eco Cleaning services.

How do you plan for the clean-up?

Do not wait until all warehouses are empty to begin your house cleaning; immediately one has no left stock of supplies, clean it. Of course, this will only be effective if you have several warehouses whereby you can also save post-holiday clean up by transferring supplies from one warehouse to another to facilitate cleaning.

Having one warehouse does not imply that you have to wait until the peak retail season is over to begin the cleaning process. You can divide up your warehouse into sections such that the most marketable goods are stored together and once that section is empty you can clean it.

Do not keep your business as an unsightly mess; not when Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services offers its professional team to help with office cleaning sunshine coast too. You can call us on 1300 356 397 or visit our website https://sunshineecocleaningservices.com.au to book online.

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Tips to Get the Best Out of Commercial Cleaning

When it comes to commercial cleaning sydney, your clients expect you to provide the best of services. Your work should be outstanding to give them a reason to hire you again. But if you are running a new cleaning company, it may be a bit difficult to organise and deliver the best services. Especially now, that the maintenance policies are strict. However, it does not have to be. If you as the supervisor or the inspector understand the nature of the job and you have your cleaning team organised, your quality of work will always be unmatchable. Here at Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services we thrive for excellence. Here is how we deliver the best commercial cleaning services that our customers deserve.

1. Start by working with the janitors

We want a client to trust your company. We want them to be satisfied by the quality of work we provide. There is no other better way to do that than working with the caretaker of the commercial premises. It gives the management the confidence that we will do a good job.

2. Decide What Type of Cleaning we will be Doing

It is essential that we know what our services will include. As different companies offer different cleaning services, it is best we categorise ourselves with the cleaning we provide. Will our team be strictly for cleaning houses? Or they can also clean offices? Understanding this will help us stay organised and work efficiently.

3. Hire the Right Staff

A client will judge us according to the way we present ourselves. Even if we offer the best cleaning services but we are not hospitable, no one would want to work with us. We ensure that our team are friendly. Be confident as well as cautious. Hospitality is the first thing a customer will look at to determine whether you are fit for the job. Our cleaning includes:

• Supervisors

They are the people that inspect the work done and ensure that it is nothing but good. They are in charge of checking the complaints received from the clients and ensure that they are satisfied. They head the cleaning team. As such they should be able to communicate well and should also be competent.

• Cleaners and Janitors

They are the ones who get the cleaning job done. Ensure that they are friendly, they are knowledgeable in the cleaning field and can be relied upon to do an excellent job.

A commercial cleaning company should operate in a way that benefits everyone involved in it. But that is only possible if the business is backed up with the right people to provide the services. We ensure that we are giving the best of services to our clients.

4 Strategic Things for Right Commercial Cleaning Services

Cleaning a commercial building can be complicated. It will also inconvenience for you since you will be required to clean the premises before you start doing your jobs or after hours and that can be tiresome and stressful. Besides, you need to rest after you are done with all the activities for the day. Thus, you should let the professionals do the job for you. Hiring professional commercial cleaners will ensure that you do not break a sweat to clean your place of work. The following are 4 Strategic Things for Right Commercial Cleaning Services.

  1. Experience

The experience of a firm in offering Commercial cleaning Services Sydney services to different clients is very crucial. You ought to ask the company the kind of projects it has been handling of over the years and find out if they have the capability to do office cleaning. Some firms may have many years in the industry, but they may not have the proper experience in handling projects similar to yours.

  1. Recommendations

If your friends have used the commercial cleaners you can use their services. Get testimonies by visiting their homes to see what was done for them. However, you need to evaluate all the options you get from them as these will ensure you have found the one suitable for your need.

  1. Specialization

Various companies specialize in offering residential cleaning services. Other firms most provide Commercial Cleaning Sydney In that way, you must state the kind of services you require and get the right service provider for your project.

  1. Convenience and reliability

Hiring a company that is located in your area is more convenient especially if you would wish to have a 24/7 service from the firm. The company must be ready to serve you with the right detergents and equipment as you require too.

To find the best of these cleaning companies, you should settle for one, Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services, that combines exceptional commercial cleaners & quality services with the best price deals. In today’s competitive world, many companies are offering quality services without necessarily exploiting the consumer.