Prevent Birds From Colliding Into Windows Cleaned By Us

The shining glass window, transparent in appearance, with our window cleaning services, is unseen to birds. Rather they see a mirror image of their backgrounds, like foliage and sky. By reflecting leaves or sky, they look like appealing places to fly into, and since the sheer number of windows is so great, their peal on birds is vast. The good news is Window Cleaners Sunshine Coast has some simple tips that can help in preventing birds from colliding into your windows.

Ways to prevent birds from colliding into Your Windows

  1. Hang roller blind, shutters or curtains

These window decorations go a long way to reduce the window’s reflection. You can even put some drawings on the roller blind, shutters or curtains to make it more effective.

  1. Put bird decals on the outdoor surface of the glass window

The other way to prevent birds from colliding into your windows is to put bird decals or even bird stickers. You should always place decals precisely close to each other. This can be approximately one hand’s space away from the other. It important to cover your windows with a pattern of decals, since one to two bird decals may not prevent birds.

  1. Keep Indoor plant a bit far from the Windows

Though many people think that putting their indoor plant too close to the window is a way of giving them direct access to light, placing them very close to the window will provide wrong signals to birds. Some birds may collide in the window trying to rest on the plants. Therefore, if you are to prevent birds from colliding into your windows then you will have to move your indoor plants away from the windows.

These few ways will help you prevent birds from colliding with your clean glass windows. You can choose to use one of these ways and keep your windows clean always. Sunshine  Eco Cleaning Services offer window cleaning services Sunshine Coast that last long.