Tips for New Window Cleaners Sydney

When starting off in the commercial window cleaning business in Sydney there are some things to keep in mind. The window cleaning Sydney is a big industry and many companies are looking to hire window cleaning services in Sydney. There are some tips to help your business become successful.

 Stay Hydrated

While window cleaners work with water they do not drink enough. It is important to stay hydrated to be safe and help prevent accidents, especially during the warmer seasons.

 Start Small

When beginning to clean windows use the smaller squeegees since they are easier to control. This will help you build up your skills. Also, remember that no job is too small especially when you are just starting out.

 Use Correct Techniques

Using the squeegee is not as easy as you may think it is. When using the squeegee it is important to take a brief pause to allow excess amounts of water to run down the blade. Do not remove the squeegee from the window right away. This can lead to splatters even in the parts that were just cleaned.

 Sea Sponges

Before using the squeegee on the window you should wipe the sill and the frames down with a sea sponge. The sponge can be used to wipe down different surfaces around the window and will not splash back on the window.

Watch the Amount of Soap

All it takes is a small amount of soap to get the windows clean. Many people new to the business use way too much soap. The soap dries quickly and can leave a film on the window.

These are some tips to help new window cleaners to the commercial window cleaning business. These tips will help you build up your skills and all your business to become successful. Our commercial cleaning Sydney team at Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services are well trained & experienced to give the view of a sparkling window.