How Often Should Business Windows Be Cleaned?

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Here at Sunshine Eco Cleaning, we’re accustomed to answering questions, whether they’re little ones about commercial cleaning products or bigger ones like how to hire high-quality window cleaners sydney. As our top priority is you – the customer – we strive to give the best advice.

When it comes to commercial windows (cafes, bars, shops, offices etc.), there is conflicting advice on how regularly businesses need cleaning. As types of use and rates of wear differ dramatically from one premises to the next, the answer depends on their routines.

This quick guide to commercial window cleaning will help you decide how many visits to schedule.


Often, the biggest factor is location. If your business is close to highways and busy streets, you’ll need window cleaners brisbane more regularly. When close to the fumes created by traffic, glass gets dirty fast. You’ll notice grime builds up much quicker in these areas.


While the presence of trees negates the impact of traffic fumes, to some extent, it doesn’t mean cleaner windows. In fact, if there are trees close to the building (close enough to touch or overhang), they’ll probably drip sap. This can be annoying, but it is easy to clean. Just get in touch with reliable window cleaners in your area.


Most people assume rainy environments reduce the need for window cleaning sunshine coast. While it’s true some business windows look less dusty and present fewer blemishes, water itself leaves stains. After a rainstorm, you’ll often find stains caused by dried out mineral deposits. So, don’t assume the weather will do the job for you.

General Guidelines for Window Cleaning

    • Busy Office – Bimonthly
    • Less Busy Office (no customers) – Monthly
    • Busy Retail Stores – Monthly
    • Low Traffic Stores – Bimonthly
    • Restaurants – Twice Weekly
  • Healthcare Facilities – Monthly

Professional window cleaning is recommended for businesses because brands depend on looking good. To convince customers you’ve got the goods on the inside, you’ve got to look the part outside. So, trust Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services to help your business show its best face to the world. Call us at 1300 356 397 for booking our window cleaners.

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A Thorough Windows Cleaning Sydney Guide Made Easy

How often do you stop and think that your windows need to be cleaned? Chances are high that this does not happen very often. Window cleaners in Sydney can help make your windows look cleaner than ever before.

With a little help from window cleaners in Sydney, your windows will look great with no dirt left to be seen. We truly care about our clients and want you to have the best windows possible. As a result, we are offering a through window cleaning guide that is easy to understand and will allow you to accomplish your goal of cleaning your windows in a short span of time. The guide is easily understood and will allow you to become a pro in no time, making it a great investment of your time.

To begin it is important that you gather all the required supplies as they will make your cleaning process so much easier. You should consider purchasing a bucket, sponges, clothes made from microfiber material, cleaning solutions specifically made for glass, and a good quality squeegee as you don’t want to leave streaks. These products are affordable and can be found at most retailers in the immediate area.

To begin the process of having sparkling clean windows, you should first use a clean rag and wipe the surface of the glass lengthwise and make sure to really get in the corners as you don’t want to leave any rogue dust behind. The corners are a great hiding space for dust and as a result, it is important that we get it fully cleaned. To clean your office window professional way call Office Cleaning Brisbane. If not remove the dust fully it will just smear and may make your window look worse than when you first began, effectively ruining any progress that you may have made.

You should then spray the glass cleaner making sure to follow the instructions found on the back of the bottle. It will give you exact measurements and any precautions that you should take when using the solution. You will then apply pressure with the squeegee and remove any tough stains that you may not have been able to move otherwise. You will then take your microfiber cloth and buffer out and spots that you may have missed and as a result will have the cleanest windows that you have ever seen when following this guide that was provided by Window Cleaners Sydney.

Leave this tedious task to Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services in Sydney. Call 1300 356 397 today.

Tips for New Window Cleaners Sydney

When starting off in the commercial window cleaning business in Sydney there are some things to keep in mind. The window cleaning Sydney is a big industry and many companies are looking to hire window cleaning services in Sydney. There are some tips to help your business become successful.

 Stay Hydrated

While window cleaners work with water they do not drink enough. It is important to stay hydrated to be safe and help prevent accidents, especially during the warmer seasons.

 Start Small

When beginning to clean windows use the smaller squeegees since they are easier to control. This will help you build up your skills. Also, remember that no job is too small especially when you are just starting out.

 Use Correct Techniques

Using the squeegee is not as easy as you may think it is. When using the squeegee it is important to take a brief pause to allow excess amounts of water to run down the blade. Do not remove the squeegee from the window right away. This can lead to splatters even in the parts that were just cleaned.

 Sea Sponges

Before using the squeegee on the window you should wipe the sill and the frames down with a sea sponge. The sponge can be used to wipe down different surfaces around the window and will not splash back on the window.

Watch the Amount of Soap

All it takes is a small amount of soap to get the windows clean. Many people new to the business use way too much soap. The soap dries quickly and can leave a film on the window.

These are some tips to help new window cleaners to the commercial window cleaning business. These tips will help you build up your skills and all your business to become successful. Our commercial cleaning Sydney team at Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services are well trained & experienced to give the view of a sparkling window.