4 Mistakes To Avoid While Cleaning Windows

Window cleaning is a skill. If you do it right, the windows will appear clean and tidy. Otherwise, blurred and streaky windows are what we often get at the end. It seems like a simple chore but requires proper cleaning methods to achieve a spotless clean. Have you come across those buildings with spotless glass exteriors? They keep it clean and spotless because they take up the upkeep process seriously. In this blog, we share with you the top window cleaning brisbane mistakes that you do while cleaning your windows.

Mistake 1

People assume that cleaning their windows on a sunny day works the best. No, you’re wrong. The sunny weather would make the windows dry sooner and leave them with soapy streaks. Instead of choosing a sunny day, cloudy day works the best for window cleaning, you can thoroughly dry them.

Mistake 2

You should not dust the frames, sills, and glass after wiping it with soapy water. It would result in a muddy mess and you have to do the clean up again. Rather, you can dust the window frames, sills, and glass before washing and thoroughly vacuum clean the surface area. Also, never forget to keep any old cloth or waste board on the surface to collect the falling dust particles while dusting.

Mistake 3

If you find that your windows have stains or bird dirt, try using rubbing alcohol or vinegar to stay on the stained area. It would loosen the hardened dirt and make it easy for you to wipe off. Also, avoid using a scrubber or sharp agents on the windows, it would scratch the windows. Use newspaper or lint-free cloth to wipe the glass, it is one of the best methods to make the glass look spotless.

Mistake 4

Avoid using harsh chemicals or all-purpose cleaners on windows. It would leave streaks after washing and will create a cloud effect on them. Instead, use a mild soap and water solution to clean them. Use a flat squeegee to wipe off the excess moisture and pat dry them with a lint-free towel to absorb moisture.

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