Top Health Benefits Of Clean Windows

There is nothing more beautiful than having cleaned windows. Though they are aesthetically-appealing, it has numerous health benefits associated with it. This is why it is important to do window cleaning at least once a week. Professionally-cleaned windows will not only look smart but also good for your health. Also, you shouldn’t understate the importance of clean windows and must add window cleaning adelaide company in your cleaning schedule. From allowing natural light to improving the circulation of good airflow, windows are a must. Windows also helps boost the curb appeal of your home.

Prevents Allergens

Have you ever touched your house windows and embarrassed by the result? Witnessing the glass dirt, dust and other build-ups can be quite jarring. However, what even worse is that these dust and dirt could affect you if you’re sensitive and the allergens can cause headaches, coughing, nausea and even skin allergies as well. So, you must dust and wipe the windows regularly or even hire a window cleaner to clean it for you. Having it professionally-cleaned not only increases its value but also keeps the allergens at bay.

Prevents Spiders & Bees

Dirty windows are the favourite spots for spiders and bees to build their nest and they can easily enter the home through it. If you have been seeing insect wings or mud droppings near your windows, you must immediately check & clean your windows and remove their nests. If you want to prevent your family from spider bites and bee stings, get your windows cleaned regularly.

Natural Light & Vitamin D

A clean window allows natural light to pass through the glass easily and provide the much-needed Vitamin D you need. It also helps elevate your mood and increase productivity. So, to ensure a safe and healthy environment, ensure your windows are cleaned professionally at least once in a month.

Bottom Line

So ensure to get your windows cleaned professionally to have a safe and healthy home or office space. Also, when searching for professionals to clean your windows, it ’s better to hire a service with proven experience.

Over To You

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How Clean Should Your House Be?

If you’re planning to move out, cleaning is the biggest headache you will ever have to face. But with many bond cleaning companies by your side, you don’t have to carry the burden anymore. All you need is to find the right bond cleaner to ensure the best cleaning for your home that is required and move out peacefully. When you hire bond cleaning sunshine coast company, you will have the peace of mind and can concentrate on other works without having to point them. Generally, bond cleaning companies have their cleaning checklist and you just have to discuss with them to add the areas that you want them to clean. On top of all, you must achieve the sparkling cleanliness that is required by the landlord to get your security deposit back without any deductions.

Clean the Rugs, Carpets, Furniture Upholstery & Curtains

If you have been using heavy-duty rugs or carpets, ensure to vacuum them or hire a carpet cleaners sunshine coast to clean them thoroughly. They have the best cleaning tools and equipment to support the cleaning. It’s vital that no smell or stains or hair or dust remain in these areas. Similarly, your bed linens, curtains, steam clean them and vacuum all the furnishings to become fresh and dust-free.

Dust & Deep Clean the Missed Spots

Ceiling fans, light bulbs, window blinds, bathroom cabinets require dusting and cleaning. So include these areas in your cleaning and get it cleaned to perfection.

Deep Clean Your Ovens & Refrigerator

It is important to keep the oven stainless and grease-free. In case, if you’re finding it hard to clean, hire oven cleaner to clean your oven. Next, unplug your refrigerator to wipe the underneath to tarp the dust and debris settled there and thoroughly wipe and dry them.

Staircase & Hallways

These two areas track huge traffic of dust and debris daily and it is must to give them deep clean.

Windows & Doors

Windows and doors are the ultimate dust spot and it must be cleaned and wiped thoroughly to have a clean look. In case, if you can’t achieve the windows outside, get help from window cleaners sunshine coast company to do it for you.

Kitchen & Bathroom

Make sure to empty the cupboards and racks and give them a good clean. Kitchen and bathroom are prone to have a lot of dirt, and grease, and mold build-up, so make sure to give them intensive clean.

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Importance Of Window Cleaning During This COVID-19 Outbreak

Keeping the personal space clean and pleasant is important for a healthy home. Moreover, Window cleaning is one among them. However, quite often they are overlooked in your cleaning schedule. As a result, they look dull and shabby. As windows are the face of your house, which allows natural light and fresh air from the outside, they are prone to attract dust, debris, and bird splatter. To maintain the curb appeal of your home, you must clean your windows regularly. If you can’t able to clean your windows, you can simply hire a professional window cleaning sydney company for all your window cleaning needs!

  • Whether it’s an office or home or a mall or an establishment, clean windows attract people to walk-in, and it should be kept in pristine condition. In this blog, we’re going to concentrate on the importance of window cleaning during this COVID -19 outbreak.

  • Regular window cleaning is important because it helps to get rid of the pollutants and germs that have been struck and enable the natural light to enter your house. Keeping your windows dust-free should be your priority, as any form of dust leads to infections.

  • Dust them often. Because, dirt, dust, and grime tend to settle on your windows. Over time, when left uncleaned, it will turn into disease-causing allergen causing skin and respiratory issues. Keeping the windows clean can make your home healthier and more appealing.

  • Also, window cleaning is a good exercise for your arms and hands; you can easily tone up your arms by doing window cleaning regularly.

  • By hiring a window cleaners sydney, you can make the windows look brighter and also it allows the light to penetrate through your home. In this case, you will get the natural vitamin D supplement. Sunlight is a direct source of Vitamin D that will help strengthen your bones. By exposing yourself to the sunlight, you can help your body get the much-required vitamin D easily. So, having your windows professionally cleaned by window cleaners will not only help boost the appearance but also greatly helps in this regard.

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Keep The Corona Virus Off Your Windows- Here’s How

More than the appearance, your windows should look clean and germ-free. Whether it’s your exterior or interior, it should be properly cleaned to ward off any germs that try to enter your home. As windows are the face of your home, you must add window cleaning in your house cleaning schedule. With the outbreak of the coronavirus, you must take up the cleaning chores seriously. It is essential to keep the high-touch areas clean and tidy. Of course, cleaning the windows can help get rid of sand and lint and grime would keep them clean, if not cleaned, it would attract germs and bacteria. So, professional window cleaning adelaide suggest using EPA approved cleaning solutions and disinfectants to clean your windows.

  • Ventilation is recommended to chase away the air from the inside and let the fresh air enter. Since the outbreak of the virus, you must keep these spaces closed and ensure they are neatly wiped and dry all the time.
  • Moisture is a haven for bacteria and virus to flourish, so ensure your windows are clean and dry.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals on them as it may leave soapy streaks, which would ruin the overall look of your windows.
  • Also, after wiping your windows, keep the used cloth for disinfection as it may contain bacteria.
  • Always use a microfibre cloth to dry the windows after cleaning
  • If your windows have knobs, don’t forget to sanitise them.
  • Disinfect your hands after cleaning your windows
  • Cleaning the window frames and sills can also prevent the dust and dirt from settling, and you can have a clean looking window from the inside out.
  • Coughing or sneezing near the windows should be avoided, the flu spills on the surfaces can become a hotspot for bacteria, and it can severely infect the people in your house.
  • Cover yourself while sneezing or coughing with tissue papers, and trash them immediately into the bin.
  • Keep the windows dust-free and ensure to disinfect each cleaning tools and towels after cleaning.

By following these tips, you can keep your windows clean and reduce the risk of corona virus and other bacterial infections.

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Why Should You Hire Monthly Window Cleaning Service?

Clean windows add an extra dose of beauty to your home. Right from exhibiting the elegance of your interiors to protecting the harmful rays from entering your home, windows play a major role in enhancing the beauty and health of your home. As keeping the windows has many benefits, professional window cleaners brisbane suggest getting a window cleaning service once a month. Windows also the natural sunlight to enter the home, but at times, if not maintained properly or filled with dust and grime, it may cost you with high utility bills. It is why getting a window cleaning can be helpful to maintain your glass windows.

Clears The Mess

Bird splatter, dust, grime, and debris can make your window appear shabby. Although, you may not have time to look into these, however, you must make an effort to hire a window cleaning services brisbane to clean your window exteriors and interiors. Giving them a deep cleaning not only removes the accumulation of dirt and debris but also gives a sparkling look.

Maintains House’s Energy

This is one of the major benefits of cleaning your windows. When you maintain your window’s appearance, you will be improving your house’s energy efficiency. When it is not clean, the dust and grime present on your windows begin to reflect UV rays and prevent the natural warmth from the sun to enter. So, it is keeping your glass clean will enhance its appearance, and prevent the mould buildup that happens due to damp issues.

Improves The Appearance

When you maintain your windows consistently, it will look attractive, and makes you feel comfortable in your home. Whether it is your own home or a rental property, maintaining your windows will keep them in top condition, and also make people understand how well you have treated your property. When you invest in a monthly window cleaning, you can improve your beautiful windows and save energy bills.

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Benefits Of Cleaning Your Windows In Autumn

Windows cleaning is essential to keep your windows look clean and great. However, quite often window cleaning is underestimated. Also, many homeowners only get their windows cleaned during winter and spring. Moreover, some others will not even consider cleaning at all. However, did you know that cleaning your windows in autumn is beneficial to your homes? Yes, it does. During autumn the leaves fall, and it may be a spectacular scene to watch. Along with it, the leaves that fall during this season frequently could cause your windows with dust and debris. Window screens collect dust and cause your windows to look shabby. You can simply, hire a professional window cleaning adelaide services from a reputed company for all your window cleaning needs! Here, we have come up with a few benefits of autumn window cleaning.

Give Your Windows A Fresh Start

Your windows have collected pollutants and allergens during winter, now is the perfect time to get your windows cleaned. Clean windows allow sunlight to enter the home, and it kills all the disease-causing germs, allergens, and pollutants. It will refresh your interior and make it look neat and clean.

Eliminate Germs & Bacteria

During winter, viruses, bacteria, and germs may get accrue on your windows. However, with window cleaning, you can get rid of the bacteria from the window interiors. Moreover, frequent cleaning will keep your windows a fresh summer look.

Curb Appeal

With a neat and tidy window exterior, you are sure to get some appreciation for your windows. When it comes to window cleaning, you choose the right window cleaning service to enhance the look of your windows.

Hire Pros

It is always best to hire window cleaners adelaide professionals, for they are trained in window cleaning, and use proper cleaning methods and safety measures to give your windows sparkling clean.

Maintaining your windows is a part of your home’s health. During autumn, winds pick up the blowing debris all around making your windows dirty. Over time, it will make your windows start to degrade. So, you must ensure to get your windows cleaned with the seasonal changes.

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4 Mistakes To Avoid While Cleaning Windows

Window cleaning is a skill. If you do it right, the windows will appear clean and tidy. Otherwise, blurred and streaky windows are what we often get at the end. It seems like a simple chore but requires proper cleaning methods to achieve a spotless clean. Have you come across those buildings with spotless glass exteriors? They keep it clean and spotless because they take up the upkeep process seriously. In this blog, we share with you the top window cleaning brisbane mistakes that you do while cleaning your windows.

Mistake 1

People assume that cleaning their windows on a sunny day works the best. No, you’re wrong. The sunny weather would make the windows dry sooner and leave them with soapy streaks. Instead of choosing a sunny day, cloudy day works the best for window cleaning, you can thoroughly dry them.

Mistake 2

You should not dust the frames, sills, and glass after wiping it with soapy water. It would result in a muddy mess and you have to do the clean up again. Rather, you can dust the window frames, sills, and glass before washing and thoroughly vacuum clean the surface area. Also, never forget to keep any old cloth or waste board on the surface to collect the falling dust particles while dusting.

Mistake 3

If you find that your windows have stains or bird dirt, try using rubbing alcohol or vinegar to stay on the stained area. It would loosen the hardened dirt and make it easy for you to wipe off. Also, avoid using a scrubber or sharp agents on the windows, it would scratch the windows. Use newspaper or lint-free cloth to wipe the glass, it is one of the best methods to make the glass look spotless.

Mistake 4

Avoid using harsh chemicals or all-purpose cleaners on windows. It would leave streaks after washing and will create a cloud effect on them. Instead, use a mild soap and water solution to clean them. Use a flat squeegee to wipe off the excess moisture and pat dry them with a lint-free towel to absorb moisture.

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Let Your Windows Sparkle This 2020 – Here’s How?

Sounds good. Isn’t it? Now, you can let your windows sparkle with shine throughout 2020 with proper maintenance. As with each New Year, you will be busy setting up goals like shedding some pounds of flesh, or being healthy, renovating homes, and much more. So, hiring a window cleaning sydney services or a professional window cleaner would help your window to a great extent, and make them sparkle with shine.

Just like taking care of your skin, your windows need some attention too. If you do not maintain your skin care routine, would you look bright? No right. Likewise, if you do not maintain your windows on a regular basis, it would end up looking pale and messy.

Of course, windows dictate the beauty of your home. However, if you wish to do it on your own, try out these four simple cleaning tips.


Dust will often get settled on your windows, and you should clean them with a cloth or by using a sponge.


Pour some mild cleaning solution into a bucket of water and apply the solution onto the window by using the sponge.


Once the cleaning solution is applied, use the scrubber to clean the windows, both horizontally and vertically. You can use the scrubber to remove any hard dirt or spot from the window.

Take the Help Of Squeegee

Use the squeegee blade to remove the excess dirt and water from the window and to avoid the surface from getting wet, you can keep some newspaper, or any used cloth over the floor to absorb the leaking drips. Both with horizontal and vertical strokes, you can achieve a spotless clean.

Use Microfiber Cloth

You must wipe the Squeegee blade using a microfiber cloth after each stroke and absorb any moisture from the window. To complete the process, use linen cloth to dry the damp areas of the window, and pat it dry. For window cleaning, you must choose a cloudy day instead of cleaning in full sun.

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How To Clean Your Windows? – Step By Step Guide

Dirty windows are the hidden mediators of bringing air pollution into your space. Whether it is an office or a home, windows are a source of joy, and you cannot imagine a life without them. It is the source of air, sunlight and of course, a great view. Hiring a window cleaning adelaide services from a reputed cleaning company would give your windows the desired clean.

Of course, hiring a professional window cleaners adelaide will bring the desired results. That being said, it is your duty to maintain your home or business with clean windows. However, if you are planning to give it a shot on your own, you must ensure that you do it like a professional window cleaning brisbane company. We have mentioned a few washing tips below. Read on to know more.

How To Wash Your Windows?

First, you need to ensure that everything is set in the right place before you start cleaning. Remember, your cleaning preparation relies completely on the weather. If it is raining or foggy, it is better to postpone the idea of cleaning.

  • Dust the windows with a brush, and ensure to keep a sheet under so that the dust particles will get settled on it.

  • Take a scrubber, a bucket of clean water, some microfiber towels, squeegee, and an effective window cleaning solution to support the cleaning.

  • First use the scrubber to remove the bird dirt, dust particles, fingerprints, and then place the squeegee on the window.

  • Make horizontal and vertical strokes to clean the areas, and remove the excess water.

  • Keep an unused cloth or sheet to catch the water drippings.

  • Once you have sorted the cleaning and removed all the water, use a microfiber towel to take the excess moisture from the windows, this allows the windows to dry faster, and also takes out any left debris or finger marks from it.

  • You need to repeat the process until you achieve the desired level of cleanliness.

However, when it comes to window cleaning, there will be unforeseen obstacles that will come your way. To avoid consequences and get your window a spotless look, hiring window cleaners brisbane from Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services will make the job easier. For appointments, call us on 1300 356 397 today.  

Advantages of Seasonal Window Cleaning

Windows adds elegance to any home. Whether it is full of glass-walled or partly-walled, glass windows are a channel of many beautiful beach views, stunning buildings, and whatnot. However, keeping them clean is essential. Spring, summer, and winter all these seasons will bring a great deal of dust, dirt, and powdery streaks on your windows. Giving them a regular wipe could help them look neat. However, you can hire a window cleaning brisbane services, in case you are unable to achieve a flawless clean.

Enhanced Outlook

Whether you live by the coastal side or by the countryside with numerous scenic views, your windows are prone to get dust and debris. Once in a while, you must give your window a thorough clean. Whether its interior or exterior, keeping it clean will reveal how you are treating your house. If you invite your friends for outdoor dining and enjoying a party, ensure that your windows look speckless. This enhances the beauty of your home.

Good Resale Value

A well-maintained home goes for better-paid prospects. If you are planning to sell your beach house, you must ensure that it is maintained properly and thoroughly cleaned. Beach houses will have a higher resale value. It is crucial to maintain them regularly for better resale value. If you do not treat them properly, you are shortening the lifespan of your windows.

Increased Home Value

Windows are the focal point of your exterior and interiors. If they are maintained in top condition, it will be evident through its crystal clear views. The buyer or realtor will examine the status of the house through cleanliness and maintenance. If you hire a professional window cleaning service or an experienced window cleaner, they will make your windows look clean and it will give your house a high visual appeal.

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