A Carpet that has been professionally cleaned not only looks good but adds a hygienic fresh element to your home and prolongs the life of your carpet. If you are selling your property, appearance is one of the number one selling points and nothing says a nice clean house like professionally cleaned carpets. Our carpet cleaners have been professionally trained to treat your carpet with the utmost care, our shampooing and extraction method gives your carpets a new lease of life and all services come with complimentary deodorizing there is no hidden extra charges or call out fees.
Professional carpet cleaning is not only for when you are moving houses with viruses and bugs being able survive in unclean carpets for up to a month, the recommendation is that carpets should be cleaned professionally every 12-18 months (less for higher traffic areas or with very young children).

Our Great Prices

No. of Rooms Price
1 to 2 Rooms $65
3 Rooms $75
4 Rooms $95
5 $115
5+ +$15 per room

What We Do

  • Professional Carpet Shampoo
  • Complimentary Deodorising
  • Experienced Carpet Cleaners
  • Experts in Carpet Stain Removal
  • Non toxic Carpet Steam Cleaning Products

Total number of rooms to be cleaned (i.e. Living room + Lounge + 2 bedrooms count as 4 rooms). Prices are based on the national average room size. If your rooms are significantly larger, our cleaning specialist will provide you with a final quote before any work is carried out.

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