Must Explore These Top Over-looked Spots While Cleaning Your Home

A clean office can help you become a more productive and pleasing atmosphere. Cleaning your house? Sometimes, in your house cleaning routine, you may not look up to certain places that need most of your attention. Moreover, it often gets overlooked and starts to collect dust, debris, and mold build-up. House Cleaning Sunshine Coast company recommend getting a deep clean service once a month to ensure that your house is dust-free.

Ceilings and Light Fixtures

Often ceilings and light fixtures are prone to collect dust, debris, and cobwebs. So, keeping a routine dusting and wiping these areas will prevent you from dust allergies and pollution, and also if these areas aren’t often dusted, dust and pollutants will get settled on your carpets. That will lead to further ruining the carpet’s health. So, add this area to your cleaning checklist, and ensure you clean them.

Doorknobs and Handles

Well, this is the area you often touch and use to open or close. Regular use tends to collect your sweat and become a great space for germs. Using a disinfectant, you can wipe them often and ensure it is clean. By doing this, you can keep the germs at bay.


Like doorknobs and handles, if you have noticed your faucets, there would be a salty layer surrounding and it is nothing, but hard water deposits. Some faucets even have mould build-up that can collect germs and bacteria. This is why you must wipe them with a powerful cleaner, and keep them as dry as possible.

Trash Cans

Eve, if you cover your trash can with dust bin covers for your trash cans, there are chances of wastage accumulation that can happen. Cleaning them twice a week, it will get rid of the leftover spills that are clinging outside.

Behind Large Appliances

The back areas of the refrigerator, washing machines, desks, and ovens are prone to dust and cobwebs. When these are left undusted, it can reduce the efficiency of the appliance, and put you in trouble. So once in a while, unplug the connections, and vacuum the areas behind, and underneath it to keep it super clean.

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