Measures To Protect Your Home From Corona Virus

As the effect of coronavirus remains fluid everywhere, it is your responsibility to keep the areas of your home clean and sanitised. Even if you don’t have the proper cleaning supplies, not to worry, our house cleaning sunshine coast professionals at sunshine eco cleaning will come to rescue. House cleaning at this point of time may be a bit annoying for you. But, we make it simpler for you with our proper cleaning methods. We use effective disinfectants to clean and sanitise every part of your home, and ensure you live in a safe and healthy home.

Quick Tips

  • Hire a carpet cleaning services to clean and sanitise your carpets.
  • Ensure your upholstery and beds, linens are thoroughly cleaned, and vacuumed.
  • Dust and sanitise the air conditioning vents and ducts daily
  • Sanitise your hands often and wear a protective mask while going out. (As the Australian government has imposed travel bans and self-quarantine, it is safe to stay indoors than roaming about)
  • Keep your beloved pets clean.
  • Deep clean the over-looked areas, which you often forget to clean.
  • Get rid of the trash regularly

How Can We be of Help?

  • We are equipped with effective disinfectants that can kill any disease-causing bacteria and virus, and ensure that all the areas of your home are thoroughly sanitised.
  • We target on high-traffic areas and high-touch areas like doorknobs, handles, switchboards, and sanitise them thoroughly to protect your health and safety. These areas get contaminated very easily with contaminants like hair strands, nails, pests, dirt and more can worsen these. By cleaning and disinfecting them, we can help prevent the travel of germs and bacteria and limit infections.
  • We prevent cross-contamination by keeping our equipment and cleaning accessories clean and sanitised. After every use, we keep our products bagged in a separate box for disinfection.
  • Equipment such as vacuums, squeegees, scrubbing brushes and other cleaning tools are thoroughly disinfected in between each job.
  • Also, we would suggest some cleaning and sanitising tips to help you cross this self-quarantine period.

So, if you want to ensure that your house is healthy, book a house cleaning service sunshine coast with us. Having your home professionally cleaned is essential to defend against the spread of the coronavirus, and we will continue to provide the high-level care and support that you expect from us.

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Must Explore These Top Over-looked Spots While Cleaning Your Home

A clean office can help you become a more productive and pleasing atmosphere. Cleaning your house? Sometimes, in your house cleaning routine, you may not look up to certain places that need most of your attention. Moreover, it often gets overlooked and starts to collect dust, debris, and mold build-up. House Cleaning Sunshine Coast company recommend getting a deep clean service once a month to ensure that your house is dust-free.

Ceilings and Light Fixtures

Often ceilings and light fixtures are prone to collect dust, debris, and cobwebs. So, keeping a routine dusting and wiping these areas will prevent you from dust allergies and pollution, and also if these areas aren’t often dusted, dust and pollutants will get settled on your carpets. That will lead to further ruining the carpet’s health. So, add this area to your cleaning checklist, and ensure you clean them.

Doorknobs and Handles

Well, this is the area you often touch and use to open or close. Regular use tends to collect your sweat and become a great space for germs. Using a disinfectant, you can wipe them often and ensure it is clean. By doing this, you can keep the germs at bay.


Like doorknobs and handles, if you have noticed your faucets, there would be a salty layer surrounding and it is nothing, but hard water deposits. Some faucets even have mould build-up that can collect germs and bacteria. This is why you must wipe them with a powerful cleaner, and keep them as dry as possible.

Trash Cans

Eve, if you cover your trash can with dust bin covers for your trash cans, there are chances of wastage accumulation that can happen. Cleaning them twice a week, it will get rid of the leftover spills that are clinging outside.

Behind Large Appliances

The back areas of the refrigerator, washing machines, desks, and ovens are prone to dust and cobwebs. When these are left undusted, it can reduce the efficiency of the appliance, and put you in trouble. So once in a while, unplug the connections, and vacuum the areas behind, and underneath it to keep it super clean.

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Last-Minute House Cleaning Tips

House cleaning is a skill. Moreover, managing the cleanup with a limited time frame requires some expert tips. Just imagine, would you feel good when your house is in an extreme mess? No right! This usually happens when you are leading a busy lifestyle and you run out of time to manage your house cleaning properly. In reality, people tend to take house cleaning at the least in their priority list. Simply, you can hire a professional house cleaning brisbane company for all your house cleaning needs. For those busy lives, we have gathered some tips to manage the last-minute cleanup.

If you want to do the cleaning with the best-foot and impress your guests, you need to be real-quick and should be a multi-taskers. Picking up a room and starting your regular cleaning routine is not going to help you with the last-minute clean, you need to prioritise the areas and simplify the cleaning process as much as possible.

For example, if your cushion upholstery is not up to the mark and it requires cleaning, you can cover it with an embellished or embroidered cover, so that it will add a touch of luxury. The area which is first on our list is the bathroom.


Nobody likes to use smelly or dirty looking washrooms and so does your guests too. And, the first thing if one of your guests wants to use your washroom, ensure your bathroom is in good condition to avoid embarrassments. So, you must give your washrooms, a nice and quick wash and put some air freshener to make them smell good.


Usually, guests have the habit of following you over to the kitchen whenever you cook a meal or prepare tea for them. So, having a clean countertop with empty bins and dry sinks are proof that you maintain healthy cooking and hygiene standards seriously.

Living Room

This is where you and your guests spend major time and so keeping it clean is a must. Things like your missing socks, kerchief, or even used tissue papers lie under your couch should be put away. Keep some fresh flowers and place the books on the shelves. Even, vacuuming the upholstery and carpets helps them to look fresh when your guests arrive.

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How To Keep Your Home Dust-Free?    

Although there is no chance to keep your home dust-free, there are many ways to keep the dust from piling up. If your house cleaning brisbane routine is regular, then you don’t have much to declutter, simple dusting and vacuuming is more than enough. In this blog, we have shared a few tips to keep your home dust-free as possible.

Vacuum Your Fabric

Vacuum your furniture upholstery carpet regularly to ensure that your space is dust-free. Fabric tends to attract dust quickly. Dusting them often or using a cleaning spray to clean them will give them a long shelf life and keeps it dust-free. It happens because pollutants settle on the carpets and rugs. By simply dusting, you can’t eliminate the dust residue or debris. In this case, vacuum clean the area to pull the residue that has settled underneath. Also, vacuum your beds, linens, and bed sheets.

Wipe The Light Fixtures & Ceilings

One of the hard to reach place though, but you have to put some effort to reach those areas and dust them often. Dust gets settled there, and if you fail to notice, it would make your entire room with dust particles. Dust allergies happen because of the unmoved pollutants from your space. So, dust the ceiling with a good cleaning tool, and vacuum the dust that landed on the floor.

Keep The Windows Clean

Windows are the face of your house. It allows the sunlight to enter the house. Whether its exterior or interior, windows tend to collect a lot of dust, dusting them often or hiring a window cleaning brisbane service to clean them will keep them in good shape.

Bookshelves & Showcases

This area probably collects a lot of dust on them. Using a microfiber towel, dust them once in a week to keep them dust-free. Whether you use them or not, taking the effort to maintain these wooden shelves and showcase will add elegance to the living area.

Dusting should be part of your house cleaning routine. If you try to keep your home clean and tidy, you will witness a healthy and dust-free environment.

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Know These Uncleaned Spots At Home

House cleaning is a tedious process. When it comes to a regular house cleaning routine, certain areas go unnoticed while cleaning. Also, you won’t even realise until the dust gets accumulated and becomes hard. If you want to maintain a clean environment, this blog is intended to provide you that. Here are the few spots that get overlooked. So, let’s take a look. You can simply, hire a professional house cleaning sunshine coast company for all your house cleaning needs!

Bookshelves & Cots

This area invites dust and people normally stock huge piles of paper, books, and decor items, pens, and whatnot. As a result, it gets cluttered. If space is cluttered, dust appears to accumulate faster. So make sure to take off the clutter from the bookshelves and arrange them neatly. Also, dust and clean them regularly. Add this spot into your regular cleaning schedule and wipe it off with a soft microfiber cloth. Also, how often you sweep or dust the surface under your cot? You should always dust and sweep the surface under your bed as well.


Do you clean your refrigerator regularly? Well, some of you won’t even consider it for cleaning. However, it is where the dust and dirt pile up. So ensure to clean the top and inside of your refrigerator regularly. If you clean them often, your fridge will smell good. On the other hand, refrigerator coils get dusty too. If you can’t clean them on your own, hire a refrigerator cleaning service to help you out.

Lights & Fans

Most people won’t even know that they should clean their light fixtures and ceiling fans often. As a result, a huge amount of dust gets collected on them and spreads all over the room. So, add these spots to your schedule and clean them just like your house cleaning routine. Moreover, when you clean them regularly, there won’t be time for the dust to get thicken or hard.

To prevent your house from dust and dirt, you should follow a regular house cleaning and dusting routine, so that you can keep your home spotless and flawless.

But, if you are running on a busy schedule, leave the house cleaning job to our expert house cleaners sunshine coast from Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services. We will tidy up the place for you and keep your house in a pristine condition. For appointments, call 1300 356 397 today.

Ways To Use Baking Soda In Your House Cleaning

Sometimes you may not be aware that simple kitchen things would help in your house cleaning. Yes. Baking soda helps a lot in house cleaning. Right from the stain removal to polishing the area, you can use baking soda in numerous ways. Whether your floor tiles lose its colour or extremely stained carpets, rusty mirror, or greasy kitchen, adding a spoonful of baking soda in your cleaning solves everything. Even professional house cleaning brisbane recommend adding baking soda in your DIY house cleaning. Here we have come up with certain proven ways to use baking soda to achieve a flawless and sparkling home.


If your bathroom sinks are fitted with a mirror, chances it may fade due to hard water deposits and black spots. Take a spoonful of baking soda and mix it with water, allow the solution stay on the rusty areas of the mirror, leave it for half an hour and scrub it gently, your mirror will look as good as a new one.


If your kitchen is greasy, make a solution of baking soda, lemon, and vinegar and spray it on greasy areas of your kitchen, followed by a gentle scrub, and wipe it with warm water. This is recommended to remove all the stubborn stains, grease, or oil dirt as vinegar and lemon are known to remove tough stains, and baking soda helps to polish the area. So, you can make your kitchen spotless and sparkling.

Bathroom Tiles

Like the kitchen, your bathroom tiles lose its colour over time due to frequent water deposits. Well, you can get back its former condition with baking soda. Gently spray the baking powder in the discoloured areas, and you can also add vinegar to get that extra shine. Scrub the grout lines if you feel they need some cleaning. Once it’s done, mop them with a regular cleaning solution to make them look spotless.

Removes Odour

Baking soda is great at removing bad odours. Spray it on your bed and your couches and leave it aside. Baking soda kills the bugs and removes the sweat smell, even pet urine odours efficiently. When it is mixed with vinegar, it helps remove tough stains.

A clean house is something that happens with effort and regular maintenance. To make your house stay clean and refreshing, consider hiring our house cleaners brisbane from Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services. For appointments, call 1300 356 397.

How To Create A Perfect Living Room?

Everyone aims to create a perfect living room, but what makes a perfect living room, it is simpler than you think. Having a clean and bright room with minimal decors and simple furnishings would make your living room more breathable and attractive. You do not need luxury carpets, or chandeliers or big fluffy sofas to add up the glam, you can make a perfect living area within your space with regular house cleaning sunshine coast and little tune-ups to get the look.

Declutter the Unwanted Items

You should remember that a living room is the face of your house, so, you must keep it clean and clutter-free. Keep the books on appropriate shelves and make your cushions sit simply with embellished pillows.

Clean and Colourful Carpet

If you have a smaller space, using a fluffy carpet would be nice to sit on and have some tea time conversations or you can chill out with a Netflix series ideally.

Transparent and Colourful Curtains

Whether you like patterned curtains or plain and stain curtains,get them and hang them on your windows and let it add an extra dose of glam to your space. Also, you must pick a colour that matches your wall and cushions.

Let Your Walls Speak Too

Add some colours to your wall and see how amazing it turns your space into a dreamy abode. You can also try sticking beautiful wallpapers or scenery on the wall to make it look attractive.

Add Some Accessories

Simple wood hangings, jute chairs on the corner, hanging lamps would make anyone fall in love with your space. Simple accessories would greatly add elegance to your home space within seconds and remember not to put too much off them. It would end up in clutter again.

Also, once you make all the arrangements, follow a regular house cleaning routine to keep them in great shape. You can also get the house cleaners sunshine coast to help you out in the cleaning process and make your living space refreshing all the time.

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The Secret For A Spotless Kitchen – Read More!

Want to make your kitchen look spotless? Every household’s never-ending problem is to make their kitchen grease-free and look spotless. However, what makes a kitchen great depends on how well you organise it. Hiring a kitchen or house cleaning sunshine coast services or a house cleaner for help would make your kitchen clean. You can even ask the house cleaning professional to pin up the kitchen cleaning in the regular house cleaning schedule. However, if you plan to give a shot, you do not need a big space to fit everything you have, but you can arrange it neatly in the available space that you have.

Just a few handy tips and tricks would do well. Check out our list.

Organise The Items By Purpose

Arrange your kitchenware and daily use vessels in an easy to reach shelf and the other glassware up above it. This would help you have some space and also handy.

Hang Some

You can hang things like potholders, dishes, kitchen towels, and your aprons on the hanger mounted to the wall. While placing the hanger, ensure to keep it away from the stove to avoid food spills and grease dirt.

Arrange By Use

Place the tea cups, dishes, bowls, similar dishes, and bowls, in an easy to reach cupboard and specify any occasional vessels on the upper shelf. Also, remember to keep your kitchen cutlery storage in appropriate holders and kits.

Store In Containers

If you do not like spills and want your groceries free from the invasion of rats and insects. You must specify each item in airtight containers and place them in the closest range as possible. This would make your grocery things to remain dry.

Place The Stow Tools

Keep the stow tools near to you for fast and efficient food preparations and ensure you keep them within your reach.

Under The Sink

Place all the cleaning supplies, scrubbers, washers in the drawer under the sink and manage your vessel washing effectively. Also, make some space for the wrappers, silver foil papers, plastic cups and disposable bags in the drawer. So, you can use them efficiently and keep them in the same drawer.

Deep clean your kitchen every week twice and see if the arrangements you made help you, and if you do not like or find it difficult, re-align everything and see if it works.

If you need a deep cleaning or kitchen cleaning service, feel free to call the house cleaners sunshine coast at Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services. For appointments, Call 1300 356 397 today.

Amazing Health Benefits Of A Clean Home

A clean home is a source of happiness. When you keep your home clean consistently, it will have several benefits that will improve your physical and mental health and also saves your money. However, today’s busy lifestyle may not encourage you to do that. Well, you can schedule a weekly cleaning or even get the help of house cleaning sunshine coast services to clean your house. With many house cleaning services available, you can choose the one that fits your budgetary requirements.

Keep Your Bed Clean

A clean bed often leads to better sleep. With an ongoing busy lifestyle, you may run out of time to rearrange things and safely put them in their places. However, when your bed is messy and not organised properly, it will cause stress. When you make a little effort to keep them organised, it will have numerous benefits. From leading better sleep to preventing you from unwanted stress, a clean bed is something, which you should maintain all the time. Also, vacuuming the blankets is recommended, as it helps to kill all the microorganisms and prevents you from allergies.

Keep Your Living Space Clutter-Free

Clutters, dirty laundry, and the overflowing bins – You can’t imagine the height of filth you are building at your home. The result is, it will slow down your mind, and make your work aimlessly. Moreover, you will tend to make poor food choices and can even get sick often. So, you must keep the living area and your kitchen as clean as possible and clear the unwanted things from the living area. By enabling a spacious and organised living area ensures peace and also attracts your nosy neighborhood to spend some more time at your home.

Keep Your Bathroom Clean

If you find yourself falling sick often, perhaps it is time to check your washrooms. If you fail to clean them regularly, it produces nasty odours and the bacteria, and germs would multiply faster than ever to attack you. Soap scum, hard water deposits may dull your bathroom floors. Keeping them clean and bright makes them look nice for a long time.

Whether you are looking for a regular cleaning service or one-time cleanup, you can take the help of our house cleaners sunshine coast at Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services. For appointments, call us on 1300 356 397 today.

How To Clean Your Home Quickly? – Here’s How

House cleaning is no easy task. Running an efficient home involves a lot of things. However, you can do it with peace with simple tricks. Here, we provide you with some easy tips that get your home sparkling clean in less than an hour. Sometimes, when there are children at home, you really cannot excuse the clutter and mess they leave. However, you can involve house cleaning sunshine coast company in the cleaning process to help you out.

Let them Take part

Decluttering unwanted things? Well, this is something fun and enjoyable that your children can participate in. Make a list of things that needs to be arranged or thrown away and allot each one with a list of things to trash or keep inside the carton. By doing this way, you can clear all the stuff that is not useful. Also, you must ensure that you don’t allow them to touch any mirror or glass-related items or any sprays that are potential threats.

Dust & Vacuum all the Places

Either with a cobweb stick or a vacuum cleaners sunshine coast dust and vacuum all the upholstery and carpets and ensure they are free from dirt and debris. You can put some extra mats inside and outside of your door to avoid dust entering your carpet.

Arm yourself with Efficient Cleaning Kits

Good cleaning supplies and appropriate tools can help you make the cleaning faster. From the kitchen floors to the microwave, you can clear out any grease with a kitchen cleaner and add a pinch of baking soda to get extra sheen.

Keep Your Bathroom Smell Fresh

To keep your bathroom smell good is a challenge. However, you can make it with a simple trick. Take a glass bowl and fill it with white vinegar or baking soda; this has the power to remove any bad odour or smell and keep it fresh. Also, having aroma oil jars or sweet scents inside the bathroom can make it refreshing all day long.

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