How To Keep Your Home Dust-Free?    

Although there is no chance to keep your home dust-free, there are many ways to keep the dust from piling up. If your house cleaning brisbane routine is regular, then you don’t have much to declutter, simple dusting and vacuuming is more than enough. In this blog, we have shared a few tips to keep your home dust-free as possible.

Vacuum Your Fabric

Vacuum your furniture upholstery carpet regularly to ensure that your space is dust-free. Fabric tends to attract dust quickly. Dusting them often or using a cleaning spray to clean them will give them a long shelf life and keeps it dust-free. It happens because pollutants settle on the carpets and rugs. By simply dusting, you can’t eliminate the dust residue or debris. In this case, vacuum clean the area to pull the residue that has settled underneath. Also, vacuum your beds, linens, and bed sheets.

Wipe The Light Fixtures & Ceilings

One of the hard to reach place though, but you have to put some effort to reach those areas and dust them often. Dust gets settled there, and if you fail to notice, it would make your entire room with dust particles. Dust allergies happen because of the unmoved pollutants from your space. So, dust the ceiling with a good cleaning tool, and vacuum the dust that landed on the floor.

Keep The Windows Clean

Windows are the face of your house. It allows the sunlight to enter the house. Whether its exterior or interior, windows tend to collect a lot of dust, dusting them often or hiring a window cleaning brisbane service to clean them will keep them in good shape.

Bookshelves & Showcases

This area probably collects a lot of dust on them. Using a microfiber towel, dust them once in a week to keep them dust-free. Whether you use them or not, taking the effort to maintain these wooden shelves and showcase will add elegance to the living area.

Dusting should be part of your house cleaning routine. If you try to keep your home clean and tidy, you will witness a healthy and dust-free environment.

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