Get Your Windows Sparkling Clean Now!

Keeping your windows clean is a good sign that you are treating your house well. However, it is quite difficult to maintain them with changing seasons and different temperatures. These could affect the appearance of your windows.

Moreover, overtime build-up of dust, grime, and other dirt could ruin them making your house look less appealing. By maintaining their appearance, you will be able to improve your house’s energy. Poorly maintained windows allow harmful UV rays inside your house, and that is something not good for you. To protect your house, you can either do a monthly window cleaning brisbane or hire a professional window cleaner to help you out.

If your house is located near the coastal area, then your windows are more likely exposed to the salt breeze and wind that could damage your windows. If you want to enjoy the spectacular view of the sea from your balcony, ensure you give them a regular wipe. As windows are the visual boost of your house’s interior and exterior, it needs some protection. All it takes is some good cleaning solution and gentle cleaning movements to achieve a spotless window. It is advisable not to use any hard solutions for cleaning; it might blur your windows with streaks.

Professional window cleaners adelaide use the right cleaning methods to ensure that they remove salt and sand patches thoroughly from the glass. As they have the proper tools and effective cleaning supplies to make your windows look sparkling clean. When your windows are abraded by the salty breeze, it needs a professional touch. When you hire a window cleaning service, your windows will be cleared from any smudges, finger marks, or scratches

When you plan to clean them your own, you should use a microfiber towel or a soft squeegee to clean them, however, it is always safe to hire a window cleaning service for a spotless finish.

If you are looking for a window cleaning adelaide services, you can call Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services on 1300 356 397 today.

Three Important Reasons To Choose Professional Window Cleaning Company

Whether it is a pre-summer or spring cleaning, most people avoid the thought of cleaning. This is especially true when it comes to window cleaning as the process associated with it is cumbersome. However, if you choose to hire a professional window cleaning adelaide company, you don’t have to spend hours of your precious time to clean the windows yourself.  Moreover, you can stay away from all possible injuries that could spike up during cleaning.

Why Should You Choose Professional Window Cleaning Company?

Site Inspection:

Before going ahead with the job, the commercial cleaning company will check every aspect in detail. This involves observing height from the ground, accessibility to the windows and if there are barriers or fragile aspects to ensure the safety of the cleaners.

Protective Gears:

Some window cleaning projects require experts working in high-rise apartments and buildings. In order to protect themselves from mishaps, the professional window cleaners will wear protective gears such as eyewear, strong hat and protective jacket. After all, no one wants to run the risk of injuries. If you try to do cleaning yourself, you should invest a considerable amount to purchase all these protective gears to stay protected.

Training, Licensing, And Certification:

The window cleaners adelaide are trained on the industry safety procedures and cleaning process, which enable them to complete the work without compromising the service quality. Moreover, they are trained, licensed and have all of the necessary certifications which would add to the credibility of the job. They know which chemicals and cleaning solution to use to give you satisfactory results.

At Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services, we have experienced and well-trained window cleaners who will do the job for you. So, the next time you think of hiring someone for your window cleaning needs, look no further than us. For consultation and appointments, give us a call at 1300 356 397.

How Often Should Business Windows Be Cleaned?

Window Cleaning Sydney

Here at Sunshine Eco Cleaning, we’re accustomed to answering questions, whether they’re little ones about commercial cleaning products or bigger ones like how to hire high-quality window cleaners sydney. As our top priority is you – the customer – we strive to give the best advice.

When it comes to commercial windows (cafes, bars, shops, offices etc.), there is conflicting advice on how regularly businesses need cleaning. As types of use and rates of wear differ dramatically from one premises to the next, the answer depends on their routines.

This quick guide to commercial window cleaning will help you decide how many visits to schedule.


Often, the biggest factor is location. If your business is close to highways and busy streets, you’ll need window cleaners brisbane more regularly. When close to the fumes created by traffic, glass gets dirty fast. You’ll notice grime builds up much quicker in these areas.


While the presence of trees negates the impact of traffic fumes, to some extent, it doesn’t mean cleaner windows. In fact, if there are trees close to the building (close enough to touch or overhang), they’ll probably drip sap. This can be annoying, but it is easy to clean. Just get in touch with reliable window cleaners in your area.


Most people assume rainy environments reduce the need for window cleaning sunshine coast. While it’s true some business windows look less dusty and present fewer blemishes, water itself leaves stains. After a rainstorm, you’ll often find stains caused by dried out mineral deposits. So, don’t assume the weather will do the job for you.

General Guidelines for Window Cleaning

    • Busy Office – Bimonthly
    • Less Busy Office (no customers) – Monthly
    • Busy Retail Stores – Monthly
    • Low Traffic Stores – Bimonthly
    • Restaurants – Twice Weekly
  • Healthcare Facilities – Monthly

Professional window cleaning is recommended for businesses because brands depend on looking good. To convince customers you’ve got the goods on the inside, you’ve got to look the part outside. So, trust Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services to help your business show its best face to the world. Call us at 1300 356 397 for booking our window cleaners.

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Are You Doing Your Window Cleaning Properly?

Windows are must-have for every house as they allow in enough illumination during the day and they are also fixed for ventilation purposes. Well, this means that they should also be taken care of by ensuring that they are thoroughly cleaned regularly. If you notice that you are not able to have a clear view of the outdoor areas from the inside of the house, this is a clear indication that the windows are clogged with dirt. But when it comes to the cleaning part, majority people end up clogging their windows even more due to various things that they fail to do, or they do them the wrong way.

Some of the mistakes that people tend to make when cleaning the windows include:

  • Use of the wrong tools

The kind of tools you utilize in the cleaning process can hugely affect your windows. If you have hired for window cleaning services Sydney before, you would agree with me that the cleaners use special scrubbing tools that are not abrasive such that your windows will not get scratched. This shows that not all window cleaning items are suitable for all windows. If you don’t have an idea on the best window cleaning items to buy for your home use, find professional window cleaners in Sydney, to provide you with safe and quick window cleaning services.

  • Not being keen when reviewing the window after cleaning

Have you ever cleaned your windows but later realized that you can still see some drips of soapy water stuck on the glass panes? Leaving the dirty drips is a common mistake some people make when they clean their windows and fail to look at the cleaned window from different angles. Therefore, after you are done cleaning the windows take time and look at the windows from various aspects to see if there are dirty water residuals stuck on the glass parts.

  • Cleaning at the wrong time

Cleaning the windows when it is hot is not advisable. This is because the sun tends to dry the window quickly before you rinse off the water. Thus, this ends up clogging the windows especially if you fail to rinse off the windows immediately. So, if it is summer season, make sure to clean the windows early in the morning or in the evening when the sun is down.

If you live in Sydney and you would want to receive quality window cleaning Sydney services, call us 1300 356 397, and Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services will help you transform your windows and leave them sparkling clean. If you opt to clean your windows, watch out for the above mistakes, which most people tend to make when doing their cleaning.