Top 4 Professional Carpet Cleaning Tips And Secrets

Despite your great efforts at cleaning, your carpets and rugs will become the victim of spills, drops, accidents and something that you carry at the bottom of your shoes. To make our customers handle problematic areas with ease, the experts of Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services have come up with the professional carpet cleaning sunshine coast tips and secrets that help to extend the life of your carpets.

Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum:

Rubbing dirt against the fibres can damage your carpets extensively and can have a great impact on its longevity. If your home is supposed to get a lot of food traffic, then it should be vacuumed 2 to 3 times a week. With all of the dirt, mud and soil tracked into homes, regular vacuuming can help to remove most of it.

Say No To Shoes Inside Your Home:

Just imagine, you walk around the streets, public bathrooms, shopping malls, restaurants and other public places with a lot of germs and dirt. If you get around your home with your shoes and wipe them on carpets, simply think how much dirt and germs the carpet fibres attract towards them.  So, get a rack where you can store your shoes at the entrance without getting the dirt in and around your home.

Apply Carpet Protector Regularly:

Carpets are a huge investment and can be made to last longer with proper maintenance. One of the most practical ways to maintain and extend the life of your carpet is applying protective solutions regularly. These carpet protectants prevent stains and spills from setting on the carpet fibres, making it easier for you to clean up.

Place A Rug In The Kitchen:

As you are cooking in the kitchen, the oil comes down whereas smoke goes up. If you place carpets in the kitchen, the oil and grease gets stuck in between the carpet fibres. The best way to prevent this from happening is to place a rug in the cooking area.

Trust Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services!

Yes, regular carpet cleaning is extremely crucial, but in the meantime, it is one of the most tedious jobs to carry out. The best way to get your carpets cleaned is to assign the task to carpet cleaners sunshine coast of Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services. To schedule your next carpet cleaning, call 1300 356 397 and talk to us now.

Five Places That Go Unnoticed While Carrying Out Commercial Cleaning

So, you are tired of working in a stuffy office space and willing to let some fresh air in. If so, then it is time for performing a deep cleaning of your workplace. Besides carpet cleaning, window washing, dusting, mopping and vacuuming, there are several areas around the workplace that should be given meticulous attention. Most times, they go unnoticed but they will be glaringly visible to potential customers and guests who visit your commercial premises.

To help businesses with their commercial cleaning Adelaide needs, Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services has come up with a complete check-list that ensures deeper cleaning.


Over time, the accumulated dust and grime will find its way into HVAC systems, making the air inside of your workplace less optimal to breathe. So, make sure that you clean the baseboards and backsplashes on a regular basis.

Printers and Copy Machines:

When regularly used, the printers and copy machines may leave small particles around. Eventually, these particles get accumulated around, behind and under the copiers, making your workplace unsafe.


The air conditioning systems are in constant use in the workplace, causing allergens, dust and other particles to build-up in the vents. So, it is extremely crucial to have them cleaned on a regular basis to provide a dust-free environment for your employees.

Ceiling Tiles:

If your commercial space has tiles on the ceiling, then they may be prone to collecting dust and grime. Irrespective of their height, you must have it cleaned so that you can make your office looking sparkling clean.

Fan Blades:

Whether they are operated regularly or rarely, ceiling fans can attract dust particles from the air and stick to fan blades, creating an eyesore. Over time, these particles make your work environment unsafe for your employees, which is why it is important to wipe-off the fan blades regularly.

In addition to the above-mentioned areas, you should pay attention to light fixtures, walls, stairways, picture frames, door knobs, switches, office kitchen, office furniture, plants and greenery when it’s time for cleaning your office space.

If you don’t want to do these dirty works yourself, you can consider hiring our commercial cleaners adelaide for all your commercial cleaning needs. Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services has the right cleaning products, tools and equipment to get the job done right. To schedule your next commercial cleaning, call us at 1300 356 397.

Why Should You Entrust Your Carpet Cleaning Needs To Sunshine Eco Cleaning?

When it comes to carpet cleaning, Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services has become a renowned name industry with an extensive customer base. We hold years of expertise and experience in delivering flawless carpet cleaning sunshine coast services to our customers. We use a green solution in combination with a hot water extraction process to clean the carpet effectively. Our carpet cleaning methods are safe for your pets and kids, which help to ensure a healthier environment for everyone in your family. As we have access to all the vital sources, we can get your carpets cleaned and return them to you the same day.

Reasons To Entrust Your Needs To Us:

  • We use an extremely powerful cleaning solution that penetrates deep into the fibre and removes the stubborn stains and dirt from the carpet. Our specialised carpet cleaning equipment whisks away the dirt, ensuring that even residues will not be left behind in the carpets.
  • As our carpet cleaning process requires a little quantity of water, you can have a clean, dry carpet the same day. Moreover, you need not have to face the risk of mildew and mould growth as we will only deliver the carpets that are completely dried. We know that if the carpet is not dried properly, the foul smell comes out of it, transforming your living environment into a horrible one. That’s why we pay meticulous attention to get the carpets dried before returning them to our customers.
  • With our carpet cleaning services, around 99% of allergens, bacteria and other harmful agents are removed from the carpets and upholstery. We also add sanitiser for improving indoor air quality. Our carpet cleaners apply specialised solutions that can rejuvenate the stain-resistant power of the carpet.
  • As already mentioned, we only use a safe, green cleaning solution that does not contain any sort of chemicals and harsh substances. They are non-toxic and completely safe for your pets and family.

Whether you want one-time carpet cleaning or regular cleaning services, our carpet cleaners sunshine coast has got you covered. Simply give us a call at 1300 356 397 to schedule your next cleaning.

Achieve Amicable Work Environment With Professional Office Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning is not a subject that should be debated upon, but rather it is a prerogative. Simply think about different individuals who use the same restroom, coffee pots, sink faucets, microwave and telephones in a single day. So, there may be countless germs and pathogens circulating in your office premises. The above aspects are enough reasons as to why opting for regular office cleaning is paramount.

Many offices appear to be well kept and clean, but the truth is that there will be numerous hard-to-clean regions that serve as perfect hiding places for pathogens. Even your in-house office cleaning team may overlook these areas while cleaning the premises. The best way to ensure a clean and amicable work environment for your employees is to use the services of a professional office cleaning Brisbane company.

Prolong The Life Of Office Supplies:

Your office environment may consist of a number of valuable items such as computers, paper shredders, printers, furniture, carpets and electronic products to name a few. Only with regular cleaning and maintenance, these valuable items will last longer. Professional office cleaners brisbane can give you a timely and thorough cleanup that will prolong the life of your office supplies.

Establish A Professional Business Image:

Just imagine how horrible it will be to through the office with papers accumulated in an untidy pile and stains on the walls and floors. Will you like to do business with an organisation that lacks a professional image? No, definitely not. To project a positive business image, it is important to have a clean and tidy office. By outsourcing the cleaning tasks to an office cleaning company, you can be assured that your office will be cleaned on a regular basis.

Trust The Office Cleaners At Sunshine Eco Cleaning:

No matter where you have your office located in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and Sunshine Coast, Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services is the name you can depend on for your office cleaning needs. With green cleaning methods and flexible scheduling, we can bring out the best in your business. To chalk out your cleaning routine, you can give us a call on 1300 356 397.

Three Reasons To Choose Sunshine Eco Cleaning For Your House Cleaning Project

Returning back to home which is filled with aroma following a hectic day helps you to stay relax. If you have your house cleaned by a professional house cleaning sunshine coast company, you will not only be able to save a great deal of time and energy but can also get your house cleaned in a proficient manner. At Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services, we have been providing house cleaning services to our customers across Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast at the most affordable prices.

As a homeowner, you can enjoy the following benefits when you choose us for your house cleaning project.

Benefits of Hiring Our House Cleaners:

Variety Of Services:

When you choose us, you can expect us to implement unique cleaning methods to get your residential property cleaned. We offer various types of house cleaning services sunshine coast to our esteemed customers, including spring cleaning, carpet cleaning, end of lease cleaning and so forth.

Customised Services:

Before we start off with the cleaning process, we will educate you on the procedure and the materials we use to clean your house. If you want specific areas of your home to be cleaned, you can convey your requirements to us so that we can customise our services to reflect your cleaning needs.

Appropriate Cleaning Products:

With years of knowledge in the cleaning industry, we know which products are of high quality and are safe to be used within a residential environment. Our house cleaners sunshine coast is committed to using eco-friendly products to make certain that you, your beloveds and environment are protected in the best possible manner. We are also trained in determining the most appropriate products to remove a specific type of stains on the floor or any surface in your home.

So, the next time you are in need of spring cleaning, move-in cleaning, end of lease cleaning or carpet cleaning for your residential property, don’t hesitate to call our team at 1300 356 397.

Why Should a Pet Owner Hire a House Cleaning Company?

Keeping your house clean could be a hard thing, and it can get even harder if you have pets. Pets are part of our lives. They need us just as much as we need them. In return for offering them a home, pets show us unconditional love, loyalty, and companionship. Studies have shown that owning a pet plays a significant role in keeping us healthy because they reduce the stress level.

However, with all the love and joy they bring, pets could be quite messy; the fur, urine, dirty footprints and even poop. Maybe because of work or school, it can become challenging to keep your house clean. Hiring a House Cleaning Sunshine Coast company is crucial. This is why;

Saves you Time

Cleaning after your pet could take up a lot of time. If you work throughout the week, the last thing you want to do is spend your weekends cleaning. Hiring cleaning services will save your time, and you could instead spend more time with your family or catching up with friends.

Better Results

Professionals will do a better job than you. They have the skills and experience. They can, for example, be able to differentiate the types of stains, and they know which products work better. The cleaners are not afraid to go down and get dirty to ensure that no spot is left untouched. Their services come in handy, especially if you are doing Bond Cleaning Sunshine Coast.

It is Easy

House cleaning can be a hard and cumbersome task, mainly because of the extra fur and foul smells from the urine. The house cleaning crew is used to this kind of physical labour required to get the job done. Mould and fungus, fur, dust and urine get trapped in the carpets and walls. It easier for you to sit back and have them do the cleaning.

Safety of your Pets

The cleaning company knows which products are safe and which are not. They will use pet-friendly products. Pets, especially dogs, are curious, and they put almost everything in their mouths. Because of this, they could easily be harmed if the products used during the cleaning are not pet-friendly.

Hiring the best house cleaners sunshine coast from a professional house cleaning company will make your premises clean, but it will also improve the health conditions.

Step by Step Process Involved in Carpet Steam Cleaning

Regular cleaning of your carpet helps to make it last longer. It also gets rid of dirt, dust and bacteria that have accumulated over time. Your carpet is even more prone to getting dirtier if you have children and pets. There are several ways of cleaning your carpet, depending on how often you wash it, how much time you have or the texture of the carpet. Simply, you can hire a professional Carpet Cleaning Adelaide company for all your carpet cleaning needs!

Steam cleaning is, however, a more preferred method of carpet cleaning mainly because no chemicals are involved; It is eco-friendly. Below is a step by step guide involved in carpet steam cleaning:

Clear Everything from the Room

For cleaning to be effective, you have to clear the floor. Move the tables and chairs to another room. Collect all the toys, papers and any other item lying on the floor. The floor should be free of any clutter.

Dust the Surfaces

Use a dust cloth to dust the ceiling fans and windows to prevent trapped dust from falling back on the carpet after cleaning.

Vacuum the Carpet

Vacuum the room carefully, making sure you cover every inch. Steam cleaning only removes the small dirt particles trapped in the fibres of the rug. Vacuuming also makes the carpet fluffy, and this will make sure that the steams gets deep into the carpet.

Remove Stains

Use a stain remover to get rid of specific stains. Steam cleaning doesn’t always remove the stubborn stains. It is, therefore, necessary to take care of these stains before steam cleaning.

Fill the Steam Cleaner

Fill the steamer with hot water, add the soap as directed by the manufacturer of the machine. If you prefer more natural products, you could use vinegar instead.

Start Cleaning

Start steaming from one corner and gently work yourself out of the room. Take your time to make sure that the machine sucks in as much water as possible. Make sure that you don’t walk on parts that have already been cleaned.

Allow the Carpet to Dry

It takes around six to eight hours for the carpet to dry. Open all the windows to allow fresh air to circulate and accelerate the drying process. During this time, make sure not to step on the rug. If you really have to step on the cleaned area, wear plastic bags so as not to leave dirt on the wet carpet.

Hiring the best carpet cleaners Adelaide from a professional carpet cleaning company will make your premises clean, but it will also improve the health conditions.

15 Things to Consider for the Best Office Cleaning Company

Hiring office cleaning services for your business or office will have you confident that a team of professionals is handling your premise. However, it does not mean that you should hire just any service provider. You need to choose the right service provider for the best results.

There are several characteristics that you should consider while choosing the best service provider for your Office Cleaning Adelaide. Here are some of the essential things you should look for.

  • You can ask for a list of the services that they provide.
  • You should also ask to see their proof of insurance.
  • You should also read through their contract agreement and see if you are happy with their services.
  • Make sure that the company has enough experience with the work you are about to give them.
  • If possible, you can also enquire about the consistency of their services from several of their clients.
  • Ensure that the commercial cleaning company fits within your budget.
  • You should also ensure that the company can offer extra services and accommodate the needs that your office may require.
  • You should also see to it that their employees have received safety training for the work you are about to assign them.
  • You should also enquire about their mode of employment because you need to have a trustworthy crew handling your office.
  • Hiring a team with low turnover rates is important so that you have a consistent crew of office cleaners Adelaide working at your office.
  • Make sure that the company’s schedule does not collide with your office schedule.
  • You should also make sure that they have quality equipment and supplies to handle your office
  • It would be better if the company has environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • Request for information about the status of the company, to ensure that they are established and traceable.
  • Lastly, make sure that the company does not have any hidden or extra charges apart from the ones listed on the quotation.

Hiring the best office cleaning services Adelaide company will not only leave you with a neat office, but it will also improve the health conditions.


Carpets are costly, at the time of purchase you have expectations that the carpet will stay in good shape for several years before thinking of getting a replacement. The higher the quality of the carpet, the longer it is expected to last.

However, despite the texture, size, or quality of the carpet, if it is not cleaned and vacuumed, chances are it will wear sooner than when it is maintained.

Regular cleaning of your carpet helps to make it last longer. Carpet Cleaning Brisbane company gets rid of dust and dirt that have built up the carpet. These particles cause wear and tear on the fibers of the carpet every time you step on the carpet. Your carpet is more prone to dirt and food particles if you have children and pets. Therefore, you will require more cleaning than someone who lives alone.

You should vacuum your carpet at least once a week and the number of times you vacuum depends on how big your family is. If you have stubborn stains that you are not sure how to get rid of, hiring Carpet Cleaners Brisbane is the best solution since you do not want to risk damaging your carpet. The cleaners are more skilled, and they have the tools required for the task.

Neglecting your carpet also causes it to lose its original color and texture, making it dull and unattractive. It can also make the rug feel uncomfortable.

Spills that have accumulated in the carpet for a while can cause bad odor and make the air stuffy. Regular cleaning leaves the carpet fresh, therefore improving the quality of air around you.

The other reason why it is vital to maintain your carpet is that you get rid of germs and bacteria that have accumulated in the carpet. These bacteria are a health hazard and could cause severe infections. Toddlers face a higher risk of getting infected because they tend to put everything in the mouth.

There are several ways of cleaning your carpet depending and how often you wash it, the texture of the carpet or if you are targeting a specific kind of invader like mold. Carpet Cleaning Services Brisbane services will help you in the best mode of cleaning, depending on your needs.

Regular care of your carpet all year round ensures that the substances responsible for the breakdown of the carpet fiber are absent, which means that your carpet will have a longer and quality life.


Cleanliness at the workplace is very vital. A clean and neat environment motivates employees to work harder, therefore, increasing productivity; clean surfaces creates a serene atmosphere that is key to productivity whereas a cluttered environment creates chaos which reduced one’s ability to focus and process information.

It is, therefore, necessary to seek professional help from commercial cleaning adelaide services. They are trained and equipped well enough to deal with different types of stains. However, before hiring these services, there are five crucial factors you need to consider. They include:

They Should be Trustworthy

Do a background check on the company’s reputation. Can they be trusted? The company should emphasize on values and integrity. You do not want to hire a company that will have you worried about the safety and security of the office equipment.


The company and its staff should display professionalism at all time. The office cleaning adelaide company should fully be equipped and be able to clean all the surfaces with no supervision required.


The company should be flexible enough to work with your time. Most offices prefer cleaning to take place after working hours when everyone has left the office. This helps to prevent accidents caused as a result of slippery floors. It also allows the office surfaces time to dry before the employees get back; this makes the surfaces remain clean for longer.

Ask for References

Inquire about which other companies the cleaning services have worked for. Contact these companies directly and get their reviews regarding the cleaning company. Did the other companies enjoy the services they offered? Would they recommend the cleaning company? This question will help you determine if you should hire the company or not.

Liability Insurance

Accidents in the office are not common, but when they do happen, they can be costly. That is why you need to find out if the office cleaners adelaide company has covered its’ staff against accidents in the office. Your office should not be held responsible for the unfortunate event that an accident occurs. Also, make sure that the company is licensed to operate because only licensed companies have insurance.