Follow this Quarantine-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Tips

Of course, the corona has quarantined you, you have plenty of time to work out, cook, enjoy meals, have fun time with your family. That being said, cleaning should also be a part of your schedule. To have a safe and healthy home, everything should be kept clean and tidy. Most importantly carpet cleaning, whether you’re doing yoga or playing with your furry friend, or simply having a casual TV time with family, everybody prefers to sit on the carpet floor to have their cost time. In cases like these, you must keep your carpet clean and smell great. And that’s exactly what we‘re going to look at in this blog. If you can’t clean your carpets, you can simply hire a professional carpet cleaning brisbane services from a reputed cleaning company for all your carpet cleaning needs!

  • Vacuum them regularly. This would keep the carpets free from sand, debris and other kinds of dirt and make it appear fresh

  • Arm yourself with a steam cleaner and do carpet steam cleaning brisbane services once a week to kill all the germs and bacteria. The heat from the steam cleaner is guaranteed to kill the germs instantly. Also, while using the steam cleaner, you must consider adding a sweet-smelling fabric conditioner along with it. This would make the carpet feel refreshed.

  • During the lock down period, there is no limit for spills and if your carpet has been the scapegoat, you must hurry without wasting the time. Use lemon or vinegar spray to loosen the stain and remove the fragment using blot dry method.

  • While you’re vacuuming or steam cleaning the carpet, use a sanitiser or a disinfectant the carpet area, by doing so, you’re keeping the area germ-free.

  • Keeping the carpets clean is quite a challenge, but if you make it as your routine, you can make them look good and last for years to come. Moreover, it helps to lead a clean and healthy lifestyle.

  • Hire the expert carpet cleaning services brisbane professionals, in case of immediate assistance. So that you can get your carpets back to its condition in a few hours.

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Vacuum Cleaning Or Carpet Cleaning? Which Is Better? – Find Out Now

Generally, when it comes to carpet cleaning, all house owners with carpet floors should maintain their carpet’s appearance. Of course, regular vacuuming helps your carpets to be dust-free. Running the vacuum cleaners every day on the carpets does not help in achieving a deep clean. You need to schedule a professional carpet cleaning regularly to maintain the health of your carpets. Because dust or debris can go deep into the fibres and it can be eliminated only with the help of professional carpet cleaners brisbane.

Gets Rid Of Bacteria

With the help of vacuum cleaners, it is not possible to get rid of all the bacteria or disease-causing pollutants. However, in the case of hiring carpet cleaning service, they will use the right cleaning supplies and provide carpet steam cleaning, which helps kill almost 99% of bacteria and germs and keep the carpets germ-free.

Maintains Appearance

More than a vacuum cleaner, a professional deep clean helps you carpet fibres get back it sheen in no time. They will use eco-friendly cleaning supplies that are gentle on your carpets and also work great in removing any type of stains.

Disinfects The Carpets

Simply by spraying a fabric cleaner or Lysol on the carpet, the germs will not be thoroughly killed. With a professional carpet cleaning services brisbane company, you can ask the carpet cleaner to disinfect the carpets so that your kids or pets will be free from the infection and contamination.

Boosts Air Quality

This is one of the important aspects of a healthy home. When the carpets are dirty and the allergens are spread everywhere it leads to poor quality and can be harmful to your family. Vacuum cleaning doesn’t help to prevent this from happening. However, professional carpet cleaning will make the carpets fresh and helps the indoor air smell good all day long.

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Importance Of Window Cleaning During This COVID-19 Outbreak

Keeping the personal space clean and pleasant is important for a healthy home. Moreover, Window cleaning is one among them. However, quite often they are overlooked in your cleaning schedule. As a result, they look dull and shabby. As windows are the face of your house, which allows natural light and fresh air from the outside, they are prone to attract dust, debris, and bird splatter. To maintain the curb appeal of your home, you must clean your windows regularly. If you can’t able to clean your windows, you can simply hire a professional window cleaning sydney company for all your window cleaning needs!

  • Whether it’s an office or home or a mall or an establishment, clean windows attract people to walk-in, and it should be kept in pristine condition. In this blog, we’re going to concentrate on the importance of window cleaning during this COVID -19 outbreak.

  • Regular window cleaning is important because it helps to get rid of the pollutants and germs that have been struck and enable the natural light to enter your house. Keeping your windows dust-free should be your priority, as any form of dust leads to infections.

  • Dust them often. Because, dirt, dust, and grime tend to settle on your windows. Over time, when left uncleaned, it will turn into disease-causing allergen causing skin and respiratory issues. Keeping the windows clean can make your home healthier and more appealing.

  • Also, window cleaning is a good exercise for your arms and hands; you can easily tone up your arms by doing window cleaning regularly.

  • By hiring a window cleaners sydney, you can make the windows look brighter and also it allows the light to penetrate through your home. In this case, you will get the natural vitamin D supplement. Sunlight is a direct source of Vitamin D that will help strengthen your bones. By exposing yourself to the sunlight, you can help your body get the much-required vitamin D easily. So, having your windows professionally cleaned by window cleaners will not only help boost the appearance but also greatly helps in this regard.

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How To Keep Your Workplace Clean During COVID-19 Outbreak?

Commercial cleaning is essential to keep the workplace safe and healthy at this point. Whether you have employees coming to the office or offering flexible work from home schedules, maintenance is needed for your office to keep the germs and disease-causing bacteria at bay. If there is no cleaning, happening at your office, your carpets and upholstery starts collecting dust, and the indoor air will get polluted and it is harmful to everyone, especially for people who are sensitive and have respiratory issues. So, commercial cleaning brisbane is one thing that you need to do to keep the environment clean and fresh. Here, we’re going to leave some tips to help you survive this outbreak.

Arm Yourself With Sanitisers and Disposable Wipes

Whether you have resumed to the office or about to start, ensure you load all the personal hygiene essentials for your employees. As preventing the spread of COVID-19 is a top concern for many businesses. This is something important for your employees to curb the spread of germs and bacteria contaminating the other areas of the office and helps them to maintain their hygiene at the best.

Vacuuming the Carpets

Keep the carpets clean as it is one of the major contributor dust and debris and bad for people who have respiratory issues. Vacuum them often and keep heavy-duty rugs on high-traffic areas.

Hiring a professional Office Cleaning Brisbane services would also help get our office cleaned to perfection.

Conduct More Regular Cleanings

To make your office a safe haven for your employees, you must perform regular cleaning in high-touch points and high-traffic areas. Performing the cleaning twice a day will keep the environment clean and germ-free. This includes your work areas, chairs, doorknobs, light switches, restrooms, water coolers, kitchen or break areas, and any shared equipment. Use cleaning agents that are intended for disinfecting these types of areas and do the cleaning as instructed. You should also provide disposable wipes for employees to wipe down commonly used surfaces before each use.

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How To Remove Different Types of Stains Easily From Carpets?

As this holiday season calls for many outdoor activities, games, hot and spicy foods, and some epic messy situations, which can make your carpets look miserable. With professional carpet cleaning brisbane services from Sunshine Eco Cleaning, you can make your carpet smile with sparkling cleanliness. Usually, carpets are prone to pet stains, food spills, and wine spills and whatnot. So, immediately attending to the stains with the relevant carpet cleaning method and using effective cleaning solutions is what makes your carpet last for years. Today, we are going to look at the different types of stains, and how you can expertly remove them from your carpets.

Food & Drink Stains

Food & beverage spills are common, but if you don’t attend them quickly, the stain will become persistent and make it hard to remove. In cases like wine or coffee spill, beer, soda, milk and other types of greasy and oily foods, we have some perfect solution for you to follow.

Spray a mild detergent solution onto the stain and let it sit for some time. The solution will loosen up the stain and make it easier for you to remove. Use a white cloth to absorb the moisture and spray some lukewarm water followed by a blot-dry method. By doing so, you can remove the stain easily.

Pet Stains

Well, this is something inevitable. Pet stains are quite annoying and bring bad odours that you can’t resist. So, immediately put a dry white cloth and absorb the moisture and use a lemon-based spry on the affected area, it greatly helps to eliminate the odours and remove the stain quickly.

Chewing Gum & Wax

Among the other stains, getting gum out from the carpet is a big deal. Simply place a Ziploc bag full of ice cubes over the gum to harden it a bit and use a spatula or sharp object to take the gum out of the carpet carefully. Then use a solvent on the area to clear the remaining mess and follow the blot dry method to get rid of the stains thoroughly.

If you’re looking for effective carpet stain removal solution, consider hiring our expert carpet cleaners brisbane from Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services. For appointments, Call 1300 356 397 today.

Keep Your Hospital Clean This Corona Season – Hire Commercial Cleaning

Its corona season, cold and flu everywhere, and people are in self-quarantine period. The outbreak of the deadly virus – Corona has been alarmingly posing health threats to Aussies due to its contagious nature. And, the probability of people reaching out to hospitals and public health care centres has been greatly reduced. As a cleaning company, we understand our role and take responsibility for keeping your commercial spaces clean and germ-free. Our commercial cleaning is mainly intended to provide a germ-free and refreshing environment that you need. Here are some reasons to hire a commercial cleaning sydney service to keep your hospital clean this Corona season.

Commercial cleaning helps to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness standards of health care facilities, which is not only related to the professional look and patient satisfaction, but it also limits the chances of Hospital Acquired Infections called (HAI).

Moreover, health care facilities are required to maintain the utmost cleanliness for minimising the growth of infective organisms, which can spread between patients, visitors, and hospital staff.

Generally, public health facilities are perceived to be unpleasant and unhygienic with poorly maintained buildings, over-flowing drains, and poor patient care areas & often dirty and non-functional toilets.

So, it is necessary to hire a professional commercial cleaners sydney from a reputed company to keep the hospital environment as clean as possible. When you hire them, you can be rest assured knowing that you will have a germ-free & clean space. They use effective cleaning supplies to keep the high-traffic areas, chairs, seats, door handles, and knobs, patients chairs clean and sanitise them with disinfectants.

At Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services, we have been helping health care sectors with our customised commercial cleaning adelaide services. If you have a customised hospital cleaning checklist, you can also discuss with us and our commercial cleaners ensure to give a sparkling clean and germ-free space.

As a people-friendly cleaning company in Sydney, we do our part in combating this corona spread through our high-quality commercial cleaning.

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Carpet Cleaning Tips In This Quarantine Period

Learn more interesting tips to keep your carpet clean and odour-free at this quarantine period.  If you have children at home, it is essential to keep your carpets in ultra-clean condition. To improve your health and happiness, you must take up a regular carpet cleaning job and ensure a dust-free environment. If you can’t, you can simply hire a professional carpet cleaning sunshine coast company for all your carpet cleaning needs!

Our professional carpet cleaners sunshine coast recommend to provide the carpets with 100% cleanliness to ensure you and family are safe. As the family gets to spend some quality time together at this time, it is essential to keep these high-traffic areas cleaned to perfection. Especially, when you get locked up inside and stay indoors, ventilation can be a problem. And, as a result, the pollutants from your air conditioner will get settled on your carpets, which is not good for your home.

So, you must ensure to provide a thorough cleaning by regularly vacuuming your carpets, upholstery, and curtains dust-free. Also you can use heavy-duty rugs on high-traffic areas. Food spills can be inevitable at this time. But, how fast you’re taking up the cleaning process is what keeps your carpet safe and stain free. You can even try a blot-dry method to handle the carpet stains.

When you can’t rid of the stains or require a professional cleanup for your carpets, consider taking the help of professional carpet cleaners sydney.

By hiring our carpet steam cleaning, you can almost kill 98% of the allergens from the carpets. It will also help to restore the colour and vibrant look of your carpet in few hours. Before our carpet cleaners reach your home, make sure to keep your pets away, and instruct your children to play and relax in the other room.  Our carpet cleaners also provide decontamination, special cleaning, and sanitise the areas along with carpet cleaning.

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Simple Tips To Combat Allergy Issues

The time you spend at home is valuable. Similarly to make the home experience a great one, your home should be refreshing and welcoming. And, when it comes to keeping your home clean and refreshing, areas like your carpets, beds, and upholstery contributes a lot in making the environment look and smells good. It requires a regular clean up to be dust-free. Hiring a carpet cleaning or All-in-one cleaning helps you to have a clean and refreshing home.

Keep Your Carpets Clean

When it comes to carpets, they are a wonderful addition to any home and greatly enhance the home atmosphere. But quite often, carpet cleaning gets overlooked. When you fail to them, there is a possibility of allergy attacks, and when these allergens and pollutants on the carpet come in contact with your body and mouth. This is why you must hire a professional carpet cleaning brisbane service to keep them in good shape.

You might have come across the benefits of professional carpet cleaners brisbane, the reason is they use relevant tools and use cleaning solutions that are gentle on your carpet and helps get rid of any grime or mud build-ups that are deep. When your carpets get a professional clean up, they will remain clean and fresh and bring a positive vibe into the home.

Vacuum Your Beddings

Another important area is your bedding; you must vacuum your beds often to keep them free from dust, bugs, sweat, and dandruff. You must regularly vacuum them, and replace the beddings and wash them often.

Keep Your Pets Clean

You should keep your furry friends clean to reduce the amount of dirt they bring and spread around the home. Regularly give bath to them and keep the bedroom door closed for extra protection.

Clean Your Window Blinds

Window blinds often collect dust and dirt. So, you must develop a habit of washing them often to keep them free from dust and dirt.

If you follow these simple clean up routine, you can combat against allergy attacks and have a great looking home.

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Keep The Corona Virus Off Your Windows- Here’s How

More than the appearance, your windows should look clean and germ-free. Whether it’s your exterior or interior, it should be properly cleaned to ward off any germs that try to enter your home. As windows are the face of your home, you must add window cleaning in your house cleaning schedule. With the outbreak of the coronavirus, you must take up the cleaning chores seriously. It is essential to keep the high-touch areas clean and tidy. Of course, cleaning the windows can help get rid of sand and lint and grime would keep them clean, if not cleaned, it would attract germs and bacteria. So, professional window cleaning adelaide suggest using EPA approved cleaning solutions and disinfectants to clean your windows.

  • Ventilation is recommended to chase away the air from the inside and let the fresh air enter. Since the outbreak of the virus, you must keep these spaces closed and ensure they are neatly wiped and dry all the time.
  • Moisture is a haven for bacteria and virus to flourish, so ensure your windows are clean and dry.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals on them as it may leave soapy streaks, which would ruin the overall look of your windows.
  • Also, after wiping your windows, keep the used cloth for disinfection as it may contain bacteria.
  • Always use a microfibre cloth to dry the windows after cleaning
  • If your windows have knobs, don’t forget to sanitise them.
  • Disinfect your hands after cleaning your windows
  • Cleaning the window frames and sills can also prevent the dust and dirt from settling, and you can have a clean looking window from the inside out.
  • Coughing or sneezing near the windows should be avoided, the flu spills on the surfaces can become a hotspot for bacteria, and it can severely infect the people in your house.
  • Cover yourself while sneezing or coughing with tissue papers, and trash them immediately into the bin.
  • Keep the windows dust-free and ensure to disinfect each cleaning tools and towels after cleaning.

By following these tips, you can keep your windows clean and reduce the risk of corona virus and other bacterial infections.

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Measures To Protect Your Home From Corona Virus

As the effect of coronavirus remains fluid everywhere, it is your responsibility to keep the areas of your home clean and sanitised. Even if you don’t have the proper cleaning supplies, not to worry, our house cleaning sunshine coast professionals at sunshine eco cleaning will come to rescue. House cleaning at this point of time may be a bit annoying for you. But, we make it simpler for you with our proper cleaning methods. We use effective disinfectants to clean and sanitise every part of your home, and ensure you live in a safe and healthy home.

Quick Tips

  • Hire a carpet cleaning services to clean and sanitise your carpets.
  • Ensure your upholstery and beds, linens are thoroughly cleaned, and vacuumed.
  • Dust and sanitise the air conditioning vents and ducts daily
  • Sanitise your hands often and wear a protective mask while going out. (As the Australian government has imposed travel bans and self-quarantine, it is safe to stay indoors than roaming about)
  • Keep your beloved pets clean.
  • Deep clean the over-looked areas, which you often forget to clean.
  • Get rid of the trash regularly

How Can We be of Help?

  • We are equipped with effective disinfectants that can kill any disease-causing bacteria and virus, and ensure that all the areas of your home are thoroughly sanitised.
  • We target on high-traffic areas and high-touch areas like doorknobs, handles, switchboards, and sanitise them thoroughly to protect your health and safety. These areas get contaminated very easily with contaminants like hair strands, nails, pests, dirt and more can worsen these. By cleaning and disinfecting them, we can help prevent the travel of germs and bacteria and limit infections.
  • We prevent cross-contamination by keeping our equipment and cleaning accessories clean and sanitised. After every use, we keep our products bagged in a separate box for disinfection.
  • Equipment such as vacuums, squeegees, scrubbing brushes and other cleaning tools are thoroughly disinfected in between each job.
  • Also, we would suggest some cleaning and sanitising tips to help you cross this self-quarantine period.

So, if you want to ensure that your house is healthy, book a house cleaning service sunshine coast with us. Having your home professionally cleaned is essential to defend against the spread of the coronavirus, and we will continue to provide the high-level care and support that you expect from us.

For more information, call our house cleaners sunshine coast from Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services on 1300 356 397 today.