Keep The Corona Virus Off Your Windows- Here’s How

Must Explore These Top Over-looked Spots While Cleaning Your Home

More than the appearance, your windows should look clean and germ-free. Whether it’s your exterior or interior, it should be properly cleaned to ward off any germs that try to enter your home. As windows are the face of your home, you must add window cleaning in your house cleaning schedule. With the outbreak of the coronavirus, you must take up the cleaning chores seriously. It is essential to keep the high-touch areas clean and tidy. Of course, cleaning the windows can help get rid of sand and lint and grime would keep them clean, if not cleaned, it would attract germs and bacteria. So, professional window cleaning adelaide suggest using EPA approved cleaning solutions and disinfectants to clean your windows.

  • Ventilation is recommended to chase away the air from the inside and let the fresh air enter. Since the outbreak of the virus, you must keep these spaces closed and ensure they are neatly wiped and dry all the time.
  • Moisture is a haven for bacteria and virus to flourish, so ensure your windows are clean and dry.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals on them as it may leave soapy streaks, which would ruin the overall look of your windows.
  • Also, after wiping your windows, keep the used cloth for disinfection as it may contain bacteria.
  • Always use a microfibre cloth to dry the windows after cleaning
  • If your windows have knobs, don’t forget to sanitise them.
  • Disinfect your hands after cleaning your windows
  • Cleaning the window frames and sills can also prevent the dust and dirt from settling, and you can have a clean looking window from the inside out.
  • Coughing or sneezing near the windows should be avoided, the flu spills on the surfaces can become a hotspot for bacteria, and it can severely infect the people in your house.
  • Cover yourself while sneezing or coughing with tissue papers, and trash them immediately into the bin.
  • Keep the windows dust-free and ensure to disinfect each cleaning tools and towels after cleaning.

By following these tips, you can keep your windows clean and reduce the risk of corona virus and other bacterial infections.

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Measures To Protect Your Home From Corona Virus

Measures To Protect Your Home From Corona Virus

As the effect of coronavirus remains fluid everywhere, it is your responsibility to keep the areas of your home clean and sanitised. Even if you don’t have the proper cleaning supplies, not to worry, our house cleaning sunshine coast professionals at sunshine eco cleaning will come to rescue. House cleaning at this point of time may be a bit annoying for you. But, we make it simpler for you with our proper cleaning methods. We use effective disinfectants to clean and sanitise every part of your home, and ensure you live in a safe and healthy home.

Quick Tips

  • Hire a carpet cleaning services to clean and sanitise your carpets.
  • Ensure your upholstery and beds, linens are thoroughly cleaned, and vacuumed.
  • Dust and sanitise the air conditioning vents and ducts daily
  • Sanitise your hands often and wear a protective mask while going out. (As the Australian government has imposed travel bans and self-quarantine, it is safe to stay indoors than roaming about)
  • Keep your beloved pets clean.
  • Deep clean the over-looked areas, which you often forget to clean.
  • Get rid of the trash regularly

How Can We be of Help?

  • We are equipped with effective disinfectants that can kill any disease-causing bacteria and virus, and ensure that all the areas of your home are thoroughly sanitised.
  • We target on high-traffic areas and high-touch areas like doorknobs, handles, switchboards, and sanitise them thoroughly to protect your health and safety. These areas get contaminated very easily with contaminants like hair strands, nails, pests, dirt and more can worsen these. By cleaning and disinfecting them, we can help prevent the travel of germs and bacteria and limit infections.
  • We prevent cross-contamination by keeping our equipment and cleaning accessories clean and sanitised. After every use, we keep our products bagged in a separate box for disinfection.
  • Equipment such as vacuums, squeegees, scrubbing brushes and other cleaning tools are thoroughly disinfected in between each job.
  • Also, we would suggest some cleaning and sanitising tips to help you cross this self-quarantine period.

So, if you want to ensure that your house is healthy, book a house cleaning service sunshine coast with us. Having your home professionally cleaned is essential to defend against the spread of the coronavirus, and we will continue to provide the high-level care and support that you expect from us.

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Tips To Keep Germs Away From Spreading in Office

Tips To Keep Germs Away From Spreading in Office

In order to have a healthy workspace, you must ensure that your office is clean from top to bottom. Hiring office cleaning sydney professionals can ensure that every inch of your office is thoroughly dusted, swept, mopped, and sanitised. With employees from different teams meet & eat together, shake hands, using telephones and door handles, there is a huge chance of germs and bacteria that gets passed on and end up causing infections. If one employee catches the flu, it will spread to the other and can affect you quickly. So, it is recommended to hire an office cleaning services sydney to keep these high-traffic areas sanitised every day to prevent you from sickness.

  • As your daily routine, use a tissue paper or a wiping cloth to dust the monitor and desk area and use a sanitiser to wipe the telephone and the chair that you’re sitting. By doing so, you can get rid of dust and germs that cause respiratory issues. When you hire professional office cleaners, they make sure to keep all these areas thoroughly wiped and sanitised.
  • Generally, physical contamination happens when you touch a lot of things unknowingly, right from the doorknobs to telephones, using keyboard and mouse, binge eating popcorns, hands get exposed to a variety of activities, and it is essential to use a sanitiser to wash your wash every one hour to kill the bacteria and ensure it is clean.
  • Also, sanitise your regular use items like your keyboards, mouse, monitor, and chairs to keep the germs at bay.
  • Washing your clothes regularly after you reach home can help maintain good personal hygiene and create a germ-free environment.
  • Always leave your shoes and slippers outside of your home, this will stop the germs and bacteria from entering your home and also prevent your carpets from getting dirty.

If you can practice these simple protective measures regularly, you can prevent the germs from spreading all over and reduce infections and can build a healthy work space.

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Why Should You Sanitise Your Carpets?

Why Should You Sanitise Your Carpets?

Well, sometimes, carpets in your home may be the reason for your sickness. Not only carpets, your bed, linen, sofa can cause sickness too; these are prone to attract a lot of germs and bacteria under their delicate fibers. Even it appears to be clean, bacteria and allergens that lie underneath can cause sickness to your furry friends and children. They are invisible to your naked eyes but can do more harm than you ever thought. Disinfecting the carpets often will keep the germs at bay and enables a healthy home. By sanitising with effective disinfectants, you can kill 99% of the bacteria and viruses that hides under your carpets. And that’s why professional carpet cleaners brisbane recommend getting a carpet cleaning service once in three months to ensure they are clean, germ and bacteria-free.

So, why should you sanitise them?

There are various benefits associated with carpet sanitising. Here are some of them.

  • It preserves the carpet fibers

 The biggest advantages of carpet sanitising are, it not only kills the germs and bacteria, and it prevents them from ruining your carpet fibers. When your carpets are left alone for a long time without cleaning, it may accumulate a lot of dirt and weaken the carpet fibers. This may ruin the overall look of the carpets and hiring carpet sanitising services will be the best solution to keep them in good condition.

  • Limits Infections

Children are attacked by germs and bacteria that they accidentally get in touch with. It is crucial to clean and sanitise the areas often and carpets are no exception, if your kid is playing on a dirty carpet, they might touch their hands in the mouth, and end up getting severe infections. So, plan a carpet sanitising every week to kill germs and limit the infections.

  • Eliminates Bad smell

Sanitising help gets rid of bad odours that come from the carpet. Sometimes allergens and bacteria that stay in the carpet can produce a bad smell, which is hard to chase away. Other than carpet cleaning, sanitising your carpets helps get rid of the bad smell and make your carpets look and smell fresh.

So, How Do I Sanitise My Carpets?

Steam mops can be used to clean the carpet fibers, though it can’t help deep clean your carpets, the heat from the steam mop can kill the bacteria effectively. Steam mopping the carpets can keep your carpets bacteria-free.

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What Makes Your Office Untidy? – Read Now

Everyone loves to work in a clean and serene atmosphere. So, office cleaning must be your topmost priority to make it more inviting and peaceful. A clean office is equal to a clean mind that helps your employees to work efficiently, and also prevent them from falling sick often, and further keeps your environment look lovely and happening.

That’s why most businesses hire office cleaning sydney experts to clean up their office. However, you may wonder how your office gets untidy and what contributes to it. Here, we are going to discuss the factors that cause the mess and how you can avoid them.

Meetings & Get Together

When it comes to business meetings or get together in your office, you probably take a little care to keep the space look elegant. Soon after the party or meeting ends, your office will be left with coffee spills, half or partially leftover coffee cups, food plates, and overflowing food trash bins, it would be a complete mess.

The sooner you act, the sooner you can declutter the area and prevent the disgusting food smells and buildup of germs and bacteria. Calling an office cleaning services sydney right after the meeting to clean up can restore the beauty of your office.

Cold & Flu

This happens in every other office. If one person catches the flu or cold, it will spread the entire office. When you have the flu, ensure to dispose of the tissue papers properly. Otherwise, it can make the flu spread faster. It will also have a huge buildup of germs and bacteria.

So, keeping a routine cleaning and dusting the areas like your desks, keyboards, monitors, and chairs will be helpful or employees who are dust-allergic. Also, disinfecting the telephones and other daily usable will control the spread of germs.


You can minimise the usage of papers for office purpose, you can send mails, or use local messenger platform to inform or discuss things, this way you can reduce the paper usage. In many offices, sticky notes, old documents often occupy space on your desk. They attract dust and pollutants, and it might cause dust allergies to people. So, trash any documents that are simply sitting on your desk.

If these factors are contributing a messy look to your office, all you have to do is, hire our office cleaners sydney from Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services, and make your office, a clean and dust-free space. For appointments, Call 1300 356 397 today.

Must Explore These Top Over-looked Spots While Cleaning Your Home

Must Explore These Top Over-looked Spots While Cleaning Your Home

A clean office can help you become a more productive and pleasing atmosphere. Cleaning your house? Sometimes, in your house cleaning routine, you may not look up to certain places that need most of your attention. Moreover, it often gets overlooked and starts to collect dust, debris, and mold build-up. House Cleaning Sunshine Coast company recommend getting a deep clean service once a month to ensure that your house is dust-free.

Ceilings and Light Fixtures

Often ceilings and light fixtures are prone to collect dust, debris, and cobwebs. So, keeping a routine dusting and wiping these areas will prevent you from dust allergies and pollution, and also if these areas aren’t often dusted, dust and pollutants will get settled on your carpets. That will lead to further ruining the carpet’s health. So, add this area to your cleaning checklist, and ensure you clean them.

Doorknobs and Handles

Well, this is the area you often touch and use to open or close. Regular use tends to collect your sweat and become a great space for germs. Using a disinfectant, you can wipe them often and ensure it is clean. By doing this, you can keep the germs at bay.


Like doorknobs and handles, if you have noticed your faucets, there would be a salty layer surrounding and it is nothing, but hard water deposits. Some faucets even have mould build-up that can collect germs and bacteria. This is why you must wipe them with a powerful cleaner, and keep them as dry as possible.

Trash Cans

Eve, if you cover your trash can with dust bin covers for your trash cans, there are chances of wastage accumulation that can happen. Cleaning them twice a week, it will get rid of the leftover spills that are clinging outside.

Behind Large Appliances

The back areas of the refrigerator, washing machines, desks, and ovens are prone to dust and cobwebs. When these are left undusted, it can reduce the efficiency of the appliance, and put you in trouble. So once in a while, unplug the connections, and vacuum the areas behind, and underneath it to keep it super clean.

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Are Carpets Causing Dust Allergies? – Find Now!

Are your carpets thoroughly clean? As germs and bacteria keep increasing day by day, keeping your house has become a necessity. A clean house is a healthy lifestyle, so you should make it a priority, and get your carpet cleaning done at regular intervals. Moreover, it is no fun to have people sneezing, coughing, and rashes. Hire a professional carpet cleaners sunshine coast from all your carpet cleaning  service needs!

Moreover, all these can happen when you fail to clean your carpets. They attract a huge number of pollutants, dust, debris, and grime. So, how do you can keep these allergies under check? Here are our useful tips.

Vacuum Your Floors

Well, this is one of the biggest help you can do to your carpets. Carpet floors are vulnerable to dust, grime, debris, and pollutants. So, vacuuming will keep the carpets free from dust and debris. Heavy foot traffic can cause the carpets to look shabby, and it is your priority to keep them clean. You can also use efficient carpet cleaners to get rid of even minute dust and debris that have been hiding underneath.

Keep Your Furniture Upholstery Clean

Allergens and pollutants can stick to your furniture cushions, curtains, and window blinds. So, you must do a weekly clean up to keep these dust-triggering places clean and spotless. By doing so, you can keep the dust allergy and pollution under control.

Clean Your Window Sills & Indoor Plants

Cobwebs, fungi, and mould can easily take refuge in window sills and indoor plants. So, you must check your indoor plants and windowsills and dust them frequently. Having them regularly cleaned will prevent dust-allergies. Regular sweep and dust routine will keep them look good.

Keep Your Furry Friends Clean

Pets carry a lot of dust, debris, and pollutants. Ensure to give them regular baths and grooming to help them stay dust and allergen-free.

Hire A Professional Clean Up

It is always best to hire a professional carpet cleaning services sunshine coast. They can do anything and everything to keep your carpets, rugs, curtains, and upholstery clean and great.

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Why Should You Hire Monthly Window Cleaning Service?

Clean windows add an extra dose of beauty to your home. Right from exhibiting the elegance of your interiors to protecting the harmful rays from entering your home, windows play a major role in enhancing the beauty and health of your home. As keeping the windows has many benefits, professional window cleaners brisbane suggest getting a window cleaning service once a month. Windows also the natural sunlight to enter the home, but at times, if not maintained properly or filled with dust and grime, it may cost you with high utility bills. It is why getting a window cleaning can be helpful to maintain your glass windows.

Clears The Mess

Bird splatter, dust, grime, and debris can make your window appear shabby. Although, you may not have time to look into these, however, you must make an effort to hire a window cleaning services brisbane to clean your window exteriors and interiors. Giving them a deep cleaning not only removes the accumulation of dirt and debris but also gives a sparkling look.

Maintains House’s Energy

This is one of the major benefits of cleaning your windows. When you maintain your window’s appearance, you will be improving your house’s energy efficiency. When it is not clean, the dust and grime present on your windows begin to reflect UV rays and prevent the natural warmth from the sun to enter. So, it is keeping your glass clean will enhance its appearance, and prevent the mould buildup that happens due to damp issues.

Improves The Appearance

When you maintain your windows consistently, it will look attractive, and makes you feel comfortable in your home. Whether it is your own home or a rental property, maintaining your windows will keep them in top condition, and also make people understand how well you have treated your property. When you invest in a monthly window cleaning, you can improve your beautiful windows and save energy bills.

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Things To Add in Your Commercial Cleaning Checklist

When it comes to cleaning, hiring a commercial cleaning service helps to keep your office clean, and it has many benefits. From ensuring spotless cleanliness to increasing employee productivity, commercial cleaning plays a crucial role in your day-to-day business life. When your building is speck less in all its glory, people who visit you frequently will evaluate your business and tend to make a long-term association with you. So, when hiring a commercial cleaning sydney company, prepare an office cleaning checklist and have them added in their cleaning schedule. By doing this, you can upkeep the look and feel of your office for years to come. So, let’s explore the things that need to be added.


Many areas in your office tend to collect dust and debris. This includes your ceilings, desks, windows, fans, light fixtures, cabinets, and shelves. So, you must include dusting in your checklist and keep the areas allergen-free.


This is one of the high-traffic areas that need to be clean all the time. With guests, visitors, clients, employees stepping on your floors, there is a huge chance of mud spills, and dust gets settled there. When added to your cleaning checklist, you can rest assured that your floors will be swept, mopped, and vacuumed thoroughly.


These areas should regularly be cleaned as numerous people tend to use them regularly. This area needs to be sanitised properly with disinfects to avoid the spread of germs and bacteria. By keeping them clean, you are reducing the spread of disease-causing bacteria and germs.

Empty The Bins

Overflowing bins are a sign that you’re not maintaining your waste disposal properly. In this case, you are risking your employee’s health, as the germs and bacteria spread faster. So, ensure to trash the bins daily and keep it clean.


Whether it’s interior or exterior, dusting and wiping them must be done to enhance the curb appeal. Not only does it provide a luxurious look, but it also keeps the areas free from allergens and dust. So, you might as well add this area to your commercial cleaning checklist.

Having them added in your commercial cleaning checklist will keep them look good, and reduce any buildup of germs. To ensure your office is spotless, you must hire a commercial cleaners sydney professionals from Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services to help you out.

Last-Minute House Cleaning Tips

House cleaning is a skill. Moreover, managing the cleanup with a limited time frame requires some expert tips. Just imagine, would you feel good when your house is in an extreme mess? No right! This usually happens when you are leading a busy lifestyle and you run out of time to manage your house cleaning properly. In reality, people tend to take house cleaning at the least in their priority list. Simply, you can hire a professional house cleaning brisbane company for all your house cleaning needs. For those busy lives, we have gathered some tips to manage the last-minute cleanup.

If you want to do the cleaning with the best-foot and impress your guests, you need to be real-quick and should be a multi-taskers. Picking up a room and starting your regular cleaning routine is not going to help you with the last-minute clean, you need to prioritise the areas and simplify the cleaning process as much as possible.

For example, if your cushion upholstery is not up to the mark and it requires cleaning, you can cover it with an embellished or embroidered cover, so that it will add a touch of luxury. The area which is first on our list is the bathroom.


Nobody likes to use smelly or dirty looking washrooms and so does your guests too. And, the first thing if one of your guests wants to use your washroom, ensure your bathroom is in good condition to avoid embarrassments. So, you must give your washrooms, a nice and quick wash and put some air freshener to make them smell good.


Usually, guests have the habit of following you over to the kitchen whenever you cook a meal or prepare tea for them. So, having a clean countertop with empty bins and dry sinks are proof that you maintain healthy cooking and hygiene standards seriously.

Living Room

This is where you and your guests spend major time and so keeping it clean is a must. Things like your missing socks, kerchief, or even used tissue papers lie under your couch should be put away. Keep some fresh flowers and place the books on the shelves. Even, vacuuming the upholstery and carpets helps them to look fresh when your guests arrive.

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