10 Fun Facts about Carpet Cleaning Sydney

Do you plan to have your carpet cleaned anytime soon in Sydney or across Australia? If your answer is yes, then you need a carpet cleaners Sydney, whom you can trust to deliver the job. Sunshine Eco Cleaning services are your knight in shining armor when it comes to carpet cleaning services. So before you decide to employ their services, here are some fun facts about carpet cleaning that you should know.

  1. 1. Hot water extraction

It is the deepest form of carpet cleaning. It uses very hot water to wash the carpet.

  1. 2. Encapsulation

This low moisture method surrounds soil particles and crystallizes them such that they attract other soil. Hence making it easy for the soil to be removed from the fiber.

  1. 3. Cleaning products

Removing cleaning products from the carpet after washing prevents it from re-soiling. Hot water is used to rinse cleaning products.

  1. 4. Pre-Vacuum

Pre-vacuuming before the carpet cleaning services arrive ensures the process is a breeze. Vacuuming eliminates all soil particles which could be turned to mud when in contact with water.

  1. 5. Stain Protection

The reason your carpet is losing its stain protection is due to wear and tear over time and not because of ineffective carpet cleaning.

  1. 6. Brightening up your carpet

Sprinkle salt on your carpet for an hour and let it sit. Then vacuum afterward. It will brighten your carpet after cleaning it.

  1. 7. Less is more

Using too much detergent for carpet cleaning does more harm than good. Too much of detergent attracts more dirt particles.

  1. 8. Pre-treating your carpet

Pre-treating your carpet before cleaning makes it easier to clean it. It prepares the fibers to loosen hidden dirt during the carpet cleaning process.

  1. 9. Allergy prevention

Regularly cleaning or vacuuming your carpet may be beneficial for people allergic to dust

  1. 10. Burn some calories

Vacuuming for 30 minutes to one hour burns approximately 125 calories from your body.

5 Questions to Ask Your Commercial Cleaning Sunshine Coast Company

Do you need commercial cleaning services in Sunshine Coast or across Australia? This discussion will help to figure out a few important questions that you need to ask before hiring an agency of professionals. Managers and executives that give you such cleaning services should be competent, reliable, sincere and skilled. The ambiance and health of your commercial building largely depend on such kinds of services by your commercial cleaners. This may look or sound simple, but in reality, it takes some hardships to keep your place clean and hygienic. The outlook will play an important role for all clients that keep visiting your premises.

Commercial places such as hotels, restaurants, offices, stores need quality cleaning jobs on a regular basis. Most of the successful businesspersons hire competent and the best professionals and spend a good amount of money regularly. It is a practical investment, which is very essential.

Before you start researching and finding appropriate professionals for your business, you must calculate what type of services you would regularly need and how many people should be required to handle it. If you have a superstore, then more than two or three people would be required. But for a small place, one executive may be sufficient. The best way would be to find out this is discussing the requirement with the right agency.

These questions are practical ones that you should ask your potential service provider.

  1. What are the services that they provide? Ask them to give you a list of details.
  2. Do they work independently, or do they work under a franchise banner? What is the strength of their agency? Will they be able to send extra people when required?
  3. What is their cleaning experience? Have they handled a premise of your size? How much time do they need to handle the size of your area?
  4. What kind of products do they normally use for cleaning? Do they have special products for special cleaning requirements? If yes, what are those?
  5. Ask them to give you a sample list of top clients that they provide service to. Check, if they can give you any reference of the same.

You need a punctual agency that can give you sincere and regular service without fail. You don’t need an agency that promises to clean twice a day and the executive turns up after two days. You don’t need an agency that asks for a high fee but has no quality in service. So take your decision with a calm mind to hire the right commercial cleaning company. Contact Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services for professional cleaning services in Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, and Adelaide.

Your Best Carpet Cleaning Approach in Sydney by Carpet Cleaners Sydney

A dusty and dirty carpet is a precipitate for severe allergies among other diseases. As such, it’s paramount that you keep your carpet clean, and especially if you have young children or elderly parents in your homestead. When it comes to carpet cleaning, however, there are several ways you can use. But a preferred cleaning method should clean not only the top of the carpet but also the inside. Well, that said, Carpet encapsulation is a cleaning method in which our carpet cleaners in Sydney spray a solution to the carpet, then using a cylindrical brush, scrub it clean. Precisely, the chemical works by attracting the dirt particles together making it easier to vacuum clean.

Steps for Carpet Cleaning Using the Encapsulation Method

  1. Place your carpet out and lay it on a clean solid surface.
  2. Vacuum it to remove the excess dirt particles.
  3. Spray the encapsulation solution and allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Using the cylindrical brush, dissolve the chemical into the carpet then scrub it thoroughly.
  5. Finally, vacuum-clean the carpet to pick up the encapsulated particles; this should leave your carpet clean and with a fresh fragrance after drying.

Why You Should Use the Method?

  • It uses minimal moisture, hence reduced water wastage.
  • You can use the carpet as soon as you’re done cleaning it.
  • The method is eco-friendly; doesn’t use hazardous chemicals.
  • It eliminates the need to use detergents that may stick to the carpet, ensuring the longevity of your carpet.

While the DIY route can still be ideal, it’s imperative that you let us, the Certified Carpet Cleaning Sydney, experts do the job for a professional outcome. So if you’re looking for upholstery cleaning services, then we, the Carpet Cleaning Services Sydney, have the required expertise and equipment to give you the best results. Call us today, and we will proudly serve you to your satisfaction. Contact Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services for professional cleaning services in the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, and Adelaide.

10 House, Commercial Cleaning Sunshine Coast Facts, Did You Know?

As simple as cleaning may seem to you, it is associated with a lot of facts. Some you may know, while others you may have never heard about. Today we bring you the ten fascinating cleaning facts related to both house and commercial cleaning Sunshine Coast. After all, as your house cleaners & commercial cleaners, we are the ones who ensure your premises are sparkling clean. How can we not discuss cleaning facts?

  1. Did you know that not closing the toilet lid before flushing allows germs and bacteria to spread into the air and land on your toothbrush? Disgusting right? Always ensure that your toilet lid is closed at all times.
  2. Office desks are 300 times dirtier than toilet seats. It’s disappointing finding out how unsafe your desk is. But, with the help of commercial cleaners. You can say bye bye to all that dirt.
  3. Most cases of allergies are usually triggered when the individual is in their workplace. As a matter of fact, 60% of these reports claim that the allergy usually begins immediately they enter their offices. This shows how important office cleaning is.
  4. Doing thorough cleaning for two to three hours helps you burn 200 calories. That makes a good alternative for hitting the gym. If you want to lose some weight, why don’t you make cleaning a daily routine?
  5. Iceland is ranked as the number one cleanest country in the world.
  6. Did you know that you can use banana peels to clean your leather shoes and polishing silver? Next time you eat a banana, don’t throw away the peel.
  7. 80% of digestion-related diseases are caused by dirt and bacteria on kitchen sinks and surfaces. Hit us up and we won’t only do house cleaning but we will give you some helpful tips.
  8. The regular office phone contains up to 20,000 germs per square inch. Always clean your phone especially if you share it with other workers.
  9. 90% of office workers suffer from a contagious disease in their lifetime which they acquire in their work premises.
  10. At the bottom of the list, most people hesitate to call a cleaning company because their houses/offices are too much of a mess. However, that shouldn’t worry you because that’s our duty.

That was fun. Have you learned something that you didn’t know? Don’t forget to contact Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services for the professional house or commercial cleaning services.

Prevent Birds From Colliding Into Windows Cleaned By Us

The shining glass window, transparent in appearance, with our window cleaning services, is unseen to birds. Rather they see a mirror image of their backgrounds, like foliage and sky. By reflecting leaves or sky, they look like appealing places to fly into, and since the sheer number of windows is so great, their peal on birds is vast. The good news is Window Cleaners Sunshine Coast has some simple tips that can help in preventing birds from colliding into your windows.

Ways to prevent birds from colliding into Your Windows

  1. Hang roller blind, shutters or curtains

These window decorations go a long way to reduce the window’s reflection. You can even put some drawings on the roller blind, shutters or curtains to make it more effective.

  1. Put bird decals on the outdoor surface of the glass window

The other way to prevent birds from colliding into your windows is to put bird decals or even bird stickers. You should always place decals precisely close to each other. This can be approximately one hand’s space away from the other. It important to cover your windows with a pattern of decals, since one to two bird decals may not prevent birds.

  1. Keep Indoor plant a bit far from the Windows

Though many people think that putting their indoor plant too close to the window is a way of giving them direct access to light, placing them very close to the window will provide wrong signals to birds. Some birds may collide in the window trying to rest on the plants. Therefore, if you are to prevent birds from colliding into your windows then you will have to move your indoor plants away from the windows.

These few ways will help you prevent birds from colliding with your clean glass windows. You can choose to use one of these ways and keep your windows clean always. Sunshine  Eco Cleaning Services offer window cleaning services Sunshine Coast that last long.

3 Reasons to Choose Carpet Cleaners Sydney

Carpets have become the most popular flooring option that people have in their homes and businesses today. They are available in a wide range of colors and can blend with any interior décor. However, cleanliness is an issue with these carpets as they are bound to get dirty in several ways. If not cleaned properly, the dirt can damage the carpets and even turn out to be a health hazard. That’s why it is advisable to seek assistance from a professional carpet cleaning company. Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services has immense experience in the carpet cleaning industry and can provide you with exemplary services. Here are the benefits of hiring our carpet cleaners.

Deep Understanding of Cleaning Process:

Unless you have knowledge in carpet cleaning Sydney, it is worthwhile entrusting the cleaning chore to our experts. Our professionals have the deep understanding of the cleaning processes and take you through every step of the way to meet your exact cleaning needs. Equipped with necessary machine and equipment, we figure out the appropriate cleaning method based on the fabric, ensuring that your carpets remain in good shape for years to come.

Safe cleaning products:

Without proper experience, you may damage the carpets if you try to clean it yourself. Some carpets are made from sensitive fabrics which get damaged when you clean them with regular bleaches and detergents. Having your family’s safety in mind, our expert carpet cleaners sydney use non-toxic cleaning products on your carpets.

Thorough Cleaning:

We never rush up the cleaning process. Instead, we take enough time to clean your carpets thoroughly and safely. Whether you want one time clean up or want to get into the routine cleaning contract, we have the resource to fulfill your needs. With advanced equipment and great manpower, we are able to accomplish the cleaning task in the most efficient manner.

Our carpet cleaning services are available for different types of businesses including hospital facilities, retail shops, schools, offices, hotels & motels, showrooms, restaurants, department stores, convention centers and much more. No matter what type of business you are in, we can meet your carpet cleaning Sunshine Coast needs. For more details, we’d like you to call us at 1300 356 397.

A Complete Checklist for Commercial Cleaning Sunshine Coast

Working in a clean environment can have a major impact on the performance of the employees and the productivity of your business. A clean and bright workspace can lift their moods and keep them prolific. Moreover, it improves air quality and reduces the spread of bacteria and germs. If you have an untidy workplace and are looking for an efficient team to maintain the cleanliness of your work environment, you can rely on the professionals at Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services. We put more emphasis on the quality of service we offer, ensuring that our commercial cleaning Sunshine Coast service is of the highest standard in Sunshine Coast & across Australia.

Here Are A Few Areas That You Can Benefit From Our Commercial Cleaning Service.


Dusting hard to reach areas such as the light fixtures, ceiling corners, fans, high beams and top of doors can be complex and time-consuming. Equipped with ladders and other cleaning supplies, we dust every nook and corner of your commercial space, and thus reducing allergens that could cause illness.

Carpet Cleaning:

Carpets take a beating in commercial spaces. A thorough cleaning is a priority, especially in high-traffic areas, to rejuvenate the carpet’s appearance and extend its lifespan. We have dedicated carpet cleaners sunshine coast who use advanced steam cleaning method to remove tough stains and return your carpets in its brand new condition.

Floor Cleaning:

Cleaning floors lend a fresh smell to your workspace. Our professionals move desk, tables, cabinets, and furniture to get every bit of dirt and dust removed. We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions that not only eliminate dirt but bacteria and germs too.

Window Cleaning:

Properly cleaned windows play a major role in creating an inviting look to your commercial space. With immense training and experience, our team provides window cleaning sunshine coast services to a variety of industries including, hospitals, schools, banks, sports complex, hotels, new constructions and much more.

Pressure Washing:

A buildup of sand along with dirt, grime, and debris on the sidewalks can affect the professional appearance and leave a negative impression on your business. Our experts are equipped with advanced cleaning tools that allow us to pressure wash your sidewalks, driveways, walkways and exterior walls, ensuring an inviting look to your commercial building.

If you want these areas to be cleaned in your commercial space, feel free to contact our team of commercial cleaners at 1300 356 397. in Caloundra, Noosa, Nambour, Maroochydore, Mooloolaba & across Sunshine Coast. We take you through every step of the cleaning process, giving a professional image to your business. Contact Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services for professional cleaning services in Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, and Adelaide.

4 Benefits of Hiring A Professional Window Cleaning Sunshine Coast Company

Windows not only allow you to look out but also allow sunlight to pour in. That’s why it is extremely important to keep your windows clean and spotless. Over time, debris and dirt can get build up on windows, causing damage and affecting the charm of your property. Keeping your windows clean is a part of maintenance and is the best way to boost your mood and improve the quality of your home. If you don’t want to waste your weekend on this labour-intensive duty, you can hire the professionals of Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services to enjoy the following benefits on window cleaning across the Sunshine Coast region.

Extend The Life Of Windows:

Dirt and debris deposited on the windows etch into the glass, causing blemishes, scratches and eventually leading to distortion. If you are keen on extending the lifespan of your windows, it is important to get them cleaned on a regular basis. As a professional window cleaning company, we use advanced tools and specially formulated solutions to clean windows to its sparkling condition.

Identifying Potential Problems:

If you clean your windows yourself, you are more likely to move on to the next one without paying attention to what is around the windows. However, we are meticulous in our window cleaning process and look for issues with window screens, painting, rotten wood on the window sill and other damages to the windows. Our cleaners not only pinpoint these issues but also help to solve them before they lead to further damages.

Cleaner for a Long Time:

As already said, windows can quickly collect grime, dirt, and dust that will tend you to clean windows sooner again. Here at Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services, we use special formulas and adopt innovative tactics to ensure that your windows remain clean for a long time. Our expert cleaners use appropriate cleaning methods to remove those pesky, hard to clean substances without leaving any smudges and streaks behind.

Ensure Your Safety:

When you clean the windows, you often have to use a ladder to reach higher spaces, which can put your safety at risk. However, our window cleaners sunshine coast are well-trained and equipped with modern tools that allow us to get the job done easier. Moreover, all our workers are licensed and insured, so you can have complete peace of mind knowing that you are not liable if any unforeseen incident occurs.

Dirty streaks, fingerprints, and smudges can be distracting. With our professional window cleaning services in Caloundra, Noosa, Nambour, Maroochydore, Mooloolaba & across Sunshine Coast, you can enjoy the beautiful vista of the world beyond. Call us at 1300 356 397 and schedule an appointment today! 

Your Complete Guide to Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast

Carpets are essential items in organizations and offer a comfortable working environment for workers. Carpets are mostly expensive and easily damage by mud and dust if not well cleaned. Essential carpet vacuuming is critical as much of dust shifts into the fibers of the carpets. A vacuum cleaner is vital since some dirt and bacteria are harmful to health. Carpet cleaners Sunshine Coast gives critical carpet cleaning services by use of the right procedures and products for commercial purposes. These cleaners can pluck out the hidden mud, dust and other harmful containment.

Carpet cleaning Sunshine Coast is a vital cleaning service to hire for cleaning services. There are some methods to deem to ensure your carpet is clean.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is done by truck-mounted or by a portable machine. Steam cleaning method is most preferred as it prolongs the life of the carpet. Using this method the carpet is vacuumed, the chemical applied is left to allow the carpet bond with the soil, water is allowed to come with high pressure through a jet, and the water is later vacuumed out.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Another method is dry cleaning is essential for areas that get dirty quickly. Dry brushing also referred to as surface cleaning is also be used to maintain the workplace clean.

Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet Cleaning is another essential method to use in cleaning the carpet. Commonly is used, and in the process, the rug is first vacuumed, and cleaning agent applied to the cleaner. Bonnet cleaner has a pad to rub the carpet and transfer the dirt from carpet to the pad. Afterward, the carpet is vacuumed.

Reliable & long-lasting carpet cleaning sunshine coast services are provided by Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services in Noosa, Nambour, Caloundra, Maroochydore & across Sunshine Coast. They have the expert carpet cleaners for your complete satisfaction.

7 Signs That You Need to Hire Bond Cleaners Sunshine Coast

Moving to a new place is exciting. But unfortunately, your former landlord won’t give you a penny from your bond money unless the house is clean and damage-free. That said, this kind of cleaning is time-consuming, and often, it can be a daunting task. That’s why you will need to hire professional bond cleaners to do the job for you. Besides, there are numerous advantages as to why you should opt for their services especially in Sunshine  Coast. Well, here are the reasons.

  1. You Want To Get 100% of Your Bond Money

In case the house cleaning is not done properly, the landlord can claim some of your bond money. Therefore, it is advisable that tenants in the southern coast hire bond cleaners before leaving their former premises. For with their experience, they will leave the vacated house sparkling clean.

  1. Bond Cleaning is a Challenge

There is a huge difference between cleaning your house by yourself and hiring professional cleaners. But if you want satisfactory results, then you need to call in bond cleaners to help you out.

  1. You Need To Move Quickly

Domestic cleaning takes time and requires you to concentrate on all areas. But if you are in a hurry to move, you probably do not have time to ensure that it is adequately cleaned. As such, bond cleaners will help you out so you can concentrate on moving.

  1. You Lack the Necessary Equipment

Even with experience, you can’t do quite a commendable job as with the required equipment. And instead of having to purchase the machines, you can hire cleaning companies in southern cost to help you out.

  1. You Have Stubborn Stains

Bond cleaners are experienced with removing all types of stains. But with them, you won’t have to stress yourself with getting rid of these stains.

  1. Quality Cleaning

Most reputable bond cleaners offer high- quality cleaning services. Therefore, they will help you leave the house spotlessly clean so you can get your bond money back.

  1. Good Reputation

If you leave the rental unclean, you might ruin the relationship you had with your landlord. And in cases where referrals are required, you may not have a positive one from them. With these cleaners however you will be assured of leaving the house in its best state.

Thinking of moving out in Noosa, Nambour, Caloundra, Maroochydore or across Sunshine Coat? Save yourself the bond cleaning hassle and let the professionals at Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services do the work for you. And I can guarantee, you will have excellent results.